Best GRE Prep Resources You Should Know About in 2020

Taking the Graduate Record Examination or GRE test is an expensive affair in itself and enrolling in dedicated in-person coaching for it could cost you a fortune. Luckily there is a multitude of free and relatively inexpensive GRE prep material available online, which can thoroughly prepare you for test day

The Official Guide to the GRE General Test

Widely hailed as the most authoritative source on the GRE ‘by the people who made the test’, ETS’ official guide is a worthwhile investment to make towards your GRE test preparation. The books serves as a great place to start for those who’ve got their fundamentals right and can help reinforce concepts effectively. While it is overall, a comprehensive guide, the real strengths of this book lie in the verbal and writing sections. Anyone who isn’t comfortable with the Verbal/AWA sections is advised to take it up.

Website: The Official Guide to the GRE General Test


Manhattan Prep

If you have a significant amount of time in your hands (read: more than 4 months), Manhattan Prep is your one-stop shop for all your GRE related needs. Lauded for being thorough and comprehensive in its approach, their resources cover every nook and cranny in the GRE prep journey. It offers personalized instructor-led and self-guided prep options and is highly recommended if you’re seeking to maximize your score in the first attempt.

Website: Manhattan Prep 

McGraw-Hill Education GRE Practice Test

On their website, McGraw-Hill Education offers a complete online GRE practice test with explanations for every question. You’ll also find problem-solving videos and other GRE preparation resources available from McGraw-Hill. Along with the test, free access to a GRE video is also provided.

Website: McGraw-Hill Education GRE Practice Test 


Maghoosh GRE Test Prep Book

Maghoosh’s GRE Test e-books are free, handy preparation resources which provide overviews of each section (Quantitative, Verbal, Writing), recommended strategies, practice questions, and explanations for commonly tested concepts and question types. Moreover, it also comes with its own set of resources which you can check out.

Website: Maghoosh GRE Test Prep Book 

The Economist GRE Tutor

Most students don’t know about The Economist’s GRE offering because it is very new to the market. But it’s a solid package which comes with all you’ll need to prepare well for test day and score high. At 173 dollars for three months, the cost can seem prohibitive, but the service comes with a 5+ point improvement guarantee. If you’re still unsure about paying for the service, you can still get complete access to the platform for a week, including a full length GRE test. Also, their website has a comprehensive GRE guide and extremely informative Advice section, which are free to use. 

Website: The Economist GRE Tutor


Khan Academy

Khan Academy doesn’t specifically offer a GRE course, but it has videos on almost all the subjects covered in the test. That is why the ETS recommends Khan Academy as a valuable source of free resources that may be helpful to test-takers.

Website: Khan Academy 


Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

As far as preparing for the GRE Verbal section goes, this book is a must have. A simple, step-by-step guide to improve your English vocabulary and knowledge, this book does more than just improve your vocabulary; it teaches ideas and a method of broadening knowledge as an integral part of your vocabulary building process. Incorporating this book’s exercises into your daily prep regimen can help you beat the verbal section breaking a sweat. At Rs. 133, this book is quite a bargain!

Buy Here: Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis 


The internet is a very large place and there’s a ton of great GRE preparation resources you can find. These resources can meet all your needs to prepare comprehensively for the test. However, you can still pursue other resources to continue practicing and enhancing your chances of obtaining a high score.

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