How FundRight can help you find education loan in India for study abroad

How FundRight can help you find education loan in India for study abroad

Getting accepted into a university abroad is a life-changing experience for many. Better prospects, better education and new experiences.

The only thing that holds students back is the hefty tuition fees.

Luckily, there are many educational loans in India for studying abroad.

A good university education guarantees employment which makes it safe to take out an education loan.

If you want to pay your education loan quickly, you have to be smart about it.

But, how?

With FundRight. The platform can help you save up to 20 lakhs on your loan repayment.

Take the next five minutes to learn about:

  • FundRight – the one of a kind platform
  • How you can get an education loan in India for studying abroad with us
  • Perk of FundRight
  • Financial tools
  • Lending partners
  • Exclusive scholarships
  • Credibility

What is FundRight?

Students often do not think about finances at the time of selection and application. This is because they assume they will get a loan in the future. Result?

They get rejected.

Sometimes, students assume they wouldn’t get a loan for a certain amount and don’t even apply to certain good programs.

This is why you need FundRight. India’s first loan bidding platform to secure education loans in India for studying abroad. We guarantee that you will get the best loan offer on this platform.

The best part? It’s all free and online.

Let us take care of your loan requirements. With our support, you can assume that you will get a loan for any amount.

How can I get an education loan in India for study abroad?

At FundRight, there are only five steps to getting an education loan for abroad studies.

1.   Share your profile with us

Sign up and fill a simple form to tell us about your requirements. Immediately, you will see the best estimate offers from India’s leading banks. Within 24 hours, you’ll find even more bids on your profile.

The offers may be based on the university, GRE score or financial profile. Hence, you can secure multiple offers from different banks.

Based on your profile, we can get you access to scholarships, soft loans and grants.

2.   Get funding options

We evaluate 30+ public banks/private banks/NBFCs in the market to arrive at a list of the best options for maximizing your savings on an education loan in India for studying abroad.

Picture this: you get a lower rate of interest by 2% on an amount of ₹35 Lakhs. This means you will be saving ₹70,000 in interest payments, every year. If you are planning to pay back the amount in 7 years, this amounts to net savings of about ₹5 lakhs.

3.   Select your lenders

We recommend that you select four lenders from the options you have received.

This way even if one of them takes too long with your application, you have alternatives to provide an education loan for abroad studies.

4.   Submit your documents

We will help you as much as we can with documents. This ensures that you can focus on relocating, visa and spending time with loved ones.

5.   Get your funds

Within the first ten days, we send you a custom report containing recommendations for funding your higher education.

However, if it’s an emergency, we could get you the funds as quickly as 2-3 days.

Perks of using FundRight to secure an education loan in India for study abroad

What differentiates FundRight from other education loans in India for studying abroad?

1.   We compare 15+ Lenders who can give education loans for abroad studies

You won’t be running around doing research because we have done it for you. All you need to do is submit your profile and compare the offers you receive.

2.   All online

Going to banks is a hassle no one needs. Our entire process is online., even the paperwork.

3.   Healthy competition

You know how you had to beat thousands of applicants to secure a seat? It’s time for the lenders to compete to fund you.

On FundRight, multiple lenders bid to finance your loan, based on your profile.

Hence, you get:

  • Customized offers with better terms
  • Loan offers without collateral
  • Savings up to 23 lakhs
4.   No biases

We value data privacy. Hence, you can stay anonymous and choose which bank to contact.

All selective information is restricted from the lenders and shared only with permission.

5.   Free expert opinion

Let’s face it, finances are hard. That is why we have a team of financial experts.

They will evaluate your loan offer or compare multiple offers, give you their advice and then get it approved.

6.   Help you pick between universities

When you have received multiple offers, it is not just the ranking of the university you should consider but also costs.

Our fund availability checks and earn-back period calculations will enable you to choose the right university.

We help you understand which university is better from a financial perspective. Earn back period is how long it takes to be able to recover your total investment into your Master’s. With this information, you can choose the right option to maximize your returns on education.

Tools every applicant of an education loan for abroad studies needs

FundRight has three important tools that will help you figure out your finances for an education loan in India for study abroad.
1.   Loan amount eligibility
This calculator tells you the loan amount you might be eligible for. You have to enter the Gross Monthly Income of the cosigner. If one person’s income is below 25000, you should consider adding 2 cosigners and in that case add the sum of both their monthly incomes in this cell.
2.   EMI Calculator
This calculator tells you how much EMI you will have to pay each month. It sums up the EMI and the loan to calculate the total cost of education loan and total interest paid.
3.   Loan probability estimator
The Loan probability estimator takes different financial and academic factors into account to calculate the chances of you getting an education loan. The chances are reflected on a meter.
Our partners who offer education loan in India for studying abroad

FundRight does not exclusively work with certain bank partners. We are bank agnostic and look at all the options that are available in the market for you. We do this so that our services are aligned towards your interests, not ours or the banks’.

Here are some of our loan providers.

Scholarships and education loans in India for study abroad

Once you start with your loan process with GradRight, you are auto-enrolled for our scholarships.

When you complete your loan disbursement, you can get shortlisted in the pool of finalists.

The decision taken by the GradRight Scholarship Committee is final.


ScholarshipsStudentsAmount received
The GradRight-Prodigy Finance Scholarship10 Deserving Students$2,500 Each
India’s First Study-Abroad Scholarship For LGBTQIA+ Students1 deserving student₹2,00,000
Women Empowerment Scholarship1 deserving student women only$2,000
Need-based ScholarshipNeed-based deserving students$3,000

What gives us credibility?

Why should you trust that we are dedicated to providing you the education loan in India for studying abroad.

First, a word from Sasidhar Sista. He’s:

  • India’s first Fulbright-Nehru scholar.
  • Co-founder of GradRight

“UPenn changed my life. And it wouldn’t have happened without the Fulbright scholarship. I think scholarships are evidence of everything that’s good with humans.”

At GradRight (the parent brand), we are a global team of changemakers, united by the vision of inciting meaningful transformation of Ed-FinTech around the world.

We are trusted by over 2000+ students encouraged by our mission to enable every student to get the ‘Right Education’ at the ‘Right Cost’.

We can help you get the best terms, and lowest rate of interest. Take advantage of unbiased expert advice from the FundRight team, know all terms, compare offers, get assistance from profile creation to disbursement.

Take a look at what our students have said about their experience with us.

“Anyone considering graduate student loans should seriously check out GradRight. Seeing a bevy of options from different banks laid out so comprehensively and conveniently was a huge source relief, and led me to options I would not have found otherwise! They’re also extremely knowledgeable about hidden costs and other critical details. I’ve had an excellent experience, and strongly recommend getting in touch with them.”

Raghav Adlakha B.Sc, Mathematics, St. Stephens College | received an offer from Harvard Kennedy School”

Once you have shortlisted your programs and finalized them, inform us over email on Our financial advisor will contact the lenders and scholarship providers to create a probability of an education loan for abroad studies for each of the programs before you even apply to each of the programs. We can even get a pre-approval letter issued, in most cases. You may then confidently step forward with your applications.