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convince parents to study abroad

Convince Parents To Study Abroad: Here Are 7 Tips To Lay The Groundwork

How To Convince Your Parents To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many Indian students. And every year, the number of students applying and going abroad is continuing to rise. With students finding more and better opportunities abroad, it adds for one more reason as to why studying abroad is a great option. However, this doesn’t imply it is easy to convince parents to study abroad in all cases.

Studying abroad is a costly affair and hence, affordability becomes one of the top reasons why parents think twice about this. In fact, a recent Instagram survey on our official handle revealed more than 70% of students citing financial situation as the number 1 blocker for them.

Additionally, parents are sceptical about finding the right resources that can help their child(ren) in their higher education journey. Added to that is the pandemic situation and thus, safety becomes a huge question in the minds of the parents.

But, worry not because we will help you address all these problems in this blog so you can convince your parents to study abroad.


Your parents’ decision is not in your control but can you win them over? 
Definitely possible.

Here’s how you can lay the groundwork:

1. Let Research Be Your Best Friend

  • When you introduce the idea of studying abroad, there will definitely be some questions popping up. 
  • Think beyond the normal. 
  • Make a list of all the different questions that you could think of that you think your parents would raise. And stay prepared with all the answers. 
  • You might not know answers to a few like, “How do you think we’re going to fund your education?” Instead of saying, “we’ll figure it out”, rather provide an option like, “I could take an education loan” for example or even “I will work hard for a scholarship that covers my tuition fees entirely.”
  • Show seriousness through strong research and provide all possible solutions to problems you might face.

What will this do?

  • It will show your parents you are serious about studying abroad because you have taken ownership, have gotten your research done and presented them with a well laid out plan.
  • Although it’s not a perfect one it’s much better than “I want to study abroad and I need your support.”

2. Educate Your Parents

  • To convince your parents to study abroad, you’d need to give them reasons to help and support your decision to study abroad. 
  • And for that, you’d have to show the difference in education for the same program in your home country and the place you’re wanting to go to.
  • Avoid generic cliche phrases such as, “I will get better networking opportunities and/or I will get a better job”, although they’re not wrong. 
  • Educate them (if possible, with data) about career and academic benefits through country and program comparisons.

If you’re finding difficulty getting the right pool of data together, here’s where our SelectRight platform can help you.

SelectRight can help you shortlist, select and apply to the right program and university based on your profile, and with each recommendation, you can get to see important details about the program like cost of education, return on investment, focus on learning, the overall brand outlook among other factors.

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3. Budget Your Plan

  • This is an extension to the first point on how you can show more seriousness. 
  • But this needs to be a separate discussion because financial pressures/affordability is the most common problem for many Indian students wanting to study abroad.
  • What you need to do is again a comparison; Calculate a budget and highlight the different layers involved ranging from tuition fees to currency conversions:
    Country – Tuition Fees – Living Expenses – Travel Costs – Application Fees – Currency Conversion – Visa Interview and so on.
  • Facts and figures, although overwhelming, display your immense interest and connects all the dots.


Seeing this, your parents might immediately turn away, but don’t push. Although they say no, they will give it a thought and you can move on to your next move.

4. Have Your Parents Talk To Relevant People


  • The best people would be your college professors with whom you share a great rapport.
  • Also, other students in your network, probably your friends or your seniors from college who are currently studying in your preferred university or country would be a great choice. 
  • Let them share their experience with your parents and share their understanding of the space, clarify doubts and even offer advice to make your process smooth and easy.


Word of mouth helps not only in marketing but even while trying to convince your parents to study abroad!

5. Assure Your Parents Of Your Safety

  • Your parents will probably be concerned about your safety.
  • Show them you’re taking their worries seriously by researching emergency numbers, insurances, etc. 
  • If possible, remind them of all the measures the school takes (for example, airport transfers or guided tours) to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  • You could even ask the students you’re going to connect with your parents to, to talk about how safe it is there for Indian students and even talk about the huge Indian community there. (Indians are everywhere)

6. Include Your Parents In The Decision-Making Process

  • Before taking a discussion, make it a point to discuss with your parents.
  • This way, parents feel they’re involved and it makes them happy too as they get to see how you are going with your application process, interviews, your preparations etc and offer timely inputs. 


However, don’t get overly dependent on your parents to make decisions because as much as you need their inputs you need to show them you can live on your own and make independent and wise decisions.

7. Stay In Touch

Assure and reassure your parents you’ll stay in touch with them! That’s the least you could do!

How Can GradRight Help?

The tagline of GradRight is

Right Education at the Right Cost.

And that’s exactly how we can help you.

  • As mentioned already, our SelectRight platform can help you shortlist, select and apply to the right program and in turn, the right university based on your preferences.
  • The platform also helps you be a part of an exclusive study abroad Discord community.
  • Additionally, SelectRight helps you get mentor assistance from students and alums of your chosen university; individuals who have already been through your journey.
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USC Viterbi School Of Engineering| Non-CS STEM Programs

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

Founded in 1905, the USC Viterbi School of  Engineering is named after Andrew Viterbi who cofounded Qualcomm Inc. and invented the Viterbi Algorithm.

The school, located in Los Angeles, a global centre for arts, technology and international business in the heart of the Pacific Rim, is a hub for entrepreneurship that connects students from 64 countries.

With technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the heart of USC Viterbi School of Engineering, it is on a mission to:

  • Educate engineers on strategies to invent, develop, integrate, and sustain technologies that address significant needs
  • Launch ventures with meaningful social and economic impact
  • Promote an ethical and inclusive technology innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

In this Covid affected world, it is vital for individuals from the growing Indian economy to look to courses that are inter-disciplinary, industry-focused, with a wide variety of applications to adapt to any change and can make a difference in the lives of upcoming generations as well.

USC Viterbi - General FAQs

What are the application deadlines?

The Spring 2021 deadline is January 15, 2022.

Is GRE required?

As of September 7, 2021, the GRE exam is not required.

What impact does work experience have on the application?

  • Except for our MS in Systems Architecting & Engineering, work experience is not required for admission and is not an application criterion. Also, work experience cannot substitute for academic coursework in case of Non-CS Stem Programs.
  • However, work experience information can be included as part of the résumé/CV.

Can I apply to more than one program?

  • You may apply for a maximum of three graduate programs across the entire university in a given admission cycle. Only one set of transcripts and test scores need to be submitted regardless of the number of programs selected.
  • The USC Viterbi School Of Engineering allows applicants to apply for two graduate engineering programs with a single application fee of $90. We provide this benefit primarily for students who are interested in applying for both a Master’s and a Doctoral Program, but it can be used for applying to any two Viterbi graduate programs.
  • To apply for an additional program, a unique SECOND PROGRAM APPLICATION FEE WAIVER code must be provided by the USC Graduate Admissions office and must be entered into the online application.

For more information about Non-CS STEM Programs, you may visit the official USC Viterbi’s FAQ website.

High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

Health Care Data Science

  • Data science for addressing healthcare needs is an increasingly important area for creating novel devices, advancing biomedical research, and developing innovative processes that require integrative approaches linking data systems, analytics, business processes and decision support. 
  • The Master of Science in Health Care Data Science is a cross-disciplinary joint degree program offered by the Keck School of Medicine and the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Engineering Management

  • The MS in Engineering Management program (MSEMT) at USC Viterbi School Of Engineering is designed for students to prepare them for management responsibilities. As an MSEMT student, you will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies.
  • More than just theory, the MSEMT program offers real-world examples provided by instructors who have years of relevant industry experience.
  • This is also a suitable program to help prospective technical entrepreneurs understand the enterprise creation process.

Product Development Engineering

  • The MS in Product Development Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree program jointly offered by the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and the Daniel J. Epstein Industrial and Systems Engineering Departments.
  • The ever-increasing demands for product functions, coupled with low cost, high quality, and short lead-time requirements have made product development a very complex and inter-disciplinary activity. There exists a great human resource need in the areas of new product developments.

Civil Engineering- Advanced Design and Construction Technology

  • USC Viterbi School Of Engineering offers a new program in Advanced Design & Construction Technology which is a multi-disciplinary program that aims to develop professionals to think holistically about design and engineering of sustainable cities, infrastructure, buildings, and systems of the future.
  • ADCT graduates will pave the way in design, engineering, construction, management and leadership roles in the built environment.

Health Systems Management Engineering

The MS in Health Systems Management Engineering prepares students for careers in the healthcare industry. This degree is for students with a background in sciences, engineering, or applied social science. 

They will be expected to be agents of change and providers of training themselves. The degree leads to increasing technical or management responsibilities in health care organizations, particularly hospitals, and consulting.

The MS in Health Systems Management Engineering prepares students to tackle important issues within the healthcare industry by increasing their knowledge and skills in:

  • Healthcare information systems
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Hospital efficiency improvement

Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • As an MSISE student, you will be broadly educated in all aspects of technical enterprises.
  • The MSISE program is excellent preparation for industrial engineering program graduates who want to acquire substantial depth concerning industrial engineering methods and the theory of the firm.

Cyber Security Engineering

  • The Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering degree focuses on the fundamentals of developing, engineering and operating secure information systems. 
  • The curriculum fosters an understanding on how to develop a security policy and how policy drives technology decisions. 
  • Students will be well versed in the challenges and problems of secure operating systems, secure applications, secure networking, use of cryptography, and key management.

Energy and Sustainability

  • The USC Viterbi School of Engineering sponsors the Green Technologies degree program without exclusive ties to any particular department. 
  • This allows students to form plans of study that accommodate diverse engineering perspectives in support of unique and challenging career opportunities. 
  • Students also benefit from numerous green and sustainable projects throughout the Los Angeles region.

Environmental Engineering

  • The Environmental Engineering Program has grown to include water and wastewater engineering, air pollution control, water quality control, solid and hazardous waste management, energy, and the environment. 
  • Students are trained for positions as consulting engineers, environmental affairs engineers for large companies, or officials in state or federal agencies. 
  • Several industries and corporations stress over corporate social responsibility and meeting sustainability and environmental protection goals in the coming years. 
  • This program can enable you to gain skills that are rare in the market for which the demand will be rising.

Financial Engineering

  • This multidisciplinary education program involves the Viterbi School of Engineering, the Marshall School of Business and the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Department of Economics). 
  • Financial engineering uses tools from finance and economics, engineering, applied mathematics, and statistics to address problems such as dynamic investment strategies, risk management, etc. 
  • Graduates with these skills are of interest to investment and commercial banks, trading companies, hedge funds, insurance companies etc.

Public Policy Data Science

The MS in Public Policy and Data Science builds unique proficiencies with an emphasis on public policy and teaches you to leverage data science to:

  • Increase transparency and accountability.
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of services.
  • Enhance security and address matters of defense and intelligence.
  • Oversee emergency management.
  • Influence policy and the policy-making process broadly.

Environmental Data Science

The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to develop and use sophisticated analytical and computer-based methods to assess and protect the Earth’s natural resources.
The USC Masters of Science in Environmental Data Science would provide students with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Work at the intersection of interdisciplinary fields of environmental science and data science.
  • Leverage data to form and frame relevant questions in environmental management and sustainability, identify patterns, and make actionable insights.
  • Understand the use of emerging technologies in data science and their application.
  • Efficiently integrate data science approaches and systems to analyze real-world environmental data.

Civil Engineering

The MS in Civil Engineering (General Option) offers a broad education covering several specialty areas of Civil Engineering.

Analytics (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

  • MS Analytics is designed for students with interest in deepening their background in data science, statistics, and math. 
  • In the program the students learn the skills needed to succeed as data analysts and data scientists including the abilities to summarize and present complex data, to apply machine learning methods to predict the result of different complex scenarios and to convert the data into actionable insights. 

Emerging STEM Programs & Post-Covid Innovations

  • The post-pandemic will call for individuals who are bold, innovative, and independent thinkers to meet the demand of the rapidly evolving economy. 
  • The pandemic has affected the world on a global scale.
    A delayed shipment of a turbine generator in Singapore will affect the prices of commodities in Australia.
  • Multiple industries are coming together to solve challenging problems in the Covid affected world and employers are actively seeking individuals with a mixed yet unique skillset to perform certain niche functions.
  • Developing new products (Product Development Engineering) is the essence of human intelligence in general, and engineering professions in particular. The growth of our economy has been largely determined by the engineer’s performance and effectiveness in new product developments.

How Can GradRight Help?

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs​
  • GradRight is hosting a free interactive-much webinar with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering where we discuss and answer your questions about emerging courses that have a high potential to make a difference and inspire change in the post-Covid world.
  • Additionally, the university will announce scholarships exclusive to these courses in the webinar as an added bonus.
  • Also, our financial partner, IDFC First Bank, will be present and he is going to help you understand education loans, eligibility and requirements for non-collateral/unsecured loans and answer your questions regarding funding your higher education.

The webinar takes place on the 4th of January at 6:30 PM IST.

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USC Viterbi School Of Engineering| Non-CS STEM Programs
GradRight - University of Calgary Webinar

University of Calgary – GradRight Webinar: Quick Highlights

University of Calgary - GradRight Webinar:Quick Highlights

The University of Calgary and GradRight have come together to co-host a webinar for aspiring study abroad students who wish to pursue their higher education in Canada. The webinar took place on the 7th of December at 20:00 IST. Sasidhar Sista, co-founder of GradRight, Diana Kim, Marketing & Recruitment Advisor for the FGS and Himanshu Kachave, Student Ambassador, UCalgary were the panelists for this UCalgary – GradRight webinar.

GradRight - University of Calgary Webinar

Here are the quick highlights of the webinar:

What does GradRight do?

  • Maximize return on education for students and ensure they find the most authentic information in their journey.
  • A twin-platform model that assists students in determining the right university and the best funding options.
  • Our latest platform, SelectRight, a university selection platform, listens to students, their preferences and recommends the right university as well as connects them with alumni.

How does UCalgary and Calgary stand out?

  • UCalgary ranks among the top 10 research universities in Canada and is comparatively, one of the affordable options.
  • Calgary city is one of the most liveable cities in NA, with a lower cost of living compared to Toronto and Vancouver while the state of Alberta offers one of the highest minimum wages in Canada, a high labour productivity and lower taxes.

On-Campus Experience

Dynamic and lively campus with:

  • An Olympic stadium
  • Taylor Institute Library (one of the largest university libraries in Canada)
  • Recreational activities
  • Sign language club
  • Indian students community

Popular programs

  • Engineering and business programs are very popular.
  • UCalgary is also famous for PhD and Masters in Education.

Application process

  • Online application with an application fee of 145$ for intl students post which you get a unique id and can log in to apply for awards.
  • Transcripts to be uploaded but required to mail them in sealed doc, but if in contact with school registrar, they can direct the email it to the admissions office which is a faster route.
  • English proficiency test for non-English students is mandatory.
  • For thesis-based some programs, students need to get the supervisor approval in prior.

Part-time work opportunities

  • Part-time work available on-campus through book stores, cafes, restaurants etc.
  • For off-campus work, there are many seasonal part time jobs where students can upto 20 hours a week with a minimum 15$ wage in Alberta (one of the highest compared to other provinces).
  • Metro line directly through school and hence easy to commute from university to city and vice versa.

Fee Structure

  • Students can pay each semester or month on month with flexible payment options.
  • For Masters students, the fees would be on and about 30,000 CAD.
  • For PhD, most programs are funded.

SOP Tips:

  • For a thesis-based program, look into the supervisor and reference their work.
  • For all programs, mention the relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, research experience, and cover important aspects like what drove you to choose this particular program.
  • Don’t make the essay too long; a 1-page essay is good enough.
  • Be precise and authentic.

The Right Time To Apply

  • Applications open in October for the upcoming Fall intake with a general deadline of February
  • For thesis-based programs, the applications are open throughout the year.

For further questions and/or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us via email or Instagram and we’d be happy to help!

University Of Calgary

University Of Calgary: A Definitive Guide For International Students

University Of Calgary: A Definitive Guide For International Students

The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top-ranked research-based universities with 360 new inventions and innovations against its name since 2017.

Ranked 8th nationally by the Times Higher Education in 2020, the institution is home to over 250 programs and has a graduate employment rate of 94.1%.

The University of Calgary stands out among Canadian universities in how it actively engages students in leadership development and is recognized worldwide for its research breakthroughs in several areas, including arts, athletics, science, medicine, engineering, volunteerism and business.

University Of Calgary

Why Should You Study At The University Of Calgary?

The University of Calgary offers students who wish to study in Canada an unprecedented educational experience combining academics, research and student life.

  • It has a diverse range of academic programs and graduate options to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your career
  • The campus is home to a range of student services for you and your family, such as the First-Year Centre, Parent-Child Centre, First-Year Orientation, Sport and Recreation, Wellness, Student Activities and International Programs.
  • Its popular inter-campus programs include the Traditional Engineering Summer Session (TEES) that allows high school students to experience university life.
  • Undergraduate students and graduate students have access to over $35 million in funding and resources.

Graduate Employability At The University Of Calgary

  • UCalgary graduates have a 94.1% employment rate after graduation with over 90% finding full-time jobs and over 80% of employed grads working in fields related to the discipline.
  • In the area of advanced engineering, over 73% of graduates find employment in industry, with numerous positions available in Alberta and across the globe.
  • In the field of science, over 57% of graduates find employment in industry or continue with post-secondary education or university studies, while 38% pursue post-secondary education in the health sector or practice health care.
  • As per the most recent report, UCalgary maintains its rank at no. 7 nationally among 18 Canadian universities in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022. 
  • The institute also saw increases in four of the five indicator scores, with an impressive jump in the ‘Graduate Employment Rate’ score which increased by 43 per cent compared with the previous year results.

Faculty At The University Of Calgary

The institution is a favored destination for those who want to study in Canada. It boasts having over 30,000 students, 1,800+ academic staff and 14 faculties including the following:

Details about other faculties could be found here.

Campus Life At The University Of Calgary

  • As a public post-secondary institution, the University of Calgary is open for enrollment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • It features a state-of-the-art campus that is home to almost 30,000 students. 
  • This includes the MacKimmie School of Business which is ranked number one in Canada in entrepreneurship by the University of Toronto, as well as numerous state-of-the-art labs.
  • Calgary is known for its low-rise downtown area, with apartment buildings lining the downtown area and the hill communities of the university district. 
  • The town is surrounded by mountain ranges, rural areas and nature trails, and is home to the Calgary Zoo. 
  • The city is a transportation hub, being a gateway to several surrounding mountain towns and cities such as Banff, Canmore, Canmore and Lake Louise.

Application Process For International Students

Most graduate programs require a minimum of 3.0 CGPA, a minimum GRE of >309, an IELTS score of a minimum of 6.5. (and a GMAT of >600 for an MBA degree)

The application process for international students is the same as that for domestic students (mentioned below) with an additional requirement:

  • Gather the required documentation based on your program, followed by references.
  • Create an eId to begin the application.
  • Submit your application by paying $145.
  • As an international student, you will need to provide your immigration status and would need to indicate that you’re on a study permit.

For more information, you can refer here.

Required Documentation

All international students who want to fulfill their wish to study in Canada at University of Calgary need to submit the following documents as part of their application process:

  • Official Transcripts
  • CV
  • Reference letters
  • Study proposal
  • Writing sample (if applicable)
  • Standardized tests
  • Document translation (if your documents are not in English)
  • Program documents

Scholarships & Awards For International Students

International students could explore the following Awards options:

Students fully funded by a third party sponsor, including government funding, are not eligible for University of Calgary awards under the Graduate Award Regulation.

For more awards and scholarships, you can refer here.

Calgary City: Quick Highlights

  • 4th largest city in Canada 
  • 3rd most diverse city in Canada 
  • The most liveable city in North America, 5th worldwide 
  • The youngest population of major cities in Canada
  • #3 educational attainment in Canada
  • Largest urban pathway network in North America
  • Highest concentration of corporate head offices per capita in Canada
  • Home to Canada’s National Music Centre and the internationally renowned Calgary Stampede
  • Most patents per capita in Canada
  • Energy capital of Canada and global finance hub

How Can GradRight Help You Study In Canada?

With Canada reopening more airports to international flights starting today i.e. November 30th, 2021, more and more international students would opt for studying in Canada.

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Now, we can help you tackle another important problem in the international education space; shortlisting and selecting the right university.

Shortlisting the right university for you (probably, it is The University of Calgary) involves looking beyond just rankings.

You need to look at other factors too like the location of the university, course ranking, alumni success rate, graduate employability, tuition fees, living expenses and career opportunities just to name a few. 

And the process might look daunting at first glance.
Well, who are we kidding? It indeed is a daunting task.

But every modern problem requires a modern solution and that’s exactly what GradRight has come up with; SelectRight, a data-driven matchmaking platform that enables you to select, shortlist and apply to the right universities that are best suited for your profile based on your preferences.

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Study In Australia For Indian Students

Study In Australia For Indian Students: Latest Travel Update

Study In Australia For Indian Students: Latest Travel Update

Study In Australia For Indian Students

Study in Australia for Indian students is now finally possible with the arrival of some good news. 

Australia continues to take further steps to safely reopen its borders, with additional changes coming into effect on 1 December. 

As per the official media statement, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that from 1 December 2021, fully vaccinated eligible visa holders can come to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption. He further added that eligible visa holders include skilled and graduates, international students, as well as humanitarian, working holidaymaker and provisional family visa holders.

Under these arrangements, travellers must:

  • Be fully vaccinated with a completed dosage of a vaccine approved or recognized by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
  • Hold a valid visa for one of the eligible visa subclasses.
    Here is the subclass for international students.
  • Provide proof of their vaccination status.
  • Present a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test taken within three days of departure.

Travellers to Australia must comply with the quarantine requirements in the state or territory of their arrival, and any other state or territory to which they plan to travel.

The PM also emphasized that with study in Australia opening up and the return of skilled workers will further cement the economic recovery and support the education sector.

You can read the full official media statement here.

After more than a year and a half, this comes as great news for our Indian students, especially if you’re planning to study in Australia and pursue your higher education. 

However, if you are stuck concerning your finances, we are here to help you get the best education loan possible, thanks to our World’s 1st Education Loan Bidding Platform in FundRight (absolutely FREE of cost service) and our trusted financial advisory.

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Study In Australia: The Latest Border Updates

Study In Australia: The Latest Border Updates

Study In Australia: The Latest Border Updates

If you’re planning to study in Australia or are waiting for Australia to reopen its borders, it might get a bit tricky and confusing. This is because each state and territory have their own plans on how to reopen their borders.

Here are the latest updates:

Western Australia

According to a report from The Guardian, Western Australia will wait until as late as early-February to reopen its interstate borders.

No announcements have been made regarding international students’ return, however.

The states’ premier Mark McGowan did not set a specific reopening date but said controls would be eased once the state achieved 90% vaccination for people aged 12 and above.

A specific reopening date will be locked in once the state achieves 80% vaccination, expected in the first half of December, said the report.

New South Wales

A plan under New South Wales will see about 500 students returning to the state in December.


 A total of 120 students could begin returning to Victoria by the end of 2021 under the first stage of the Victorian Government’s Student Arrivals Plan.

Under the first stage of the plan, a limited number of places will be available each week. These places will be prioritised for students who urgently need to return to Victoria to do practical work.

The second stage of the plan will expand to include more students, including those who are enrolled with other education providers such as TAFEs, English-language colleges, private education providers, other university students and secondary schools.

South Australia

South Australia is expected to welcome fully vaccinated domestic and international arrivals.

This includes international students with no quarantine period once 90% of South Australians aged 12 and above are fully vaccinated. 

It is expected that the 90% target will be reached in late December 2021. 


Queensland announced that international students will return from January 2022.

The Queensland Student Arrivals Plan will follow a phased approach, starting with 250 students per fortnight in Phase 1.

The ACT Government

The ACT government said they will welcome back international tertiary education students for the start of the 2022 academic year. Students need to be fully vaccinated with a TGA recognized vaccine.


Vaccinated interstate and international arrivals can enter Tasmania without quarantining from December 15.

However, no updates have been announced for international students.

The University of Tasmania said they are working closely and actively with the Tasmanian and Australian governments to support the safe return of international students.

The university will contact students directly as soon as there is an opportunity for them to return to Tasmania.

How Can GradRight Help?

After more than a year and a half, this comes as great news, especially if you’re planning to study in Australia and pursue your higher education. 

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Canada To Reopen Airports To International Flights​

Canada To Reopen Airports To International Flights​

Canada To Reopen More Airports To International Flights

Canada to reopen more airports to international flights starting November 30. November 30 is also the same day that passengers and crews would have to prove they’re fully vaccinated if they want to depart from a Canadian airport.

The announcement was made by Transport Minister Omar Alghabra at Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF), one of the eight.

In the official statement, Omar Alghabra said, “Increased vaccination levels have allowed us to safely reopen these additional Canadian airports to international flights. This measure will help ensure travelers are able to access more regional airports for their international travels, while continuing to support the Government’s measured approach to reopening our border.”

Which Canadian Airports Are Currently Accepting International Flights?

The 10 Canadian airports currently accepting international flights include:

  • Halifax Stanfield International
  • Québec City Jean Lesage International
  • Montréal-Trudeau International
  • Ottawa/Macdonald–Cartier International
  • Toronto Pearson International
  • Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre
  • Winnipeg James/Armstrong Richardson International
  • Edmonton International
  • Calgary International
  • Vancouver International

Canada To Reopen More Airports.

Starting November 30, 2021, the following additional Canadian airports will be reopened for international travel:

  • St. John’s International
  • John C. Munro Hamilton International
  • Region of Waterloo International
  • Regina International
  • Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International
  • Kelowna International
  • Abbotsford International
  • Victoria International

Omar Alghabra added that additional airports would be considered as conditions dictate. 

Do you wish to study in Canada?

Canada reopening more of its airports comes in as great news for students. 

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US Student Visa

US Student Visa: The US Government To Give Priority To Student Visa

The US Government To Give Priority To Student Visa

US Student Visa

USA will provide preference to the US student visa(s). This is because the country estimates a heavy rush in the authorization application with the relaxation of travel restraints for vaccinated passengers.

In an official statement, “The appointments for the visa will be made available from November 1. Priority will be given to US student visas,” US Consul General to Kolkata, Melinda Pavek, said on the sidelines of an interactive session with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

At the time of the statement, she further highlighted that the US has already issued 62,000 US student visas to Indians this year. And that with the US presidential proclamation of travel ban coming to an end on November 8, all types of visa applications will become eligible.

Earlier, the US had announced the lifting of travel curbs on India from November 8. These Covid-19 restrictions were first imposed at the beginning of 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic. 

The accounting period for a US visa for various purposes like work, business and studies are between September of a year to August the following year, officials said.

It was also noted that except for a brief period, US student visa and emergency visas were not closed.
From November 8, all types of visas will be given, and a heavy wave of visa applications is expected. And with the spring intake set to start, there could be a big surge in US Student Visa applications. 

Patton International senior official, Preeyam Bhudhia said Indo-US trade would expand by raising the travel limitations.

Bilateral trade between the two countries had already improved by 50 per cent till August. It is expected to reach the pre-COVID level of 2019 in the current year, ICC officials said.

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Quacquarelli Symonds

Quacquarelli Symonds Introduces Environmental Impact Rating

QS Introduces Environmental Impact Rating

Quacquarelli Symonds

The Quacquarelli Symonds (or more popularly known as QS) Stars university rating system rates over 600 universities globally in three criteria – core criteria, specialist criteria and advanced criteria, which includes the new environmental impact rating.

The new category for the QS World University Rankings focuses on environmental impact & will aim to evaluate policy aspects such as sustainable investment, procurement, and donations and funding.

It will also examine individual staff members “dedicated to fostering sustainability or addressing climate change”, as well as the university’s climate action plan.

Operationally, it will finally focus on the consumption of each institution, including their water consumption and carbon footprint.

The decision comes after 94% of prospective international students wanted universities to be environmentally sustainable as per a survey.

As a result of Quacquarelli Symonds’s survey, Gen Z’s worries about climate change led to the institution adding the new rating in the rating system. 

According to the survey, around 76% pointed to climate change as “one of their major societal concerns”, while 37% of the students ranked the highest among other options.

Leigh Kamolins, Head of Evaluation at Quacquarelli Symonds, highlighted the importance of the new parameter for institutions around the world, further adding that universities are pivotal in satisfying social changes like environmental impact, climate change and sustainability.

“QS is committed to shining a light on the work done by universities around the world to embrace sustainability and to address it, from an operational, educational and research perspective”, said Kamolins, in her official statement.

Ben Sowter, Research Director at Quacquarelli Symonds, stated that the parameter had been introduced to the QS Stars Rating system as a response to higher education institutions keen on measuring their environmental impact to an international standard while also meeting the requirements of the millions of students that engage with the institution.

Ben further added that a large number of universities have either already aligned themselves or are in the process of aligning themselves to the Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, criteria, thus satisfying students’ stances on environmental sustainability as well.

Most students across the globe rely on QS World University Rankings to evaluate and shortlist the universities they want to study abroad in. With the addition of environment rating, it adds an additional layer to the ranking system. While this is not a wrong approach to shortlist and select universities, it is important to evaluate different factors and look beyond just rankings.

Shortlisting the right university(s) might seem a bit daunting but it’s also an important step that has the potential to determine your future life. Thankfully, there are ways to make better and informed decisions.

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TOEFL iBT Paper Edition Is Added To ETS’ Product Portfolio

TOEFL iBT Paper Edition Added To ETS' Product Portfolio

To facilitate more options for study abroad aspirants, test provider ETS has announced a new format for TOEFL iBT. The new format, TOEFL iBT Paper Edition, includes two sessions for the test, where test-takers will be able to attempt the test in two different places, i.e. one session in a test centre and the other at their homes.

The executive director of the TOEFL Program, Mr Srikanth Gopal said, “We are excited to offer test takers yet another option for the TOEFL iBT test. It has been a busy few years for the TOEFL Program, but we set out with a customer-focused mindset and a goal to continue creating and enhancing high-quality testing options that serve the needs of students and institutions.”

He additionally added, “We’re eager to support students as they take advantage of the different options in the TOEFL portfolio of tests as part of their study-abroad journeys.”

The testing provider added its TOEFL Home Edition to its permanent product portfolio during the global health pandemic, while also introducing early performance indicators for its TOEFL iBT.

Additionally, ETS revealed an “accessible, affordable” Essentials test earlier in 2021.

The TOEFL iBT Paper Edition offering furthers the goal of serving the needs of students and institutions with new options.

As per the announcement, a new TOEFL iBT Paper Edition will be introduced, where four skills of the candidate will be evaluated over two sessions.

One session will be in the allocated centre and the other at the candidate’s home. 

ETS further announced that the new offers will only be offered in India, Mexico, Colombia and US and will be offered at the same price point as the other formats in each location.

As per ETS, TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test-takers will first be asked to attempt the reading, listening and writing sections at the allocated test centres, subsequently attempting the speaking sections at their homes, within the next three days.

ETS further added that the new format of the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test will be accepted in the same manner as the other tests, trusted by over 11,000 universities and institutions across 160 countries. 

However, ETS has advised students to confirm the same with their prospective schools, colleges and universities.

The next step after giving your TOEFL iBT Paper Edition exam is to shortlist your university.

Shortlisting the right university(s) might seem a bit daunting but it’s also an important step that has the potential to determine your future life. Thankfully, there are ways to make better and informed decisions.

To tackle this problem, GradRight is about to launch another product called SelectRight, an AI-based data-driven platform that enables you to select, shortlist and apply to the right universities that are best suited for you.

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