9 Times the University of Arizona Made Headlines In 2022

The University of Arizona is ranked #1 in R&D expenditure in the year 2021 among public institutions in Arizona. Note that the amount of money a university spends on research can depict the quality of education it offers. And the university of Arizona spent a whopping 770,031K USD in R&D in 2021.

The University of Arizona proudly calls itself “a place of wonder where you can do the extraordinary with extraordinary people.” And it is true based on the university’s achievements in the last year.

The university has been at the forefront of changing the world for the better, with its research impacting tens of thousands of people worldwide. Keep reading to learn more about the University of Arizona.

9 Times UArizona Made Headlines in 2022

1. “Researchers develop a drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome patients.”

The University of Arizona R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy and BIO5 Institute, in partnership with the Biodesign Institute, Phoenix, conducted research on a drug called DYR533. The group is ready to move toward pre-clinical development, with expected human trials in 2025.

Travis Dunckley, a Hulme and Arizona State University, has founded a startup to conduct additional studies on the drug and develop it for use on humans. And the startup has received a federal grant worth 3.5 million USD to test the last iteration of the drug to prove that it is ready for clinical trials.  

  1. UArizona in top 19% of world universities in major international ranking

In QS World University Rankings, the University of Arizona moved six spots up since the previous year. And it is one of the top 19% of universities in the international rankings. Globally, the university is tied for #262. It is in the 53rd spot in the US and the 64th in North America.

QS ranks universities based on six key indicators. They include,

  • Academic reputation (40%)
  • Citations per faculty (20%)
  • Faculty/student ratio (20%)
  • Employer reputation (10%)
  • International faculty ratio (5%)
  • International student ratio (5%)

Based on the indicators, it is evident that it takes a lot of effort to rank as high as UArizona has ranked.

Since the University of Arizona’s ranking is high, getting in will also require great effort. Keep an eye out for the University of Arizona admissions if you aspire to join there.

  1. UArizona researchers develop ‘Goldilocks drug’ to treat triple-negative breast cancer

Researchers from the University of Arizona have been working on developing a toxic side effect fee drug that targets triple-negative breast cancer for decades.

After decades of research and multiple attempts, the researchers have developed a drug that has been shown to stop cancer cell growth but has not been tested in humans yet.

The drug has been shown to get rid of tumours in mice with little to no side effects on healthy normal cells, making it potentially non-toxic for the patient.

Currently, the team is working toward obtaining FDA approval to conduct tests in phase 1 clinical trials (in humans). The next step is to see if the drug can stop the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body.

  1. UArizona nutrition expert named to National Academy of Inventors

Entrepreneur and writer Floyd “Ski” Chilton is a professor who has had a global impact with his work on nutrition. He has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. It is the highest professional distinction that an academic inventor is awarded.

He is a professor at the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness and the university’s Center for Precision Nutrition and Wellness director. He is a recognised pioneer in precision nutrition and wellness, with over 160 scientific publications to his name and over 30 patents over the course of 35 years. He is also one of the 169 inventors from 110 research institutions worldwide to become a fellow of the NAI this year.

  1. Battery-free, light-powered pacemaker may improve quality of life for heart disease patients.

Making the world a better place with one invention at a time. The engineers from the University of Arizona have developed a new pacemaker that bypasses the pain receptors and reduces patient discomfort. This invention requires a less invasive procedure compared to the regular pacemaker and causes very little pain to the patient.


Unlike traditional ones, the device will allow pacemakers to send targeted signals using a new mesh design that covers the whole heart.

The device uses a technique called optogenetics to avoid stimulating the pain receptors while stimulating the rest of the heart. This device can make life easier for people with heart diseases requiring a pacemaker.

The current version of the device has shown promising results in animal models. And the team is looking forward to furthering their research and improving the quality of life for patients around the world.

  1. New UArizona Health Sciences Center Receives $150M State Investment Plus Philanthropic Support”

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center for Advanced Molecular and Immunological Therapies, AKA CAMI, received strong support from the Gov. of Arizona.

The Gov. has designated 150 million USD in new funding. In addition, CAMI received its first private philanthropic support from the Steele Foundation, a 10 million USD gift.

CAMI will build on the expertise of the University of Arizona Health Sciences in basic science, medicine, and clinical trials to advance immunotherapies. The gift from the Steele Foundation will let CAMI concentrate on children’s autoimmune diseases.

In addition to the scientific advances, CAMI will positively impact the job market and enhance income and tax revenue across the state. It is expected to create around 7500 new science-related jobs and 13,000 supporting roles in the region.

  1. “The University of Arizona to Host a Multi-City Roadshow to Boost Admissions”

The University of Arizona hosted a roadshow called the 2022 Wildcat Days India Tour in several Indian cities in 2022. It was an effort to aid undergraduate and postgraduate aspirants looking to pursue international education. The roadshow involved three major Indian cities, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

The roadshow covered aspects of life at the University of Arizona from a student’s perspective. Students also learned about the benefits of studying at a major US university, the programmes offered, and the requirements to apply for a programme.

  1. University of Arizona, Oklahoma State University Announce Transformative Addiction Research Partnership

In April 2022, the President of the University of Arizona, Robert C Robbins, MD, and the President of Oklahoma State University, Kayse Shrum, DO, announced that the medical centres of the two institutions are partnering to combat the opioid crisis. They plan on achieving their goals through education, treatment, and research.

The partnership will involve the shared institutional resources of three research centres, namely,

  • The University of Arizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center (CPAC)
  • The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded Center for Excellence in Addiction Studies (CEAS) at UArizona Health Sciences
  • The OSU Center for Health Sciences’ National Center for Wellness & Recovery (NCWR)

The partnership goals align with the NIDA and the ‘Helping to End Addiction Long-term’ initiative (HEAL initiative). And according to Michael D. Dake, MD, senior vice president for the University of Arizona Health Sciences, “This partnership has the potential to significantly advance the fields of pain and addiction research on a national level.”

  1. The Princeton Review: UArizona one of America’s ‘Best Colleges’

The Princeton Review’s “The Best 388 Colleges for 2023” recognised the University of Arizona and awarded it top ratings in the following aspects.

  • Fire safety (98)
  • Sustainability (87)
  • Quality of life (87)

The university also scored high in other aspects, like,

  • Financial aid (84)
  • Admissions (84)
  • Academics (78)

And The Princeton Review added that the University of Arizona has a diverse student population that is “very passionate about what it means to Wildcat.” Also, they said that “the classrooms are often set up in a manner in which group discussion is encouraged,” and the instructors “really care about the material.”

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  1. How much do programmes at the University of Arizona cost?

For an out-of-state student, tuition and fees can cost, on average, 37,258 USD as of 2021-2022. This does not include books, boarding, and other expenses.

  1. How do I get the University of Arizona admissions?

You can visit the university’s ‘Applying and Requirements‘ page to learn more about the admission process.

  1. How much is the University of Arizona application fee?

The University of Arizona charges an application fee of $50 for Arizona residents and $80 for non-Arizona residents.

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