10 most in-demand jobs in the UK: salary, job description, qualifications

In 2019, in a major boost for Indian students, the UK government announced a new two-year post-study work visa, expanding opportunities for talented international students to build successful careers in the UK.

The requirement for labor is higher than ever; a need accentuated by the pandemic.

This is your time to seize the opportunity.

In this article, we will cover the three golden 10s.

  • 10 most in-demand jobs in the UK
  • 10 most employment-friendly Master’s degrees in the UK for international students
  • 10 high-paying and in-demand jobs in the UK after Master’s

Plus, an introduction to funding your education smartly with FundRight. India’s first student loan bidding platform.

More on this later. For now, let’s see what jobs are most coveted in the UK.

With a post-study work visa, you can work or look for work, in any career or position of your choice, for two years after completing your studies.

After the two years, you can switch onto the skilled work visa if you find a job which meets the skill requirement of the route.

The catch is that only genuine, credible students are eligible. How to qualify?

This article has the answer you need from the degree to the designation.

Top 10 most in-demand jobs in the UK


Here are the top 10 most in-demand jobs in the UK as per Glassdoor.

Most in-demand jobs in UK


Top companies hiring



Delivery Driver

Responsible for delivering orders to customers on time. Also have to review orders for delivery, load and unload the van/truck/vehicle and provide customer service support to customers.

Asda, Abel & Cole, DFS, Just Eat, and Amazon.





No specific  degree is required. Should have good eyesight and some customer service skills.

Project Manager

Plan, organize, control and deliver a project on time, within budget

Mace, Syngenta, GSK, The AA and Xero.


Have business-related degree.

Store Manager

Day-to-day running of a store includes setting staff rotas, hiring and training new staff, dealing with customers, and more.

EE, The Furniture Store, Morrisons supermarket, The Body Shop, and Costa Coffee.


No specific  degree is required, an understanding of business is needed.

Customer Assistant

Assist customers by taking customer orders, handling payment, dealing with customer queries or complaints, and arranging store displays.

Co-op, Wickes, Lloyds Banking Group, Specsavers, Tesco, and Lidl.


Specific qualifications aren’t needed but previous experience is required.

Store Assistant

Help customers, take payments, clean the store, order stock, and greet customers at the door of the retail store.

Burberry, WH Smith, Aldi, Vision Express, and REISS.


No specific qualifications are required but communication skills are a must.

Software Engineer

Maintain and improve IT systems of a company.

Direct Line Group, National Grid, Cinch Cars Ltd, Betway Group, and Nandos.


Degree in subjects such as Computer Science, IT, Mathematics or Software Engineering.

Sales Assistant

Help customers find the products they’re looking for, demonstrate how products work, take payment, and put stock on the shelves and help with customer queries and complaints.

Dunelm, Nando’s, Superdry, WH Smith, and Travis Perkins.


No specific qualifications are requirements but communication skills are a must.

Customer Service Advisor

Act as the main point of contact for customers. Answer customer questions, suggest products and provide information on how products work.

Shell Energy, The Range, Halfords, Utility Warehouse, and Lego.


No specific qualifications are required but communication skills are a must.

Operations Manager

In charge of the smooth running of an organization. Areas they cover can be split into people, core operations, budgets, delivery and strategy.

Network Rail, Tik Tok, KPMG, Vodafone, and Asda.


People with a business-related degree will have an edge.

Business Analyst

Help an organization plan for the future. This involves understanding where the company is currently at, what its future needs may be and then creating solutions to meet these needs.

Betway Group, The Scottish Government, Save the Children, NRG, and Kellogg Company


People with a business-related degree will have an edge.

Clearly, the most in-demand jobs in the UK do not require any specific degrees. However, the most number of jobs are available in the business sector.

Hence, if you are considering any of these jobs, we recommend you to consider a business degree that focuses on soft skills like communication.

If not, that’s okay too.

There are plenty of jobs available even after non-business degrees. Let’s move on to most employable Master’s degrees in the UK for international students.

Most employable Master’s degrees UK for international students


As per the data by the UK Government’s Postgraduate Learning Education Outcomes (LEO) study, here are the 10 Most employable Master’s degrees UK for international students.

Most employable Master’s degrees UK for international students

Employment or further study five years after graduation


Median salary

Agriculture, Food and Related Studies


Can find jobs in the ever-growing field of health and nutrition.


Allied Health


Can work as a healthcare professional.


Architecture, Building and Planning


Works on exterior and interior design. Can join a firm or start their own practice.




Can work as an Animal health officer, Biomedical scientists, Clinical data manager or Clinical research associates.


Business and Management


Work in the business or marketing department of a company or work in customer relations.




Can become  an analytical, formulation, medicinal or process chemist. Or a chemical or geochemical engineer.




IT sector jobs focused on building and maintaining softwares and work in data priavcy.


Creative Arts and Design


Work is the design department for magazines, businesses and different brands. Can also go into social media.




With a focus on the running of the economy, an economist can go into policy making, implementing economical frameworks for a company and more.


Education and Teaching


Along with newly licensed educators, more experienced education professionals could pursue a master’s degree as a means of professional advancement or to specialize in a particular area of teaching.


Getting a Master’s degree can put you at a great advantage. These Most employable Master’s degrees UK for international students guarantee higher salaries and a better skill set.

In fact, the study showed that the median earnings of UK domiciled postgraduates were 38.7% higher than median earnings for UK domiciled first degree graduates five years after graduation in 2018/19.

10 most in demand high-paying jobs in the UK that require a Master’s degree

These most in-demand jobs in the UK are also the higher paying ones. If you want to earn in this range, you need to do the required courses.


Expected salary (in GBP)



Investment Banking


Work in a financial institution and raise capital for corporations

MBA or business master’s degree

Petroleum Engineer


Work with hydrocarbons like crude oil and natural gas.

Masters in Petroleum Engineering

Business Management Consultant


Provide advice and guidance to companies on how they can grow and thrive.




Design buildings and advise in their construction.

Masters in Architectural Design

Financial Analyst


Assess how companies should use and save their money to maximise profits

Masters in Finance



Evaluate data and help to solve problems in the government, academic, and industrial world.

Masters in Economics

Computer Scientist


Write software to transform computer options, design applications, and develop new technology.

Masters in Computer Science



Go beyond a standard  accountant by analysing the financial consequences of certain risks in a business environment.

Masters of Science in Accounting and Finance

Civil Engineer


Plan and manage construction projects to design the buildings to develop the country’s infrastructure.

Masters in Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineer


Design machines for power production, such as electrical generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and more.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

We have covered a lot of ground around the most in-demand jobs in the UK and how you can earn them.

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