Fall 2022 Admissions Timeline for International Students

Fall 22 Timeline For International Students

Fall 22 Timeline For International Students

The Fall intake, also known as the September intake, is the primary intake in most of the countries around the world including the US. The intake usually lasts from September till December. It is the most preferred intake among Indian students, followed by Spring and Summer intakes. Fall and Spring timelines have many similarities but the time at which each action is performed would vary. If you are planning for admission for the upcoming Fall season, your Fall 2022 Admissions Timeline for International Students would involve different action items ranging from research to finances and the entire process would take around 12-14 months. 

How Should The Fall 2022 Admissions Timeline for International Students Look Like?

Fall 22 Timeline For International Students​

July - September 2021: Research

The first step to your Fall 2022 admissions timeline should begin at least 12-14 months prior. Start by shortlisting universities that fit your criteria. Make note of these universities’ tuition fees, curriculum, location, availability of scholarships and most importantly, their application deadlines.

Research should not just be limited to just universities but also accommodations and the available education loan options to fund your higher education.

September - November 2021: Tests

Once you’ve got a basic understanding of the admission process, prepare for the required admission tests like GRE/GMAT and language tests like IELTS and TOEFL. Ensure your write these tests in time for the Fall 2022 intake. 

November 2021 - April 2022: Apply

Think hard about what makes you unique as an applicant and highlight your strengths. Apply to your shortlisted universities and have all the necessary items and documents while applying like your resume, test scores, Statement Of Purpose (SOP), Letter(s) Of Recommendation (LOR), application fees etc.

Have 2-3 LORs at least a month before your application due date.

Give a month’s time to structure your SOPs and essays.

January - June 2022: Admission Decision

Once you get a reply from the college or university you have applied to, revert them as soon as you can.

And inform your college about your decision if you get an acceptance letter.

Keep track of deadlines for the same.

Also, do keep in mind you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm the admission.

April - July 2022: Finances & Visa

Look for US Scholarships for international students and also apply for education loans (if needed).

Apply for the student VISA and make sure you fulfil all the requirements of a US Study VISA.

July - Aug 2022: Book your tickets

While booking your flight, look for student discounts and connect with other international or Indian students travelling to the US.

Organize an International Debit/Credit card.

Gather all the documents and their photocopies, to take along.

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