10 Times Columbia University Made Headlines

10 Times Columbia University Made Headlines

World leaders like Theodore Roosevelt, Jose Ramos Horta, Barack Obama and others have graduated from the prestigious Columbia University.

The university welcomes the creme-de-la-creme of the world. Hardly ano wonder, then, that Columbia University SPS acceptance rate is only 3.9%.

Here, the quality of education is known worldwide, but, do you of how students of Columbia are changing the world?

Here’s a run-through of 10 times Columbia University got the world talking, in 2022.

  • Columbia University Discovers Two New Treatments to Fight Obesity
  • Three Columbians Named 2023 Rhodes Scholars
  • Kerstin Perez Back to Columbia to Teach Physics to Bright Young Minds
  • Columbia’s ‘First ever’ Art History Professor of LGBT+ Studies
  • Pulitzer Prize Winner, Columbia Alum, Jodi Kantor Speaks About the Columbian Impact
  • Columbia – a Fostering Home to Entrepreneurs
  • Not-Your Typical University Courses at Columbia
  • Columbia Business School Launches New Digital Future Initiative
  • Columbia University’s Relevance For Students  
  • Columbia GS Student Selected for Prestigious Schwarzman Scholars Program 

10 Times Columbia University School of Professional Studies Took Newsrooms By Storm

Here are times the internet couldn’t stop talking about the Columbia University school of professional studies.

1.Columbia University Discovers Two New Treatments to Fight Obesity

Obesity is a serious problem many people struggle with as it may lead to many serious conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to this obesity, alcohol and smoking are the biggest contributors to cancer too. Finding remedies to the same Columbia university has been in the limelight for its commendable achievement.

2.Three Columbians Named 2023 Rhodes Scholars

For the first time in history, three of Columbia’s students have bagged the infamous Rhodes Scholarships. Sophie A Bryant, Astrid Liden and Ilina Logani were among the 32 Americans chosen to study at the Oxford university.

The scholarship allows students to pursue their postgraduation. The awarded fellowship covers the student’s expenses for about two to three years.

Nurturing bright minds at Columbia another genius joins the gang. Kerstin Perez who was an undergrad student at Columbia includes herself as a faculty member.

Under her guidance, students get to discover and learn more about dark matter.

Talking about her research on dark matter Prof Krestin adds that her team is building an instrument to look for anti-deuterons. By seeing a few of them, dark matter or some other new physics shall be discovered.

Unravelling many such scientific discoveries, the Prof and Columbia students are making noise across the world.

4.Columbia’s ‘First ever’ Art History Professor of LGBT+ Studies

Julia Bryan-Wilson Columbia’s art history professor is brewing some exciting conversations on campus with reference to queer theory and art. Speaking of her experience she points out her keen interest in Art, Literature and History.  

Furthermore, putting these two classes together, she at Columbia is taking an undergraduate seminar on handicrafts and contemporary art, and a graduate seminar on queer feminist theories in art.

5.Pulitzer Prize Winner, Columbia Alum, Jodi Kantor Speaks About the Columbian Impact

Jodi Kantor’s photographs ignited the #Meetoo moment. The power of her journalism efforts showcased the impact photographs could have on the world. 

However, recalling her journey, the photojournalist, Jodi speaks of how Columbia played a part in her career. After graduation, felt responsible to take over a lucrative career but, soon enough, her experiences at Columbia exposed her to a new world of photojournalism.

6.Columbia – a Fostering Home to Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur, idea and Business has a unique journey and story. Embracing the same, Columbia University guides and fosters budding entrepreneurs on campus.

Their leading entrepreneur’s program is also under the office of the President, making it a stepping stone to success.

So, any student with a Business streak or an innovative idea can look forward to a successful life with such a program.

7.Not-Your Typical University Courses at Columbia

As mentioned learning about queer feminism is a unique,  progressive and innovative subject. Similarly, Columbia University has been making headlines for all the great courses that act as a catalyst for groundbreaking discussions, studies, and theories.

Some of the most ingenious courses offered this year are ‘The Art of Structural Design with George Deodatis’, ‘Contemporary Biology Lab with Claire Hazen’, The News: The Profession of Journalism Goes Digital with Sudhir Venkatesh, Witches by Wendy C.Shor and more.

8.Columbia Business School Launches New Digital Future Initiative

Columbia University has nurtured Business moguls like Robert F Smith, Sallie Krawcheck, James P Gorman, Peter Woo and many more in the past.

To cope with the present in a similar manner Dean Costis Maglaras of Columbia University strongly believes that students, leaders and professionals must be prepared to adapt to the Digital world.

In order to progressively nurture tomorrow’s leaders of the digital world Columbia University has launched the New Digital Future initiative that focuses on subjects that are relevant, useful and in-line with futuristic technology.

A Digital Finance lab is going to be established to conduct research on algorithmic economy, digital platforms, retailing and digital supply chains, AI and automation, and media. Including the future in today’s education model is what makes Columbia University one of the finest universities to study.

9.Columbia University’s Relevance For Students  

A Student’s voice is perfect to describe any university. Coming from an Indian student of Columbia, Vidhi Rajpal shares that she chose the Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) program to stay relevant to today’s data-driven world to help her home Business grow. And this Columbian course has helped her elevate her personality and Business sense because of the mentors at Columbia University.

10.Columbia GS Student Selected for Prestigious Schwarzman Scholars Program

Shortlisted among 36 countries and 121 universities across the world, David Chen, a Columbia GS (General Studies) student has been selected to join the Schwarzman Scholar Program.

This distinguished scholarship is one of the most prestigious graduate fellowships.

Chen is one of the 6th Columbia University school students to be accepted to study a fully funded Master’s degree program on the campus of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Columbia University’s ranking?

Ans: Columbia University is the 19th best Global University, according to the GS ranking. However, Columbia is among the top 7 in America. It is also among the top Ivy League schools in America.

2.What is the Columbia University SPS acceptance rate?

Ans: The Columbia University SPS acceptance rate is lower compared to Stanford with only 3.9% acceptance.

3.Columbia Vs Stanford, which is better?

Ans: Both universities are equally distinguished however, Columbia university school of professional studies takes precedence.

4.Do Indians get accepted to Columbia University?

Ans: Yes, Indians do get accepted at Columbia University. However, tough competition requires you to be the best. If you want to be at Columbia University strive to achieve excellence in whatever you are good at.

5.What are some of the scholarships to study at Columbia University?

Ans: Some of the scholarships to study at the Columbia university school of professional studies are the Helen Lansdowne Resor scholarship, International Merit scholarship, Business Studies scholarship and Northwest IB scholarship.