Campus events during MS in Taxation and Accountancy: What to expect?

Why would you spend all your time in the classroom when real-life learning happens outside?

Campus Events at Top MS in Accountancy and Taxation universities in the USA

Why it matters? 

The biggest mistake international students can make is thinking that their MS Accountancy and Taxation program is restricted to classrooms.

Top universities in the US, organize campus events. Through them, you can learn, network and find jobs.

Don’t have time to read all that?

Here’s the main idea.

We have listed the top 5 MS in Accountancy and Taxation campus events:

  1. MS in Accountancy and Taxation Job Fairs
  2. Colloquiums
  3. Business conferences 
  4. Short-term funding conference
  5. Meet the Firms

And with each event, we have listed one example from a top university.

Here’s what we’ll cover.

  • MS in Accountancy and Taxation Job Fairs
  • Colloquiums and how you can make the most of them
  • Business conferences
  • Short-term funding conference
  • Meet the Firm events
  • What you can go for even better results in these events

1. MS Accounting Job Fairs

How will I find a job after an MS in Accountancy and Taxation? This is the most common question that international students ask.

MS Accounting Job Fairs


One option is job fairs. Here’s an example, the Gies Business Fair conducted by the University of Illinois.

Why should you be excited about job fairs?

  1. Job fairs connect you with employers in one place.
  2. You can learn about job opportunities and internships.
  3. It’s a chance to network and showcase your skills to potential employers.
  4. Job fairs offer on-the-spot interviews and job offers for qualified candidates.
  5. Attending job fairs helps you gather information about companies and industry trends.

Here’s how you can maximize your experience.

  1. Research participating companies.
  2. Prepare a compelling elevator pitch.
  3. Dress professionally.
  4. Bring multiple copies of your resume.
  5. Follow up with employers after the event.

2. Accountancy and Taxation colloquiums

Colloquiums are academic gatherings. You can network and learn about new topics.  

One such example is NYU School of Law’s Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance.

Accountancy and Taxation colloquiums


Why should you be excited about colloquiums?

  1. ​​You get to learn from experts in the field of accountancy and taxation.
  2. They offer insights into current trends, research, and best practices in the industry.
  3. You can gain a deeper understanding of complex accounting and taxation concepts through interactive discussions.
  4. Colloquiums promote critical thinking and analytical skills by examining real-world case studies.
  5. They encourage networking with professionals and fellow students who share similar interests.

Here’s how you can maximize your experience.

  1. Prepare by researching the agenda and speakers beforehand.
  2. Actively participate in discussions and share your insights.
  3. Network with peers and professionals for future opportunities.
  4. Take notes during the colloquium and reflect on what you’ve learned.
  5. Follow up with thank-you emails and stay connected with contacts.

3. Accounting Business Conferences 

Again a great event to learn and network.

One such conference example is the Business Conferences at Miami Herbert Business School,

Accounting Business Conferences


Why should you be excited about conferences?

  1. Attendees, like you, can join experts, professionals, and students in the field. They share knowledge and insights.
  2. These conferences aim to help you learn, network, and stay updated. They cover the latest industry trends and developments.
  3. You can participate in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops. These activities enhance your understanding of accounting and taxation practices.
  4. The conferences provide networking opportunities. You can connect with industry professionals, potential employers, and like-minded peers.
  5. The overall goal is to encourage collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional growth. They focus on the field of accountancy and taxation.

Here’s how you can maximize your experience. 

  1. Engage actively: Participate and share insights.
  2. Network strategically: Connect and follow up.
  3. Attend relevant sessions: Choose wisely.
  4. Prepare and take notes.
  5. Follow up and stay connected.

4. Short-Term Funding Markets Conference

At such events, you’ll see how short-term funding markets work. And learn a lot about the global financial system.

One such example is the Federal Reserve Short-Term Funding Markets Conference at the University of Maryland.

Short-Term Funding Markets Conference


Why should you be excited about conferences?

  1. Short-term funding markets conferences focus on financial markets for short-term borrowing and lending.
  2. The purpose is to study and discuss various aspects of these markets.
  3. You can gain insights into money markets, commercial paper, repos, and other short-term financing instruments.
  4. Experts, researchers, practitioners, and students share their knowledge, research findings, and experiences at these conferences.
  5. The goal is to enhance understanding and decision-making in short-term funding markets for accountancy and taxation.

Here’s how you can maximize your experience.

  1. Engage actively: Participate, ask questions, and share insights.
  2. Network strategically: Connect with professionals and expand your circle.
  3. Attend relevant sessions: Choose sessions aligned with your interests.
  4. Prepare and take notes: Come prepared with questions and jot down key points.
  5. Follow up and stay connected: Connect with new contacts and nurture relationships.

5. Meet the Firms events for MS Accountancy students

Meet companies that hire graduates like you. 

One example of such an event is AIS Semi-Annual Meet the Firms at Florida State University.

Meet the Firms events for MS Accountancy students


Why should you be excited about such events?

  1. These events connect you with potential employers from accounting firms and organizations.
  2. You can interact with professionals, recruiters, and representatives from different firms.
  3. You can explore various career paths, learn about different firms, and gain insights into the industry.
  4. You can gather information about internships, job openings, and firm cultures.
  5. You can submit your resume and engage in conversations to make a positive impression.

Here’s how you can maximize your experience.

  1. Research firms beforehand.
  2. Dress professionally.
  3. Prepare an elevator pitch.
  4. Network strategically.
  5. Be proactive and engaged.

For even better results in MS in accounting and taxation events…

  1. Thoroughly research participating companies, firms, or speakers before the event.
  2. Actively engage in conversations and discussions, sharing insights and networking strategically.
  3. Dress professionally and bring multiple copies of your resume or portfolio.
  4. Follow up with potential employers or contacts after the event.
  5. Prepare a compelling elevator pitch and demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the industry.

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