Accelerating Disruption in Higher Education

A global career and international exposure can help the youth that lies even beyond the frontiers of the metro cities to climb up the ladder. Pursuing higher education abroad nurtures the credentials required to help these talented minds succeed.

Yet, the domain is plagued by asymmetric dissemination of information. The existing academic counselors, coaching centers, financiers, and visa consultants provide fragments of information at best. Often, the profits of advisors become more important than the future of the students. 

The Advent of GradRight

GradRight has utilized the ripe opportunity for disruption by building a platform to bring together universities, students, and bankers under a single roof. 

SelectRight is a free and intuitive platform that helps students effortlessly arrive at the right university to pursue their study abroad ambitions. The Recommendation Engine utilizes more than 6 million data points across 8000+ programs to shortlist universities for students. As India’s first education loan-bidding platform, FundRight offers the best loans customized to each student through more than a dozen lenders. Students can then choose what works best for them in real-time.

The co-founders – Mr. Aman Singh and Mr. Sasidhar Sista – aim to put their extensive experience in higher education to build a platform that optimizes outcomes for all the stakeholders involved. GradRight has indeed taken a fruitful step towards soothing the anxiety around college choices and financing decisions. 

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