1-Year MBA Programs in the USA for Indian Students: Top Colleges

An otherwise standard two or three-year program can be completed faster with a 1 year MBA program in the USA for Indian students.

Reputed institutions like Cornell University, the University of Southern California, the University of Florida, and several other prestigious alternatives often offer these programs. Universities and business schools in the USA offer the program as a hybrid of an accelerated curriculum and a STEM-designation path.

You can enrol in a 1-year MBA program in the USA for Indian students since it is simply an expedited version of the conventional MBA in the country. Let us discuss some major factors to consider when planning to do a 1 year MBA program in the USA for Indian students.

What Is Admission Process?

Most universities’ first round of admission for this program starts in September or October. You can be admitted in the final round anytime between January and early April as an international student.

To increase their chances of admission, international students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Admission to the 1 year MBA program in the USA for international students typically requires a GPA of 3.0/4 (83-86%) or above from the applicant.

The admitted students’ GMAT scores range from above 550 to 740.

According to US business schools, the applicant should have between two and six years of professional experience. International students can enroll in a 1 year MBA program in the USA for significantly less money than a 2-year MBA program. However, the price of tuition varies greatly among universities.

What To Do After A Good SAT Score?

The SAT score plays a significant role in helping colleges assess applicants.

US colleges and universities actively use the SAT score to evaluate the academic potential of students from countries with entirely different grading systems. This is especially true for applicants from international schools that do not offer AP or IB courses.

Both recent college graduates and professionals can apply for these one-year MBA programs in the USA.

How To Apply?

The following are the steps for applying to some of these reputed programs:

Step 1: Decide which program and associated specialty you want to enroll in.

Step 2: Research the best American institutions that provide your chosen program.

Step 3: Verify eligibility, approaching deadlines, and necessary supporting documentation.

Step 4: Fill out the application and pay the required payments (if applicable).

Step 5: Send all the necessary paperwork to the institute via mail, email, or any other method they may specify.

Step 6: Await the admissions decision and, if accepted, adhere to the rest of the institution or university’s requirements.

How Much Does A One-Year Program In USA Cost?

The average cost of an MBA in the USA is between ₹40-50 lakhs per year. It is significant to note that the cost of an MBA in the United States for an Indian student strongly relates to their selected university and style of life.

Some costs, primarily pre-arrival costs, are not typically covered in the cost of attendance by top institutions in the USA. The pre-arrival costs associated with an MBA in the USA are entirely out-of-pocket costs that must be considered since any scholarships, or financial aid does not cover them.

Even while some colleges in the USA have tuition costs that are substantially more than the national average, you will still have access to a variety of financial help, including merit scholarships that will significantly reduce your tuition costs.

What Are The Top B-Schools For One Year MBA In the USA?

There are various formats of MBA programs, including online, in-person, part-time, and full-time.

While a two-year, full-time, on-campus program has long been the most popular model, many schools have recently started to offer one-year options. It allows students to complete their degrees more quickly without spending much time away from their jobs.

Some other benefits of the one-year structure are less expensive tuition, more summer internship options, and laxer qualifying rules. Here are some of the best one-year MBA programs in the USA for international students.

1. SC Johnson College Of Business

SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University provides a one-year accelerated program that begins in the summer and includes a 13-week introductory crash course on business fundamentals and leadership development.

The MBA combines an East Coast course schedule, a flexible curriculum, student leadership programs, a STEM certification path, and a close-knit student community.

Candidates have access to various electives and the chance to enroll in courses at Cornell Tech in New York City.

2. University Of Cincinnati

The MBA program at the University of Cincinnati can be finished in one year, 16 months, or even less time if applicants choose to participate in an optional internship.

The program’s main goal is to provide students with a highly flexible curriculum that includes 20 specialities, various electives, and other options. Although Ohio may not appear as conducive to careers as Silicon Valley, some of the largest corporations in the world, including Procter & Gamble, Kroger, and Macy’s, are located just three miles from the university campus. This allows candidates to establish crucial connections while pursuing an MBA.

3. Chapman Graduate School Of Business

The one-year MBA program at Florida International University’s Chapman Graduate School of Business emphasizes providing candidates with a thorough awareness of international challenges.

Students can study abroad or select an internship with a foreign or multinational corporation to improve their position in the employment market.

Students must enroll in four Professional Development Seminars (PDS), which cover team building, presentation skills, case analysis, and career services in addition to core and optional classes. These PDS help students advance their leadership abilities and enhance their skill sets.

4. Kellogg School Of Management

One of the top-ranked accelerated programs is the one-year MBA offered by the Kellogg School of Management. The MBA program begins in the summer with a pre-enrollment course before beginning the full-time, two-year cohort in September.

With more than 200 electives available, students can customize their MBA programs to suit their professional goals. Candidates may also choose a track to specialize in a particular business sector. These include real estate, healthcare, data analytics, growth and scaling, entrepreneurship, and venture capital & private equity.

5. Fuqua School Of Business

One of the most well-known programs on our list, the one-year MBA at the Fuqua School of Business, has a cohort of over 390 students.

Students in this accelerated program complete a four-week course in the summer that covers fundamental business subjects like entrepreneurship, leadership, and technology.

Then, to further their level of competence, students can select one of thirteen specialized areas. These include social entrepreneurship, finance, fintech, energy & environment, and marketing.

6. Goizueta Business School

The one-year MBA program at Goizueta Business School is a fast-paced course of study with a strong emphasis on practical business issues.

Candidates gain experience from prominent executives, work with actual clients, study overseas, and become leadership trainers. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1, classes are intimate, enabling applicants to develop close relationships with faculty and staff.

How To Select The Right One-Year MBA Program In the USA?

Too many options can often become overwhelming for the applicant. Here are some tips to help you select the right program according to your needs.

  • Career Opportunities

You want to be sure that the top colleges will help you achieve your job objectives and aspirations. Ask former students and employees about their interactions with the career services staff, recruitment activities, and company campus visits.

Additionally, read the career and employment reports from each institution. Then, go beyond the list of employers and starting salaries to look at the recruiter data and career statistics.

  • Cost And Return On Investments (ROI)

Beyond those coveted starting wages, return on investment (ROI) is innately personal. For instance, Forbes rankings are based on pre-and post-MBA pay, location, career choice, and ROI.

While other media, such as The Economist rankings, measure ROI in terms of one-year gain to determine early value from first-year earnings against tuition, Forbes analyses the five-year gain for MBAs across various crucial parameters.

  • Strengths And Specialization

Many programs have reputations in real estate, technology, non-profit, entrepreneurship, luxury goods, or finance. They might offer immersion-learning internships with NGO experience or have an incubator luring venture capital for entrepreneurs.

  • Duration Of Program

It determines how quickly you can return to the work market and reach the end of your educational journey. You can anticipate spending around six hours a day in class during accelerated programs, roughly saving half the amount in conventional programs.

  • Location

Geographical factors have an impact on school performance and recruitment ties, as well as the local community. Escaping an ultra-urban setting has advantages.

Small-town business schools, like Dartmouth Tuck in Hanover, New Hampshire, are renowned for developing close-knit, encouraging communities.

Johnson Cornell claims to offer the best of both worlds with a picturesque setting in upstate New York and proximity to a tech campus in New York City.

  • Network

A program’s alum network’s strength is a strong recommendation for job chances. Different alum networks have different geographic concentrations.


The 1 year MBA program in the USA has very comparable admissions and degree criteria to the 2 year MBA programs.

Most US business schools give admission to the program in several rounds. The one-year MBA program in the USA for Indian students is ideally suited for those who want to jumpstart their careers after completing their undergraduate studies in business.

You might look at various reasonably priced MBA schools in the USA if you wish to forego the conventional two-year MBA degree.


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