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Jobs (With Salaries) After MS in Mechanical Engineering in the USA

Jobs (With Salaries) After MS in Mechanical Engineering in the USA

In this article, we have listed the jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA with their salaries and how you FundRight can help you complete your MS so that you can get one of those.

Let’s start by understanding why securing a job for mechanical engineers in the USA will be beneficial for Indian students.
Why work as a mechanical engineer in the USA
Securing one of the many jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA will get you lots of benefits:

1. Great career opportunities. Research suggests that the relevant organizations will grow at 7% per annum from 2020 to 2030.
2. Lucrative salaries. We have listed the jobs and average annual salaries in the next section. The annual median salary in 2021 was $95,300 for mechanical engineers in the USA.
3. Access to the job market in Canada. Canadian companies also hire from the US universities giving you more options.
4. Chances of getting permanent residency increase as these positions are quite valuable for the company you will be working for.

After earning an MS in mechanical engineering in the USA, you will be eligible for a lot of jobs that pay well.

Jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA

Job position

Average salary

Mechanical engineering manager

$ 96,726

Robotics engineer

$ 92,210

Automation engineer

$ 86,990

Mechanical inspector

$ 82,206

Mechanical engineer

$ 80,530

Ceramic engineer

$ 80,240

HVAC engineer

$ 77,193

Marine engineer

$ 72,176

Mechanical design engineer

$ 81,424

Nuclear engineer

$ 85,431

Many more jobs for mechanical engineers in the USA are being added due to continuous expansions in multiple industries.

But which university you should go to? Here is a list of top universities where you can complete your MS in mechanical engineering in the USA.

Best universities for MS in mechanical engineering in the USA

There are many great universities in the USA where you can do your MS and get good jobs. Here are some of the best universities.

Name of the college

Tuition fees

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

$ 54,789

Stanford University

$ 74,357

University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

$ 60,763

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

$ 60,819

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

$ 28,092

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

$ 48,770

Purdue University

$ 40,533

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

$ 62,951

Cornell University

$ 56,496

Northwestern University

$ 53,794

It might be difficult for you to choose a university that is right for you for any number of reasons. The most common one is that there are simply too many options and it is hard to differentiate among them to find the perfect one for you.

Another reason could be the plethora of sponsored “why this university is good” content pieces on the internet that trick you into choosing a university that is not good for you.

Don’t worry, we will help you here.

Create a SELECT account and let us know your preferences. We will measure them across hundreds of universities in our database and send you university recommendations. We evaluate universities on 100+ parameters so that you go to the university that is the best for you.

Before you apply for an MS in mechanical engineering in the US, you need to have the proper documents ready.

Documents required to apply for MS in Mechanical Engineering in US colleges

To apply for a full-time MS mechanical engineering course in the US universities, the students need to have the following documents ready.

1. Bachelor’s degree marksheet and certificate.
2. Letters of recommendations
3. Statement of purpose
4. Language proficiency test certificates (such as IELTSTOEFL)
5. Qualifying test certificates (such as GRE)

Apart from the above documents, you might need to submit documents that are required by that university.

The next challenge after applying to the university that is best for you is securing the funds for your foreign education.

Secure the best loan for MS in mechanical engineering in the USA with FundRight

FundRight, India’s first education loan bidding platform, which has already helped lots of Indian students to study abroad by getting them the best education loan. Here are the advantages you can look forward to if you choose FundRight as your financial partner.
Receive loan options in two days
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You choose your moneylender

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With FundRight, you choose your own moneylender.

On the contrary, if you go with public or private banks, they will be the ones choosing you. This has a lot of demerits, which we have outlined below.

1. You might get a bad deal and stick to it due to a lack of options.
2. Banks evaluate profiles based on outdated data, so they might charge you more.
3. Applying to multiple banks will cost you time and mental peace.
Save money by paying less interest
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Get unbiased advice from experts
The financial decision is the most important one when you are planning to go to the US to do Masters in mechanical engineering. It will determine the level of sacrifices your parents might have to make and the quality of life you will live. Connect with experts to get financial advice with FundRight. When you plan to study abroad, you must have a lot more questions than the usual, “what is the loan amount and rate of interest required”. These questions can only be answered accurately by experts who have that knowledge.

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1. What are the job opportunities for mechanical engineers in the USA?

Answer: There are many positions you can apply for if you hold a degree in MS in mechanical engineering. Some of them are design engineer, systems engineer, mechanical engineering manager, and machine engineer.
2. Which state in the USA is best for mechanical engineering jobs?

Answer: California, Texas, and Washington are the three states that require a lot of mechanical engineers as related companies have set up industries there.
3. Do mechanical engineers get an H1-B visa?

Answer: Provided your area of expertise is in demand and the company you are applying to is ready to sponsor it.
4. How can a fresher get a job in the USA?

Answer: It is quite easy if they are already in the US. If the fresher has just completed their MS in mechanical engineering in the US, they can just start applying to companies there.
5. Does Tesla sponsor an H1-B visa for mechanical engineers?

Answer: Yes. So does top companies like Cumins, Ford, etc.

The Top 5 Animation Colleges in Canada

The Top 5 Animation Colleges in Canada

Animation is one of the coolest creative career options of the day. It’s also highly promising. The global animation market was estimated to be C$ 469 billion (Rs 2,890,674 crore) in 2021. It’s expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. According to industry estimates, the animation market’s value will exceed C$ 739.31 billion (Rs 4,556,747 crore) by 2030.

Animation colleges in Canada offer a diverse range of courses. Some animation courses in Canada prioritize computer-based, 2D or 3D animation. But there are still plenty that focus on traditional illustration.
Canada is Indian students’ second most preferred overseas education destination overall. The excellent quality of animation studies in Canada makes the country an automatic choice for students interested in the field. If you feel money is an issue, you can consult our experts at FundRight and find the best student loan offer for you.
FundRight’s revolutionary online loan bidding platform gets you the best offers in just 2 days. There’s no collateral and you can save up to Rs 23 lakhs.
In this article, we’ll discuss the following aspects of pursuing animation courses in Canada:
● The best animation colleges in Canada
● The scope and salary of animation career in Canada
● The estimated cost of studying animation in Canada
● The frequently asked questions about undertaking animation courses in Canada

5 Best Animation Colleges in Canada

1. Sheridan College
Ranked as the number 1 animation college in Canada in 2021Sheridan College, Ontario offers some of the world’s best animation programs. The Drawing for Animators program involves part-time on-campus workshops. These workshops focus on areas such as Character Design, Perspective Design, Storyboarding and Life Drawing.
Sheridan College also has a Virtual Production (VP) program that focuses on Art Direction in Unreal Engine. This program is aimed at teaching the skills required to work on VP projects via weekly workshops and online seminars.

List of animation courses

● Computer Animation Certificate Program. Duration: 1 year
● Bachelor of Applied Arts (Animation). Duration: 4 years
● Post Graduate degree in Game Level Design. Duration: 1 year
● Game Development Advanced Programming course. Duration: 1 year

Sheridan College has been home to the best animation courses in Canada for 50 years. Its post-graduate certification courses in Computer Animation, Digital Creature Animation and Visual Effects are renowned the world over.

Sheridan College graduates have worked on some of the world’s most recognizable animation projects. These include blockbusters from top studios such as Disney, Guru, Nelvana and Pixar.

Here are some of the most famous Sheridan College Alumni:

● Trevor Jimenez, winner of Annie Award for Best Storyboarding in Soul.
● Dean DeBlois, Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature for How to Train Your Dragon 3.
● Domee Shi, Oscar winner for the Best Animated Short Film—Bao.

2. Rubika College

Rubika, Montreal offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Design, 2D & 3D animation, and Video Game development. The college enjoys the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valenciennes.

Rubika College’s learning facilities have been designed to provide the students with an environment that’s similar to actual professional studios. The curriculum includes multiple periods of internships where the students can test their skills and technical knowledge.

List of animation courses

3-year (Bachelor’s) and 5-year (Master’s) courses in these subjects:

● Product Design
● Transportation Design
● 3D Modeling
● UX Design
● 2D Animation
● 3D Animation
● FX/VFX Special Effects
● Game Art
● Game Design
● Game Programming
● Tech Art

Rubika College also offers multiple diplomas in animation, including Digital Director, Video Game Director and Manager in Design Engineering.

Rubika College pass-outs hold respectable positions in leading animation and video game companies, such as Pixar, Ubisoft and Riot Games.

Here are some of the most famous Rubika Alumni:

● Willy Carteau, Senior Industrial Designer, Google
● Laura Courouble, Associate Producer, Ubisoft
● Julien Clement, Designer, Ducati Motor 

3. Seneca College

Seneca College, Ontario offers multiple animation courses with course durations ranging from 8 months to 3 years. The college is affiliated with Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI). It’s Houdini-certified and includes industry standard software such as Maya and Nuke in its curriculum.
Seneca College’s animation programs integrate both traditional and the newest, cutting-edge media. This prepares the students for the diverse challenges inherent to this dynamic industry.
Seneca College’s animation courses are associated with these globally renowned animation bodies:
● Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (ACM SIGGRAPH)
● Visual Effects Society
● Computer Animation Studios Ontario (CASO)
● Toon Boom Centre of Excellence
List of animation courses
Seneca College has 4 of the best animation courses in Canada:
● Three-year advanced diploma in 3D Animation
● Eight-month graduate certificate course in Animation
● Eight-month graduate certificate course in Game Art & Animation (2 semesters)
● Eight-month course in Visual Effects for Film and Television
Each of these courses teaches the basic animation skills—animation, modelling, 2D/3D integration, texturing etc. Students also learn storyboard drawing and project development skills that are invaluable in the animation industry.
Seneca College’s animation courses equip students with the necessary technical skills and experience to pursue diverse careers. These include television, film, gaming, animation, interior design, industrial design and forensics.
Students can also take a virtual tour and explore the college’s campus, labs and other learning facilities.
4. Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver
Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver is home to the few animation colleges in Canada that are solely dedicated to the study of media, art and design.
The university offers a diverse range in undergraduate and certificate animation programs. Emily Carr’s Bachelor of Media Arts degree offers majors in 2D + Experimental Animation, 3D Computer Animation Film+Screen Arts. Students can also sign up for a part-time certification course in 3D design.
List of 2D animation courses (four-year)
● Storyboarding
● Story & Structure for Animation
● Motion Graphics
● Experimental Animation
● Creative Development for Animation Filmmaking
● Senior Animation Production
List of 3D animation courses (four-year)
● Introduction to 3D Character Animation
● 3D Character Creation
● Digital Compositing
● 3D Layout and Cinematography
● Preproduction for 3D Animation
● Look Development for 3D Computer Animation
● Senior 3D Animation Production
● Lighting + Rendering Projects
Emily Carr alumni are employed at some of the world’s biggest animation and film studios, including DreamWorks Animation, National Film Board, Pixar, and Universal.
5. Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Vancouver Film School is one of the most popular animation colleges in Canada among students interested in film and television. The institute offers one-year immersive courses focused on different aspects of animation.

The unique one-year course model is designed to deliver accelerated learning and real-world production experience. The program is periodically upgraded to encapsulate the industry developments and changing needs.

VFS students go from animation novices to professionals in one year’s time. They can look forward to challenging, well-paying roles in the world’s best studios and companies.

List of animation courses

● 3D Animation & Visual Effects
● Animation Concept Art
● Classical Animation
● Game Design
● VR/AR Design & Development

VFS animation courses are divided into 2-6 month periods all covered within a span of 12 months.

VFS alumni are working in the world’s most sought animation studios and have dozens of accolades to their names. In all, VFS alumni total 118 wins and 516 nominations at the Emmys, Game Awards, Golden Globes, and Oscars. In addition, the institute’s alumni have been credited in all top 10 films of 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pursuing Animation Courses in Canada

1. Can individuals who aren’t good at drawing take animation courses in Canada?
Animation is an ideal choice for individuals who have an innate artistic flair. Individuals who are good at drawing, and understanding movement and dimensions are an automatic fit. But these skills aren’t a necessity for undertaking animation courses in Canada.
Individuals that can’t draw can become just as good 3D animators as those who’re great at drawing. All who want a cool, high-paying job can enroll in animation colleges in Canada and build successful careers.
2. What skills will I learn from animation courses in Canada?
An education from one of the top animation colleges in Canada will teach you the following skills:
● Understanding of 2D and 3D animation theories and histories
● Visual effects
● Modeling
● Texturing
● Character rigging
● Pre and post-production

3. What is the cost of animation courses in Canada?
The costs of completing animation courses in Canada vary according to the type and duration of the course. The average annual tuition fee for diploma courses and undergraduate degree courses is C$ 10,000-20,000 (Rs 6,16,198.36-12,32,396.72). Students should expect to pay C$ 20,000-30,000 (Rs 12,32,396.72-18,48,595.07) for masters in animation courses in Canada.
Unsure whether you can afford these costs? Don’t worry. FundRight brings you easy, low-interest study loans to help you realize your academic dreams. You can get in touch with our experts right away and find the best, no-collateral loan for your needs.
4. Which industries can I find work in after studying animation in Canada?
Students who’ve completed animation courses in Canada can find lucrative jobs in virtually every industry that requires art and design. This includes the film, gaming, and advertising sectors.
Animation courses in Canada (diploma or degree) prepare you for well-paying jobs in these roles:
● 2D/3D animators
● Concept artists
● Game developers
● Graphic designers
● Illustrators
● Web designers
● VFX artists

5. What is the expected salary of students who’ve studied in Animation colleges in Canada?
Students graduating from animation colleges in Canada can draw an average base salary of C$52,297 (Rs 3,222,532.55) per year. The actual salary can vary significantly with the individual’s experience, skill level, and the industry he/she’s working in.

What Is An Educational Loan Sanction Letter And How To Get It?

What Is An Educational Loan Sanction Letter And How To Get It?

Getting an education loan to study abroad entails collecting numerous documents, moving across counters and reading mundane details for the loan to be approved!

An education loan sanction letter is a formal document that notifies the approval of a student loan.

Once the student submits the application for an education loan and the pertinent documents an education loan sanction letter is issued after the verification and authorisation of the same.

It is an acknowledgement the borrower receives after successfully getting a loan or acts as a conditional financial competence letter.

The educational loan sanction letter is a critical document to get admission abroad.

So, let’s take a deeper look at an education loan sanction letter and how to obtain one without any hassle.

Why Do You Need An Education Loan Sanction Letter?

The education loan sanction letter is like a preface to a book consisting of all the pertinent information.

It contains all of the relevant information about the loan application, such as the loan amount, name, loan tenure, interest rate, margin percentage, repayment period, terms and conditions, etc.

The student receives an education loan sanction letter via mail or as a hard copy.

Types of Education Loan Sanction Letter

Education loan for study abroad has three distinct types of sanction letters as mentioned below:

Education Loan Sanction Letter

It’s an official document giving information about the approval of one’s education loan application.

Following that, the lender approves the loan amount, which is then deposited into the applicant’s account or is given as a direct fee payment to the university.


Pre-Approved Sanction Letter

Pre-approved sanction letter is required for an education loan to study abroad in certain countries like Canada. Germany etc.

A pre-approved sanction letter is a provisional education loan sanction letter issued to a borrower prior to securing university admission.

This document is used to demonstrate financial support during the admissions process and, in some cases, the visa application process.

After receiving their standardized test results, students can apply for instant approval for an education loan to study abroad.

This is specific to institutions where students are required to show their financial ability to pay for their education to secure admission.

Some of the countries that require pre-approved sanction letters are as follows:

● Students must provide documentation of financial assistance in order to obtain a Canadian study visa, with a minimum fund requirement of CAN$ 10,000.

● European nations like Germany, the United Kingdom and also the United States of America have similar conditions for education.

In-Principle Sanction Letter

A tentative sanction letter sent by the bank to the borrower is known as an in-principle sanction letter.

It specifies a specific loan amount that will be granted to a student if he or she is accepted at a specific university. It is primarily required for US universities.

While US universities require the student to demonstrate their financial competence in order to obtain an I-20, the Bank requires the applicant to show the university an I-20 in order to confirm the loan offer.

One receives an in-principle sanction letter in such a situation.

How to Get an Education Loan Sanction Letter?

The procedure for seeking a letter of approval for an education loan is simple and clear.

To avoid rejection of your education loan for study abroad and the sanction letter,

it is necessary to cross-check the documents and information you provide.

The following three steps must be followed for the education loan sanction letter:

● Fill out the education loan application form with accurate information.

● Submit all the relevant documents based on the bank’s requirements.

● Receive the education loan sanction letter once approved.

Note: While applying for an education loan for study abroad, it is advisable to fill out the application for an education loan sanction letter prior to a month to receive an estimated amount and begin the visa process.

Documents Required For Education Loan Sanction Letter

An education loan sanction letter is issued only after the submission and authorisation of the documents.

As the process goes, the below-listed documents are verified by the bank authorities for an education loan to study abroad:

Note: An education loan co-applicant is an additional borrower for the primary applicant’s education loan. They are in charge of paying back the student loan if the applicant fails to repay it.

1. Application Form

A completely filled and signed loan application has to be submitted to the bank authorities.

Ensure that all the required information is filled in correctly with no spelling or numerical errors.

2. Residence Proof

To obtain an education loan to study abroad, students need to present proof of their Indian residence proof with their co-applicants residence proof.

Aadhar Card, Driving License, passport, or voter ID card can be used for the same.

3. Academic Documents

Students’ mark sheets and external exams scorecards like IELTS, and GRE to name a few are mandatory for an education loan sanction letter.

If the student has received any scholarship, the details about the same have to be provided.

4. Income Proof of the Co-applicant

Different documents are required to apply for a loan based on the employment type of the co-applicant.

If the co-applicant is self-employed. A Business address proof, the last 2 years of IT returns, and a TDS Certificate shall be required to apply for an education loan to study abroad.

In the case of a salaried co-applicant, salary slips for the last 3 months and last 2 years IT returns are mandatory.

5. Statement of Expenses

A student presents a brief detail about all the expenses incurred for their educational purpose.

While applying for an education loan to study abroad, living costs, visa expenses, tuition fees, hostel fees etc. have to be mentioned.

6. Passport Photographs

2 passport photographs shall be required for an education loan to study abroad.

Ensure that the pictures are recent and in formal attire.

7. Proof of Admission

Bank officials will require proof of admission to issue an education loan sanction letter.

The official admission letter or the offer letter has to be submitted along with other information.

This is a prerequisite for an education loan to study abroad.

8. Identity Proof

It is the most basic requirement for an education loan sanction letter.

As identity proof, you can submit a copy of your Aadhar card, voter ID, or passport for identity verification.

Documents Required From The Co-Applicant

A co-applicant is vital for the approval of an education loan sanction letter.

Hence, bank officials require several documents of your co-applicant.

The co-applicant must submit the following documents for the applicant’s education loan to study abroad:

● Co-Applicant’s bank account statement for the last 6 months
● Identity Proof
● Address Proof
● Last 2 years’ IT returns
● Salary slips of last 3 months for salaried co-applicant
● Business address proof and TDS certificate for self-employed co-applicant

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Education Loan Sanction Letter In Public Sector Banks in India

Banks like State Bank of India, and Bank of Baroda are considered public sector banks.

Public banks offer a wide range of education loans to study abroad.

The public sector banks take a slightly longer duration for the approval of the educational loan as compared to other sources.

Therefore, it is advisable to apply for the loan a month in advance

Education Loan Sanction Letter In Private Sector Banks in India

Private sector banks include ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank, to name a few.

These banks follow a similar process for education loans as public sector banks, but there are some advantages or policies that make the process easier.

Axis banks, for example, provide a document pick-up service at your home. ICICI bank, on the other hand, offers an instant education loan with an immediate loan sanction letter.

The private sector banks can issue an education loan sanction letter faster than the public sector banks.

Note: A higher CIBIL score of the co-applicant and a good GRE score of the applicant can help in securing a loan sanction approval soon.

Financial constraints are a common reason for not pursuing education abroad.

But the low-interest rates on educational loans offered by various banks across India can help you fulfil your dream.

One of the best funding options is offered by FundRight for students aspiring to study abroad.

Moreover, the education loans to study abroad cover numerous expenses like tuition fees, travel (tickets), house rent, university fees, food expenses, living expenses, a laptop etc.

This ensures that there are no hurdles in your study.

Frequently Asked Questions About Education Loan Sanction Letter

Ques. Can a sanctioned education loan be cancelled?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to cancel a student loan. However, the applicant must be familiar with the terms and conditions that must be followed in order to cancel the educational loan.

Ques. What is the validity period of an education loan sanction letter?

Ans. An educational loan sanction letter in India is valid for a period of six months since the date of issuance.

Ques. What happens if I fail to pay my education loan?

Ans. If you don’t pay your education loan in India, the lender will send you and your guarantor notices about the failure of payment. You will default on your loan if you ignore the warnings, and your credit score will suffer greatly as a result. This poses a threat to securing any future loans.

Ques. Can I change the university after the education loan sanction?

Ans. Even after your education loan has been approved, you can change universities and modify your loan terms. However, you must update the form with new information, such as the university, country, tuition fee, and other expenses, before submitting it to the bank.

Ques. Is it possible to get an I-20 with an education loan sanction letter?

Ans. It is possible to receive an I-20 form from an American university with the issuance of the education loan sanction letter and Bank certificate. It serves as proof that the student applicant was accepted into the programme in the United States and that the student has the financial means to pay for it. The I-20 Form, which specifies the start date of the programme, must be carried out for the visa interview.