9 Tips to nail your College Interview

Many overlook the role of college interviews in the entire admission process and while some believe it to be very important, the best way for you to think about it would be to recognize it as one of the factors that is going to decide your admission into the college. With this mindset, you will ensure that you don’t take a light approach towards it. 

With that being said, let us look at 9 college interview tips you need to keep in mind to nail your next interview.

Infographic showing the different steps to nail your next college interview

Research the college

Research the college not just from their website but also from their news articles and social media accounts. 

This interview tip will help you get accustomed to the workings of the college and also help you obtain important information regarding the college in terms of its placement records and its year-on-year enrolment numbers which could come in handy to build an overall perspective about the college.

Go through past college interview questions

Look online to see if anyone has posted questions from that college. You could use online Q&A forums like Quora and Reddit, and you could also leverage groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for the same. Go through these questions as many times. Such commonly asked questions can make an appearance in your interview as well.

If not, make sure you are up to date about hot topics about the college that the interviewer might ask you about.

Connect with current students and student alumni

Connect with current and/or students to get much more insider knowledge, which you could leverage and refer during the interview. Make sure you mention the names of the students as that would add a more authentic feel to what you’re saying. This could end up being one of the most important college interview tips you come across.

Here are the different platforms on which you could connect with them:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Social Media

Review your college application materials

Make sure you read all your application materials in case the interviewer asks you a question about them. This, in turn, helps you remember your flow, narrative and your pitch as to why you’re the best fit.

Have some questions for the interviewer

The interviewer is not just there to ask questions about the college. So make use of the opportunity to get some insights about the college from the interviewer itself. Ofcourse, questions about the college can give you better insights about the college but to nail the interview, one of those clever things you can do is to make sure you research the interviewer himself and incorporate that information into your interview. This displays initiative on your part.

Dress for the occasion

Interviews are a two-way street. This is something we can all agree on. But, it’s not just a two-way street in terms of how you speak and interact. The way you show up; your dressing sense is also a two-way street. And even if the interviewer is not dressed up, it is your responsibility to appear well-dressed suiting the occasion, which in this case is the interview.

Be genuine and be yourself

An interview is not just about being fluent in your communication or showing off your accolades. The most important aspect of an interview is how well you can present your true self, stick to your values and beliefs. The trick is to just be your authentic self and not try to be someone you are not just to land the interview.

Practice the interview beforehand

Make sure you practice with someone and/or in front of a mirror. These mock interviews need not only include how you put forward your answers but can also be about how you respond to certain remarks, your posture and body language. This will make you feel confident and ensure that you’re not memorising the answers but owning them.

Rest before the interview

A very undervalued and overlooked interview tip is to make sure you rest well before the interview. Do not stay up too late and most importantly, make sure you arrive before time if it’s an in-person interview or try to get in the zone if it’s an online interview. Starting an interview when you’re anxious and/or tired can drive things south very quickly. Hence, rest well so that you can give your best in a calm state of mind.

College interviews not only demonstrate your interest in a college, which can boost your acceptance odds but also, in some cases, can make up for lacklustre GPA and test scores. 
A face-to-face interview gives admissions the best insight into you as a person: why you want to attend the college, what you want to do while you’re there, and other such insightful information about you.

Be your authentic self and keep the above-mentioned 9 tips in mind to ace your next college interview.

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