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Top 5 Universities in Vancouver With Latest Ranking

Top 5 Universities in Vancouver With Latest Ranking

➡️Excellent academic opportunities

➡️High-ranking city in terms of desirability and students

➡️Commitment to a green and sustainable future

➡️Programs offered in conjunction with theoretical as well as practical knowledge

➡️Hub of the innovative tech industry

➡️Diverse population

➡️Free public transport and universal health care

These are some of the top reasons why thousands of international students like you aspire to study in Vancouver.

Keeping all these factors in mind, here’s a carefully-curated list of the best universities in Vancouver for Indian students.

1. University of British Columbia

At the top of the list – the University of British Columbia.

From the Center for Interactive Research in Sustainability to the Botanical Garden to the Museum of Anthropology. UCB is home to many such unique facilities.

Stretched over a land of 400 acres, this is the alma mater of notable people like Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, and Evangeline Lily, an actor.

Here’s more detail on UBC.

University of British Columbia: At A Glance

Year of Establishment


Type of Institute

Public Institution

Student-faculty Ratio



Vancouver Campus and Okanagan Campus

Percentage of International Students

23% at the Vancouver Campus

13% at the Okanagan Campus



QS World University Ranking 2022



1200-1874 E. Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4 Canada

Official Website


University of British Columbia Rankings Its global rankings Vancouver’ list. are one of the reasons for UBC being at the top of our ‘Best Universities in vancouver list.


Ranking Organization

Ranking Category

Latest Ranks

QS World Rankings

QS World University Rankings 2022

46 (Globally)

3 (in Canada)

US News

US News Best Global University

35 (Globally)

2 (in Canada)

THE Rankings

THE World University Rankings

37 (Globally)

2 (in Canada)

THE Global University Employability Ranking

36 (Globally)

2 (in Canada)

THE World Reputation Rankings

35 (Globally)

2 (in Canada)

THE World’s Most International Universities

20 (Globally)

1 (in Canada)

THE World University Impact Rankings

13 (Globally)

2 (in Canada)

THE Top Universities for a Digital Education

144 (Globally)

3 (in Canada)

Popular Programs at the University of British Columbia

Again, based on their rankings, here are the popular programs at UBC that you can check out. Thanks to their global rankings, you can be rest assured of the quality of education offered.


Ranking Category

Latest Ranks (Global)

Agricultural Science & Forestry

ARWU by subject – Academic Ranking of World Universities – ShanghaiRanking


URAP University Ranking by Academic Performance – By Subject


NTU By Subject


QS World University Rankings By Subject


Sports-Related Subjects

QS World University Rankings By Subject


Medicine & Health

QS World University Rankings By Subject (Anatomy & Physiology)



QS World University Rankings By Subject (Dentistry)



QS World University Rankings By Subject (Medicine)



QS World University Rankings By Subject (Nursing)27


2. University Canada West

This technology-oriented and innovative business school is yet another promising institute in our list of ‘best colleges in Vancouver’. Known for its connections to the business community, UCW has students from 52 different nationalities, creating a culturally diverse environment for students.

University Canada West: At A Glance

Year of Establishment


Type of Institute


Average Class Size

25 (May Vary)


Vancouver House Campus and West Pender Campus

Graduate Employment

100% Within 6 Months


EAQ, BCCAT, ACBSP, EduCanada, AACSB, etc

Top Recruiters

Siemens, EmpowerID, Scotiabank, Oakville Trading, Sigamlux, Apple, SAP, Telus, etc.

University Canada West Rankings

Check out the latest rankings for UCW.




QS Stars

Overall/ Employability/ Teaching/ Academic

5 Stars


4 Stars

StuDocu World University Ranking

StuDocu World University Ranking – US
& Canada

230 (Globally)

27 (in Canada)

Webometrics Ranking

Webometrics Ranking – Web of Universities

9117 (Globally)

83 (in Canada)

3.Emily carr University of art and Design

Commonly abbreviated as ECUAD, this public university is the best fit for you if you inspiring and modern architecture. To get its students’ creative juice flowing, the university even has a skatepark. Other than that, it offers –
  • fully-equipped study areas;
  • an Interdisciplinary environment;
  • internships, and exchange programs with 75 Art & Design schools across the globe;
  • a diverse environment with international students from 50 different countries.

ECUAD: At A Glance

Year of Establishment 1925
Institute Type Public University
Campus 1
Total Program Offered UG – 11 PG – 4
Top Specializations Arts & Humanities Illustrations, Critical and Cultural Practices, Photography, Industrial Design, Visual Arts, and Interaction Design
  Social Sciences & Management 2D and 3D Animation, Film & Screen Arts, Communication Design, and News Media & Sound Arts

ECUAD Rankings

Other than the QS Ranking (By Subject) of ECUAD for the last 7 years, here are some latest rankings vouching for its excellence in the field of Arts & Design.
Ranking Organization Ranking Category Latest Ranks
QS World Ranking QS World University Rankings By Subject 30 (Globally) 1 (in Canada)
Webometrics Ranking Webometrics Ranking – Web of Universities 6649 (Globally) 75 (in Canada)

4. Simon Fraser University

With the tagline of “Canada’s engaged university”, SFU partners with organizations and communities  to share, create and embrace the knowledge that generates real change in the life of a student. It has over 3,100 international research partnerships with 128 countries. Through these contacts, SFU stimulates innovative and entrepreneurial spirits in its students.
Simon Fraser University: An Overview


of Establishment



Burnaby Campus, Surrey Campus, and
Vancouver Campus

Subjects Offered

Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences,
Engineering & Technology, Life Sciences & Medicine, etc.

Student Strength

UG Students – 30,000

Graduate Students – 5,700

of International Students


to Males Student Ratio


of Students Per Staff Member


Simon Fraser University Rankings


Other than the
overall THE ranking shown in the image, here are some latest rankings of Simon
Fraser University.





QS World Ranking

QS World University Rankings


QS WUR By Subject


Graduate Employability Ranking


THE Ranking

World University Ranking


Impact Rankings


Young University Rankings


5. Capilano University

Offering hundreds
of courses in areas ranging from animation to liberal studies, Capilano
University has exceptional athletic programs. Over the course of its 54+ years
of existence, the university has graduated many notable alumni.

         This teaching-focused public university is accredited by NWCCU (Northwest Commission

on Colleges and Universities). The university, commonly known as CapU, offers
financial aid to international students through the following scholarship

  • Capilano Excellence Scholarship(CAPX)
  •  International Student Entrance Awar
  •   Athletic Entrance Award
  •    CapU Graduate Program Entrance Award
  •  Award


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Capilano University: At A Glance


Year of Establishment



CapU Main Campus, CapU Lonsdale, and Sunshine Coast Campus

No. of Students Per Faculty Member


No. of International Students


No. of Students Enrolled Each Year

Approximately 12,700

Popular Courses

Performing Arts, Visual Communication, Childhood Education, Business Administration, Music Therapy, Liberal Studies, etc.

Notable Alumni

Elicia MacKenzie (Actor),

Charles Van Sandwyk (Writer),

Godfrey Gao (Model and Actor),

Steve Rolston (Comic Book Writer),

Camilla d’Errico (Comic Book Illustrator),

Tobin Frank (Famous Musician), etc.


Want some more suggestions on top universities to study abroad?


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     MBA in Canada for Indian Students


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Why is the University of Pennsylvania considered one of the top universities in the USA?

Why is the University of Pennsylvania considered one of the top universities in the USA?

Ratings may mislead, but they can’t be wrong all the time.


University of Pennsylvania Rankings: National Rankings

• QS US University Rankings, 2021: #10. th
• US News Rankings, 2022: #8 th
• THE US College Rankings, 2022: #12th.
• CWUR National Ranking, 2020-21: #6th

If you are planning to do your Master’s in the USA, you must have considered the University of Pennsylvania at least once.

In this article, we have highlighted what makes the University of Pennsylvania such a great place to study and how you can choose a university that is the best for you.

1. Enviable rankings from different boards

The first thing you might check while looking for a university to study abroad is the rankings. Rankings are numbers, hence quantifiable. This eases the process of deciding on a college.

The University of Pennsylvania is ranked well. Take a look

Ranking Organization

Rank (in 2022)

QS World University Rankings


US News and World Report


Academic Ranking of World Universities


Times Higher Education World University Rankings


2. Notable Alumni Who Have Changed The World

The University of Pennsylvania has fostered some of the brightest minds in the world. The level of achievements of the graduates of UPenn has put it into a class of its own. Here are some of the notable alumni and some of their contributions.

Elon Mask

One of the widely recognized inventors of this century. He is known for Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, The Boring Company, and more. He has a degree in economics from Wharton School and another one in physics from UPenn.

Anil Ambani

A well-known figure in the world and known as the chairman of the Reliance Group, Anil Ambani holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). The billionaire is a proud graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Sundar Pichai

The Indian origin CEO of Google has quickly become a household name after his contributions to the valley. He, like Anil Ambani, has an MBA from the Wharton School, UPenn. Sundar became the CEO of Google in 2015, 11 years after he joined the company as the Head of Product Management.

Donald Trump

Most people remember Donald Trump as the controversial businessman who became the 45th president of the US. He started at Fordham University but dropped out after two years to go to the University of Pennsylvania. “I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best,” Trump said in his book, “The Art of The Deal”. He graduated in 1968.

Aditya Mittal

The CEO of a multinational steel manufacturing corporation holds a degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He was ranked 4th in Forbes’ “40 under 40” list in 2009. The presence of stellar alumni helps the aspiring students of that college to push their limits. It also shows the quality of education and environment Indian students can look forward to.

3. Average Salaries Of Graduates

One of the lucrative reasons for studying abroad is the higher earning potential for Indian students. Graduates from the University of Pennsylvania have an edge in that area as well. Here are the average salaries of graduates in some fields.
Name of the Master’s degree Average salary
Finance and Financial Management Services $183,600
Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods $181,500
Business Administration, Management and Operations $165,700
Marketing $134,000
Mechanical Engineering $73,800

Of course, these are the average numbers, which means the highest salaries for these branches are even more. This is a very promising sign for students who take an education loan for studying abroad.


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Is the University of Pennsylvania right for you?

Although the University of Pennsylvania could be a great choice for you, you still need to have multiple options. One of the many reasons is UPenn has an acceptance of 9%.


Having multiple options puts you in an advantageous position because you will be the one making the choice.

Here is how SelectRight will help you choose the right college.

1. Get personalized college recommendations

After you create a profile, we will ask you a few questions that will help us understand you better. Things like your field of choice, how many years of work experience you have, etc. We have over 500 universities in our database that we analyze on 100+ parameters. With the information you have provided about yourself, we will be able to give you personalized college recommendations that are perfect for you. We will send personalized college recommendations directly to your inbox. We implement data analysis by comparing your profile with the existing ones in our database and send you the list of colleges that will be the best for your career.

2. Save time in your college hunting process

College rankings and quality, budget, and academic records are some of the many things that you will have to keep in mind while hunting for a college to do Master’s. That often leads you to read blog articles, watch videos, scour through websites of different colleges and universities, and take part in forum discussions. SelectRight will send you college recommendations directly to your inbox. We have a simple five-step process for college hunting. Create your SELECT account and answer a few questions. We will take care of the rest for you.

3. Choose the right college

While looking for colleges, you will have to go through a ton of blog posts, videos, and forum discussions. Even with all of that investment, the chances you will land the right college are still low.


Your attention is limited. No matter how focused or organized your research methodology is, you cannot focus on all the parameters, let alone remember them.

Another reason is a lot of information there is doctored. The truth is every student and their needs are different. There is no one-size-fits-all. However, agencies and private colleges create sponsored content that might trick you into choosing the wrong college.

Our in-house experts will give unbiased advice to you.

We will only reveal the details that will help them recommend good colleges. The rest of your data will be private.

4. Ask all your doubts

While going abroad to study, you might have a lot of burning questions. Some of it might be related to your place of stay, others might be related to your college. More often than not, students don’t get actionable answers for either of those.

We have a Discord server, where we constantly answer all the questions of aspiring students.

We will connect you with alumni and students who have been in your shoes and they will answer all your questions.

5. Interact with your future alma mater

To give you an extra edge, we have gone the extra mile to deliver you the opportunity that not a lot of students get.


SelectRight hosts exclusive Q&A with universities worldwide.


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Looking to Study Abroad? Here’s How to Find the Best Universities in the World

Looking to Study Abroad? Here's How to Find the Best Universities in the World

Even students who study in the best universities in the world can, and often do, regret their choice of university or college. We’re not talking through our hats here: The Student Room, which is the world’s largest online student community, has published research that tells us that one in every five students would not choose their current university if given another choice. It’s a saying you hear often: “nothing is worse than regret”, and this particularly applies to students. Some people may choose the wrong degrees or courses and others may choose the wrong university or college. So many students desperately want to go to an Ivy League College or to attend one of the Russell Group Universities but allow us to tell you a secret: it’s all in the marketing. Are we saying that Oxford and Harvard are overhyped? Of course not. They’re fantastic universities, among the best in the whole wide world. But the reason they are so well-known is that they are marketed very well. These institutions have huge marketing budgets and also host massive student outreach programs to further increase their applications. study abroad

Ivies Are Not The Only Option

However, there are so many other options that prospective students fail to consider for various reasons such as: 1. Smaller universities not being in the public limelight. 2. Lesser-known universities do not have that “prestige” factor. 3. They think that they cannot afford the smaller schools because they have a lower student aid budget. Finding the university that makes you happy and also figuring out how to fund your journey are the two major aspects of higher education — and GradRight helps you out with both those things, comprehensively. Use our SelectRight tool to help you select the best-fit university for you, with personalized recommendations. It is an enhanced, artificial-intelligence supported service that helps the student in the selection process when they are choosing their university. Believe us when we say that your choice of university will clearly have an impact on the rest of your life, so it is imperative that you choose wisely. Best Universities in the World

The Basics: Factors to consider when choosing a university

With a few exceptions, the best universities are located in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Here are the pointers that you should keep in mind when choosing a university, because it is a lifelong investment, and there is a lot more to it than the name on the degree certificate. 1. The ranking isn’t always indicative of the quality of education. Though university rankings are generally decent indicators of a university’s prowess, there are a lot of internal politics on those lists. A good rule of thumb is to treat the lower spectrum of those lists equally: there’s not much difference between a 60th and a 100th ranked institution. 2. Check out what sports and societies the University has on offer. While most universities will have a huge library of activities and sports for their pupils to enjoy, there may not be something for you to do. All work and no play makes Jack a dull child, so it is important that there is a proactive outlet for you while at school. 3. Take a long look at student accommodation. Chances are high that if you’re going to university, you’ll be living away from your family, possibly for the first time. Don’t worry about your roommates either — it takes about two days to become lifelong friends with your flatmates in the shared kitchen. Now that we’ve figured out how to shortlist prospective universities and colleges, it’s time to go into a bit more detail about how to determine whether your chosen schools will be a good fit for you.

Find The Best Universities In The World

Now that we’ve told you that rankings do not really matter as much as some people would have you believe, let’s learn about the things that set the Ivy League, Russell Group, and similar universities apart. Universities like Cambridge, Oxford, The University of Tokyo, MIT, Stanford, and Harvard often find themselves featured on the “Top Ten” lists of various independent review organizations. Here are the features that ensure that they keep their spots on those lists. Your chosen university needs to have the following three points, and if it does, then rest assured that it is a good place to invest your time and money in. 1. A significant concentration of talented professors and students alike. All universities that are worth their salt are focussed on their primary mission of imparting education. As such, these universities will focus on admitting students to their colleges without considering national borders. This practice allows those universities to consider new ideas, approaches and learning styles. This practice also extends to their staff: good universities often have a good percentage of overseas faculty. 2. The right “aesthetic”. Choosing a university for yourself is, at the grassroots level, an extremely personal choice and is often rather subjective and relative to the chooser. This is why it is imperative that any prospective student chooses the place where he or she will be the most comfortable. After all, you will be spending three to five years of your life there, which is why it is of utmost importance that the university be to the prospective students’ liking. A good way to figure this part out is to attend the university’s student outreach programmes or university fairs. All universities worth their salt have these fairs, and they are a great way to see for yourself what student life at these universities is like, and judge for yourself if you’ll actually enjoy life there. 3. The amenities that the college has to offer. It’s almost never the same in real life or in practice as it is on paper, so you be the judge. If a particular college in a university appeals to you, ensure that it has at least a few amenities other than the standard library, pool, and acreage. Course-specific amenities that a good university could offer include internships (virtual or physical) with field-relevant companies, placements, recruitment fairs, sports scholarships, and a strong extracurricular and co-curricular programme, as mentioned earlier. To clarify, because these two terms often confuse people, “extracurricular” references things like debate societies, sports clubs, and other activities that are unrelated to your academic track record at school. Co-curricular are out of the classroom activities that still pertain to your course load. A good university will have a healthy mix of both extracurricular and co-curricular activities. However, these were only the three main (and very broad) guidelines on how a candidate should select their university. Those three pointers are more of a “how to think” guide than a “pick this” direction. Choosing a university is a very personal matter, which is why it needs to be a personalized process, which is exactly what SelectRight gives you.

Seven Reasons To Choose SelectRight

1. First and foremost, SelectRight is 100% unbiased and opinionated, unlike the agents and career “counselors” who have tie-ups with loan providers and similar ventures, who will push you to the college that is best for their bottom line, not your success. 2. Whether you are a STEM student, CS scholar, or MBA aspirant, SelectRight will have something for you. SelectRight analyzes over 6 million data points from more than 10,000 college programs across disciplines, with more being added everyday. 3. New colleges and universities are being added to SelectRight every single day, but if the program that was of interest to you wasn’t listed, you could always contact GradRight support and request that the course or program be added. 4. SelectRight is a comprehensive list of fundable, realistic programs at good universities that the applicant is suited for. 5. SelectRight also does something unique: it taps into the alumni networks of the courses and colleges that it suggests. This allows participants in SelectRight programs to get real, first-person, actionable advice from people who have lived in the college and in the area, who will give practical suggestions. 6. SelectRight also offers expert-level guidance and advice on your application to the suggested colleges, every step of the way and doesn’t leave you hanging with a “apply here” list of schools. 7. Aside from the above, if you have any other queries, SelectRight’s support team is always on hand to help out with any issues.

Things To Remember

Here are a couple of points that every prospective college-goer should bear in mind when choosing a college.

1. The university staff roster does not need to have multiple nobel prize nominees, proper experience (both in teaching and their fields is more than enough).

2. Going to college is an achievement in and of itself. Only about 40% of high school graduates even enroll in college, and even fewer actually go, and even further lesser graduate, which is why going to any institute of higher learning is a pretty big deal.

3. It isn’t necessary to go to one of the ivy leagues or Russell Group or otherwise these cream-of-the-crop universities. They are good, no doubt, but most of their “hype” is just marketing.

4. There are so many other options out there that people don’t consider — you never know, you may fall in love with a smaller state university. The key is to keep an open mind.

And with that, allow us to wish you the very best of luck in your quest to find a good school for yourself, and hope you have a wonderful college life.

College Finder

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4 Top Universities in Toronto — a Complete Guide

4 Top Universities in Toronto — a Complete Guide

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) confirmed that 156,171 Indian students received study permits to study in Canada in 2022. The number has almost doubled from 76,149 students in 2020. A large section of these students prefers the top universities in Toronto. Why the demand to study in colleges in Toronto, Canada? Three principal reasons: 1. Toronto houses 3 of the top 500 universities in the World. The universities are the University of Toronto (QS World University Ranking 26), the Ontario College of Art and Design University (QS World University Ranking 101-150), and York University (QS World University Ranking 494). 2. The Canadian government allows International students to work up to 20 hours each week to support their studies. 3. The Economist rated Toronto as the 4th best livable city in the world.

However, how to choose a college that suits your needs? Sifting through the random (or often worse, misinformed) articles out on the internet or listening to your uncle’s biased advice can make you overwhelmed.

That’s what this article will help you with. In the next five minutes, this guide will shed light on:

● The 4 top universities in Toronto
● Information on courses, acceptance rates, tuition fees, and ranking of each university
● An FAQ section

However, you might stillbe confused after reading this article. That’s when you’ll need AI by your side. That’s when you’ll need SelectRight.

More on SelectRight later. Back to the top universities in Toronto for now.

Note: the information is true at the time of writing. That’s May 2022.

4 top universities in Toronto


1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto — founded in 1827 — ranked first in Canada in all 5 of the broad subject categories evaluated in the QS World University Rankings by subject 2022.

You’ll need a TOEFL score of 100+22 on writing and an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band below 6.0 to get admission into the university.

Course information

The university offers 175 postgraduate, over 200 graduate, and 700 undergraduate programs. The most popular courses among them include:

● Applied Science and Engineering
● Medical Radiation Sciences
● Kinesiology and Physical Education
● International Foundation Program
● Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture, and Design

24,691 international students enrolled in the university in Fall 2020-21. The number includes 1,720 Indian students.

Furthermore, the university offers 15,029 Faculty members; thereby making the Faculty-student ratio 69.4.

Acceptance rate

The University of Toronto has a 43% acceptance rate.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees depend on the specific program you undertake. However, expect to pay up to $60,440 for undergraduate programs as an international student. Furthermore, the number shoots up to $67,160 for postgraduate programs.


The University of Toronto boasts of a QS World University Ranking of 26.

2. Ryerson University

Ryerson University — currently known as Toronto Metropolitan University — is one of the top colleges in Toronto, Canada. The university’s notable alumni include data analyst Joanna Kader, actress Nina Dobrev, and actress Shay Mitchell.

You must score at least 80 in TOEFL and 6.5 in IELTS to get admission into the university.

Top Universities in Toronto

Course information

The university offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. Some of the popular courses include:

● Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics
● Master of Engineering in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
● Master of Science in Computer Science
● Media Production
● Engineering and Architectural Sciences

45,000 students study at the university representing over 146 countries; thereby making the university one of the top universities in Toronto.

Furthermore, the university has 910 full-time faculties. The number leads to a faculty-student ratio of 28.

Acceptance rate

Ryerson University has an acceptance rate of 25%.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees vary based on your chosen program. However, expect to pay up to $38,457 for undergraduate programs as an international student. Furthermore, expect to pay up to $25,000 for graduate programs.


The QS World University Ranking ranked Ryerson University between 801 and 1,000.

3. York University

One of the best universities in Toronto for international students, York University is also the second-largest university in Ontario. The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings placed the university in the 33rd position for meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals.

You must score at least 83 in TOEFL and at least 6.5 in IELTS to get admission into the university.

Course information

The university offers 296 undergraduate programs and 177 postgraduate programs. The most popular courses include:

● Science
● Fine Arts
● Business
● Law

Over 5,000 international students study at the university at both graduate and undergraduate levels representing more than 178 countries.

Furthermore, the university offers 28 research centres and 11 faculties including:

● School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design
● Lassonde School of Engineering
● Schulich School of Business
● Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
● Glendon College

Acceptance rate

York University has a 27% acceptance rate.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees depend upon the program you choose. However, expect to pay up to $37,345.

Furthermore, expect to pay up to $34,000 for other related expenses including textbooks, accommodation, meal plans, health and dental care, and personal expenses.


York University boasts of a QS World University Ranking of 494.

4. Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD+) University

The OCAD University is one of the top colleges in Toronto, Canada if you want to pursue Arts. Founded in 1876, the university is the largest and oldest art and design university in Canada as well.

You must score at least 84 in TOEFL (At least 20 in Reading, at least 20 in Writing, at least 19 in Listening, and at least 22 in Speaking) and at least 6.5 overall in IELTS with no part below 6.0.

Course information

The university offers 17 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs. Some of the most popular courses include:

● Drawing and painting
● Graphics Design
● Industrial Design
● Environmental Design
● Photography

4,423 undergraduate and 219 graduate students currently study at the university of which 996 are international students; thereby making the percentage 21%. The international students represent more than 50 countries.

Acceptance rate

The Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University has an acceptance rate between 40% to 50%.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees vary depending on the program you choose. However, expect to pay up to $32,432 as an international student.


The QS World University Ranking ranked the OCAD university between 101 and 150.


1. How many universities are there in Toronto?

Toronto houses 4 publicly-funded universities.

2. What’s the acceptance rate of top colleges in Toronto, Canada?

The acceptance rate varies among top colleges in Toronto, Canada.

For example, the University of Toronto has a 43% acceptance rate while York University has a 27% acceptance rate.

3. Can you work part-time along with your studies?

Yes. The Canadian government allows international students to work up to 20 hours each week alongside their studies.

4. What’s the cost of education in Toronto?

The cost varies depending upon your university, your lifestyle, and the mode of transportation you must take.

However, expect to pay up to CAD 42,000 for tuition fees, up to CAD 750 a month for accommodation, and up to CAD 100 each month for transportation.

Note: the numbers are indicative and can vary in real-life scenarios.

5. What are the top universities in Toronto for international students?

Some of the top universities in Toronto are:

● University of Toronto
● York University
● Ryerson University

6. What kind of language skills will I need to get admission into universities in Toronto?

TOEFL and IELTS scores. The minimum marks you need vary for each university.

7. Are there any additional requirements international students must fulfill to get admission to universities in Toronto?

International students must submit a personal statement about why they think they’re fit to get admission to their chosen university and an essay. The students must submit documents that prove their work experience if they claim to have any.

Furthermore, reference letters and extracurricular activity certificates can add to the application as well.

8. Are there any scholarships available for Indian students to study in Canada?

You can check out this article to know about the available scholarships for Indian students who wish to study in Canada.

Top universities in Toronto — SelectRight is the ‘right’ way to choose

The article shares all the essential information you need to know about the 10 top universities in Toronto. However, you want more than one article and biased advice from your uncle. You can have it; with SelectRight.

On SelectRight, we offer:

● AI-based tools to recommend colleges based upon analyzing 6 million data points across more than 10,000 STEM, MBA, and CS programs.
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● Current and relevant advice from present students and alumni of your chosen college.

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Business-related MS vs MBA in the USA: The Better Option After The Pandemic

Business-related MS vs MBA in the USA: The Better Option After The Pandemic

For the students who want to walk into the management world, it is a huge question.

“Which one is the better option for me?”

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone.

The aspiring Indian students who wanted to do their MS or MBA in the USA were no different.

Let’s start by understanding the impact of COVID-19 on students who wanted to do their MBA or MS in the USA.

Impact Of The Pandemic On MS And MBA

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unpredictable time for everyone around the globe. Due to unavoidable circumstances, a lot of surprising trends became the norm.

Number of Applications For MS And MBA

In the early pandemic days, there were more students applying for MBA in the US. The same trend was also observed in the number of applications for business MS degrees in the US.

According to a report by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 67% of college branches reported an increase. That is every two colleges out of three.

The number of applications received for business master’s was relatively higher, but still closely comparable, to MBA.

Decreased Acceptance Rates Of Universities

Multiple universities, especially the premier ones were forced to decrease their acceptance rates for 2021. Take a look at the comparison table below.

The obvious reason was the pandemic. As the safety of a lot of individuals, students and teachers alike was on the line, the number of students getting the nod decreased. However, there was another reason, an increased number of applications. There was a spike in median acceptance rates.

● For MBA in the USA:

○ 70% programs reported an increase in applications ○ Median acceptance rate increased from 74% to 76%

● For business master’s in the USA:

○ 65%programs reported an increase in applications ○ Median acceptance rate increased from 69% to 74% The above statistics drive home the point about more students going for MS in the USA. More Students Went For Part-Time Degrees The number of new students who were enrolled in part-time degrees increased by 13.5%. The pandemic brought a lot of problems to the table. One of the biggest problems is finances. As there were a lot of layoffs, and the prices of commodities increased, the aspiring international students were facing a real challenge. Fortunately, universities all over the world reacted quickly by offering a flexible solution to students who are on a tight budget. Part-time degrees solved three crucial issues during the pandemic. 1. It cost less money for students. This relieved the financial burden as the saved cash went to their needs. 2. It allowed students to get part-time jobs. Most Indian students in the US keep their hands full with some kind of job. Students who are enrolled in part-time courses had more time on their hands to make some spare. 3. It helped universities to maintain COVID-19 guidelines. With only a certain number of students, professors, and college staff being allowed into the premises of the university, this helped everyone remain safe. It is also worth noting that the number of new applicants for full-time degrees decreased by 3.7%. Furthermore, the number of applications from Asian students has increased by 16.7%. In short, more students applied amid the pandemic for both business masters and MBA. This is a trend that had showed the same pattern as the world slowly goes back to normal. But, which one is the best option for you? Business-related MS vs MBA in the USA

Business Masters vs MBA: which one is better

Many prospective students get confused as more and more options are added each year. For most engineers, MBA in the US sounds like the next logical step. However, a lot of those students are clueless as to how that degree will help them further their careers. As there is a lot of hype around MBA, many students don’t even explore the option of a business-related Masters degree. Let’s start by understanding the key differences between both. MBA (Masters in Business Administration) gives administrative knowledge to the students and makes them capable of running an organization profitably. In simple terms, it makes the graduates capable of seeing the organizational “big picture”. MBA in accounting, finances, marketing, etc., helps in proper resource allocation and team management. MBAs are considered to be a great option for individuals who already have some work experience and want to proceed further in that field. Business-related MS, like engineering management, and industrial management are field-specific. These degrees make someone a specialist in one niche as opposed to the “jack-of-all-trades” solution provided by MBA. Students with very minimal or no work experience at all choose business Masters. These fields of study are great for those who want to change their careers. The crucial thing about a business-related Masters degree is you have to choose the field wisely. Yes, the earning potential is a lot but in the case of MBAs, you can switch to different industries easily. So, if you want to change your career, a business Masters will be apt for you. However, if you have some work experience and want to continue in that field, an MBA will be a wise choice. Now, you have two specific challenges in front of you. 1. Which branch of MBA or branch of a Business Masters in the US is the best for you? 2. Which college should you go to? Your college decides which quality of individuals you will have first-hand access to. It also decides which job fairs you can attend. The brand of college matters if you are going for prestigious positions in legacy organizations. Here is where we can help you. SelectRight will help you in this process and save you a lot of time and money at the same time.

How To Select The Right College/University For Business MS Or MBA

Choosing a college or a university for MBA or a Business MS in the US includes the following. 1. Making a list of colleges and fields of study. 2. Reading up on their eligibility criteria, acceptance rate, ROI, etc. 3. Researching about loans and scholarships. 4. Applying to colleges. Every single step will take you a few weeks to say the list, especially the first two steps. Luckily, you can get done much faster than that with SelectRight. Here are the benefits you can look forward to.

1. Receive Personalized University Recommendations

After you create your profile and answer a few questions, we will send you a list of universities that will be the best for you. We only refer to updated metrics and data which are relevant when choosing a college or a university. As we have already helped tons of students, we have a lot of data that we can leverage to make an educated decision for you. SelectRight gives you the best university and college options. We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of every student who begins their search to study abroad with SelectRight. Here is how we give our applicants the best choices customized to their profile. ● Using data science: We evaluate multiple metrics to give MAC scores for each university based on your profile. M – university quality, A – based on analysis of profiles similar to yours, and C – the cost of education score. ● Leveraging correct data: We analyze data from universities, public records, our existing records, purchased data from companies, and more to give you the best choices. ● Doing in-depth analysis: We analyze 500+ universities on 100+ parameters. Those numbers keep increasing as you read this. ● Focussing on your needs: You are not a “client” or a “customer” to us. You are a student looking for the correct guidance. We will do everything to help you. We will cut the jargon and will give you straight facts. Towards the end, we will also tell you exactly how much it will cost you. On top of that, we will help you secure low interest, no collateral loans from the comfort of your home. We will save you months of hard work, and 2-5% in your loan’s interests.

2. Connect With A Network Of Alumni And Students

SelectRight connects you with people who have been in your shoes. You can ask them all of the questions or doubts you might have while choosing between a Business Masters or an MBA in the US. Our Discord channel also contains a lot of students who are looking for universities, like you, and our in-house experts.

3. Get Advice From Seasoned Experts

There are a lot of things that need to be perfect in your application, especially when you are applying for Business Masters or an MBA in the US. Your Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are two of them. This is where you need experts. Online content will only get you so far. With the help of our experts, your application profile will be unique. This will increase your chances of selection to your favored university. Your profile will be thoroughly analyzed by unbiased experts.

4. Exclusive Events And Webinars

We collaborate with universities and bring them closer to students. This is a unique opportunity that will tremendous advantage. You can interact with other fellow students, and ask any burning questions you might have. No matter how much online research you do, you will surely have more questions. SelectRight helps you interact with university professionals directly.
Next Steps
SelectRight has simplified the college selection process for students. We have distilled the entire procedure into five steps.
The first step you need to do is create your SELECT profile and answer a few questions. Then, we will take care of everything.

MBA in UK for Indian Students – Highlights

STOP dreaming of studying MBA in the UK.

In fact, make it a reality.

If opting for an MBA university in UK is an idea that has occurred to you then we have great news for you.

There are many reasons why MBA in UK for Indian students is a great choice. From its globally ranking top universities to opportunities for global exposure to high ROI to availability of financial aid by different schools. The long list of advantages goes on.

Read the full piece below to find out:

● MBA in UK for Indian Students – Highlights
● 5 Reasons to Study an MBA in UK for Indian Students

         ○ Availability of Global Exposure

         ○ Quality Education from High Ranking Universities

         ○ Shorter Program Duration

         ○ Opportunity to Build Industry Links

         ○ Financial Aid and Scholarship Availability
● Top 10 MBA Universities in UK for Indian Students
● Acceptance Rate for Top MBA Universities
● Conclusion

MBA in UK for Indian Students - Highlights

Before getting into further discussions on why studying MBA in UK for Indian students is a good idea or which are the top MBA universities in UK, let’s get the following things clear.

Total No. of MBA Universities in UK


No. of Indian Students Enrolled in the UK Per Year

56K+ As of 2021

MBA Duration

1 to 2 Years

Average Acceptance Rate at Top MBA Schools

15 – 25%

Top Specializations Offered

Quality Management, Digital Marketing, International Business, Sports Management, HR Management, Data Science, Retail Management, Project Science, Healthcare, Finance, etc

Popular Intakes




Jan/ Feb


Apr/ May

No. of Top Universities in QS Ranking 2022


Annual Tuition Fee Range

£11.5K to £58.6K

Average Salary After MBA in the UK

£ 50K

English Language Proficiency Tests Required

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc

Graduate Admission Tests Required

GMAT, GRE, etc.

Work Experience Requirements

At Least 3 Years

Post-study Work Permit

Approx 2 Years


Available (Explore Your Options)

Employability Rate

93% <

5 Reasons to Study an MBA in the UK for Indian Students?

Did you know? As of 2021, over 56,000 Indian students enrolled in UK universities every year. Why? What could be the reason behind these massive enrollments? Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons that will make your decision to study MBA in the UK easier.

1. Availability of Global Exposure

Home to over 390 universities. World’s second-largest education center. 550,000+ international enrolments every year making about 22% of total student population. And, is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for Indian students. With over 14% of the total population of the UK being people born abroad, the country receives a large sum of international students. What does this mean for you? Opportunity to learn and explore different cultures. To cater to the needs of its international students, the MBA universities in UK set up offices. The official advisory body for international students – the UK Council for International Student Affairs provides resources for housing, immigration, working, and even mental health support. With so many community events and so much student support, you would never have to worry about getting culture shock or feeling homesick.

2. Quality Education From High Ranking Universities

According to the latest QS World University Rankings – Global MBA, the UK has 27 of its universities listed among the top 100 institutes. London Business School holds the #2 position with 90.9 overall scores, followed by Chicago (Booth) at #12 with 88.5 overall scores.
If we talk about the overall QS World University Ranking 2022, the UK has over 450 of its universities mentioned on the list, with the #2 rank holder being the University of Oxford.
Talking about THE World University Rankings 2022: Business and Economics, the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford #3 and #4 positions. These two universities are then followed by the London School of Economics and Political Science at #9.

These global rankings are a reflection of the quality of education and support these MBA universities in UK have to offer to their students.


3. Shorter Program Duration

Did you take a sabbatical from work to study MBA?


Did you just want a nudge towards a different career direction?


Is it maybe that according to the schedule you have planned for your life, investing two or more years on a degree is not something you can opt for.

Whatever the case, the options available for the MBA course duration in the UK would be great news for you.

Now more sitting through lectures for two years to collect all the credits. With the one-year-long MBA program options available in UK universities, you can now complete your degree in half the time.

With an exception for some core management courses, the country offers these one-year-long courses for many Business and Management specializations.


4. Opportunity to Build Industry Connection

“Make connections.”

“You must do networking.”

“Building industrial links is absolutely crucial.”

If you haven’t received these golden pieces of advice from your mentors or a confidant you consult with then you haven’t received any good advice.

But if you have, you would be happy to know that the UK universities will have plenty of opportunities for you to build connections.

Meeting the leading industry experts through events, conferences, lectures, seminars, etc organized by the universities provide students with ample opportunities to connect.

They say that no CEO is ever appointed based on her/ his CV. You need connections for a role like that. Well if that’s the case then studying MBA in the UK is one of the best options for you.


5. Financial Aid and Scholarships Availability

Good things come at a price. Literally.

Studying, along with managing life in the UK can be really costly. But fret not, because there are a plethora of scholarships or financial aid options that you can opt for.

Now you must be thinking that scholarships are only for A-grade students who pass every year with flying colors.

No. That couldn’t be more wrong.

You don’t have to score 98% in your bachelor’s degree. By merely meeting the general eligibility criteria of certain scholarships like English language proficiency, you can avail benefits of scholarships.

In fact, some scholarships also offer you a 100% waiver on your tuition.

Now that sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?

We understand that you don’t want to get lost in the rabbit hole of the internet looking for scholarships that fit you. That’s why we have curated a list of helpful links that you can go through. And if you want your queries or doubts to be resolved instantly, write to us at or contact our board of advisors.

● List of Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad
● Top Scholarships to Study Abroad
● Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
● The University Of Dundee Scholarships For Indian Students
● The Chevening Scholarship


Top 10 MBA Universities in UK for Indian Students

Now that you have reached a few steps closer to the decision of whether or not to study MBA in UK, let’s check out some university options.

As discussed, there are many top-ranking MBA universities in UK for Indian students to explore. Some options along with their ranking and course fees can be found in the table below.

UniversitiesQS World University RankingMBA Duration (in months)Tuition Fee Per Annum (in INR)
London Business School615-2159.9L
Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago122154.7L
Said School of Business, The University of Oxford=131260.8L
The University of Cambridge, Judge Business School171258.3L
Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London211254.7L
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick321241.3L
Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester451536.0L
University of Edinburgh Business School, The University of Edinburgh551233.2L
Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University=751539.9L
The Business School (formerly Cass), CITY, University of London781247L


Want to explore more? Use SelectRight and find the best fit for yourself through personalized recommendations, exclusive events, and actionable advice.

Acceptance Rate at Top MBA Universities in UK

You know when it is a high-ranking institution with many applicants yet much fewer enrolments, the university has a high acceptance rate. Here’s a list of top student choices for MBA universities in the UK along with their acceptance rate.

In a Nutshell…

To sum up all this information in a few points, studying MBA in the UK for Indian students is beneficial because of – ⇨ High ROI ⇨ Global Exposure ⇨ Industry Connections ⇨ Quality Education ⇨ Language Test Waivers for Indian Students ⇨ High-ranking Universities ⇨ Post-study Work Permit Want to know more? Contact us.
Go through the image below and opt for the one you might have a large shot at.

Top Universities In USA For MS In Computer Science – Admissions, City, Cost of Living

Top Universities In USA For MS In Computer Science - Admissions, City, Cost of Living

So which are the top 5 universities offering a Master’s in Computer Science in the U.S.?

Top Universities In USA For MS In Computer Science

University Tuition Fee In USD IELTS Marks Required GRE Marks Required
Massachusetts Institute of Technology $27,755/term 7 Not required for the current admission cycle
University of California, Berkeley $26,544/year 7 Not required
Columbia University $45,000/year 7.5 750 or higher is recommended
Princeton University $56,010/year 7 Not accepted
Standford University $56,487 (11-18 Units) Not AcceptedTOEFL: 89 Not required
Computer Science peaked in the 90s. But the development of the field hasn’t stopped since. The basic purpose of the stream is focused on making human life easier. If you’ve got a thing or two to contribute to this field, then an MS in Computer Science will boost your research career. But which university should you apply to? This is a question that plagues all students. The short answer is to trust the experts at SelectRight. We can help you find the right fit for your interest, competence, and budget. We give you personalized university recommendations based on 6 million data points across 10,000+ STEM, CS & MBA programs. With a personalized recommendation, you’ll have a better chance of getting accepted.

Top 5 Universities in the USA for MS in Computer Science

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Why Study Here?
Why wouldn’t you want to study at the number 1 globally ranked program for an MS in Computer Science? MIT is a world-renowned college for its engineering and science-related courses. It is the best college to do your Master’s in computer science in USA. This is an interdisciplinary course called Computational Science and Engineering. It trains engineers in advanced computational methods. It is a rigorous program that has high demands from the students. The following is a breakdown of the cost of attendance at MIT.
How To Get In?
You must have a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science to apply for this course. Your work experience will also be considered for acceptance of an application. You will have to submit your IELTS or TOEFL score at the time of application. You also need a letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose to apply. These documents should talk about your objectives in this course and your past achievements.
About The City
This university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts which is just outside of Boston. Cambridge is an academic hub with Harvard, Lesley University, MIT, and Hult International Business School all located here. The average monthly cost of living is $1,134.20 without rent. Students can choose both on-campus and off-campus housing options. The city also has numerous cultural and historic attractions.

2. University of California, Berkeley

Why Study Here?
The Computer Science department at Berkeley has been ranking among the top in the U.S. The program is focused on research, which puts you on the path to an academic-focused career. This is one of the top universities for MS in computer science. The institution also offers a 5-year integrated bachelor’s and master’s program in Computer Science. This program is apt for students who are currently studying for a CS-focused degree. Here is the eligibility for the 5-year program.
How To Get In
You must either be in the final year or have passed from a bachelor’s degree. You should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0-point scale. Indian students should have written the TOEFL or IELTS exam before the time of admission. GRE is no longer required or accepted at Berkeley. You will also need to submit 3 letters of recommendation. These letters should be from your past professors or superiors. It should have details about your career goals, research accomplishments, soft skills, and your academic acumen. You should also write a statement of purpose for why you’re applying to this program. Berkeley also needs a personal history statement that talks about your affiliation to the computer science stream. The statement should talk about how your past experience will help you progress in this degree.
About The City
Berkeley is a Californian city on the east of San Francisco Bay. The city is known for its academic opportunities and arts. The cost of living for a single person at Berkeley is approximately $1,264.57/month without rent. The city is littered with museums, libraries, and recreational places. It’s the perfect combination of work and play for students.

3. Columbia University

Why Study Here?
Columbia is an Ivy League university that dates back to 1754. The computer science department is spearheaded by experts in the field. The institution is in New York City, which is known for its technological opportunities. The MS program in Computer Science at Columbia offers 8 tracks of studies. This will allow you to specialize in a field of your interest. This is a challenging course that will keep you up to date with both technical and theoretical knowledge.
How To Get In?
All applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Your academic records should be submitted to the institution as well. Indian students need to also write an English proficiency exam (IELTS or TOEFL) to apply. You will also have to write the GRE exam before applying to the university. Applications will not be accepted without your GRE score. Along with your academic record, you should also submit three letters of recommendation and a personal statement. These letters should talk about your work ethic, your past academic achievements, and your future goals.
About The City
New York City is also known as the city that never sleeps. It is a hub of economic activity which is why students flock to the city. It costs approximately $1,374.47/month, without rent, to live in NYC. The city is surrounded by historical monuments like the Statue of Liberty. NYC also has an abundance of museums and other sites of significance for students to visit.

4. Princeton University

Why Study Here?
Princeton is an Ivy league private school that was chartered in 1746. The graduate programs at Princeton create world-renowned scholars. Master’s students will get to work with experts in the computer science field who are actually making a difference in the world. Princeton has an ethnically diverse group of students. There are a lot of events and programs that help improve the student’s experience at Princeton.
How To Get In?
You should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree to apply to Princeton’s MSE program. Your field of study doesn’t necessarily have to be computer science-based. But you should’ve studied in at least a 3-year-long program. Students don’t need to write the GRE exam. But Indian students must submit TOEFL iBT or IELTS exam scores. You should submit a statement of purpose that outlines your goals after the MS program. You should also submit three letters of recommendation before submitting the online application.
About The City
The university is situated in Princeton, New Jersey. The city was founded before the American Revolutionary War. So there are a lot of historical sites you can visit. The average cost of living without rent is $1,287.96/month at Princeton. The university also offers housing on campus. Here is the pricing for that.
The city also has two museums and many parks for recreation.

5. Stanford University

Why Study Here?
The Computer Science program at Stanford is a part of the school of engineering. The department was founded in 1965. It has a strong focus on the research field in the areas of AI, robotics, scientific computing, etc. The faculty at Stanford are some of the best in the computer science field. They hold years of experience in both teaching the subject and practical experience.
How To Get In
Students do not need an undergraduate degree in the computer science stream. But it is preferred if you have strong quantitative and analytical skills. You need to write the TOEFL exam to get into Stanford University. The school recommends that you write the exam well in advance since you need the scores to submit your application. You will need three recommendation letters to apply here. It’s preferred if at least two letters are from academic sources. The letter should talk about your qualification and your academic and soft skills. You should also submit an SOP that is concise and well-written. This should talk about your academic history, your preparation for this course, and your goals.
About The City
Stanford University is located in Santa Clara country in California. The county is on the southern coast of San Francisco Bay. The approximate cost of living without rent is $1,124.18 without rent. Santa Clara has many ecological parks. The county is also home to Silicone Valley, a technological hub.

Making A Successful Application for a Master’s in Computer Science in USA

Many universities only allow you to apply once per application cycle. So it’s vital that you get it right the first time. Fortunately, the guides at SelectRight can review your application to guarantee the best chance of getting into the top university in the USA for an MS in computer science.

Master of Data Science From the University of British Columbia – 12 Reasons Why

Master of Data Science From the University of British Columbia - 12 Reasons Why

Canada’s Big Data Consortium has estimated that Canada will see a shortage of up to 19,000 professionals with data and analytical skills. So data science is the future, especially in Canada’s job market. And there might be nowhere better to study for a master’s in data science in Canada than at the University of British Columbia to secure your future career. But before we get into how it does that, here are the basic program details you need to know. Master of Data Science From University of British Columbia | SelectRight 

About the Master of Data Science (MDS) at the University of British Columbia.

Program details:

The master’s in Data Science is a 10-month, full-time, accelerated program at UBC. It’s a truly professional program that offers a short-term commitment for long-term gain.

Course structure:

The program structure includes 24 one-credit courses and a 6-credit capstone project at the end. The one-credit courses are scheduled 4 at a time, and last 4 weeks each. At the end of the 6, 4-week segments, the students are allowed to apply their newly acquired knowledge, while working with other students with real-life data sets in their capstone project. All courses are lab-oriented and delivered in-person, along with some blended online content. Here’s the course structure you can expect as part of the MDS program. Master of Data Science From University of British Columbia

Tuition Fee:

The program tuition is much lower than the cost of most other graduate programs in Canada. And it is an affordable option for even international students who want to pursue Masters’s in Data Science in Canada. As of 2022, the tuition fee for the program is:
  • 33,784.83 CAD for domestic students (i.e.: Canadian citizens and permanent residents)
  • 49,644.06 CAD for international students


You will be elated to know that UBS has program-specific scholarships that you can apply for once you are admitted into the Master of Data Science program. The MDS program offers the following scholarships:
  • MDS international scholarship: Up to 25,000 CAD, offered annually.
  • MDS domestic scholarship: Up to 25,000 CAD, offered annually.
  • MDS scholarship for indigenous students: Up to the full cost of the tuition fee, offered annually.
  • MDS scholarship for black or POC students: Up to the full cost of the tuition fee, offered annually. (Available for both domestic and international students.)


The program is offered on both the UBC Vancouver campus and the UBC Okanagan campus. Now let’s get into why the program is your best bet for a Master of Data Science in Canada.

Why MDS at the University of British Columbia?

1. Accelerated learning:

Most other data science programs last 2 full years and cost almost double the tuition fee. But MDS at the University of British Columbia is designed to be an intensive 10-month program that gives you all the knowledge and skills you need in a short period. Thus saving you both time and money. Don’t worry if you don’t come from a background in data science or CS. This program was designed to deliver the same benefits even for students with no background in data science. Like alumni, Rain Shen came with a bachelor’s in food science and seamlessly transitioned into data science through the 10-month MDS program. And Subi Zhang, a 2018 student, who came from a background in HR and management, and now works as a Data Science Consultant at Deloitte. Or Jordan Dubchak, who studied biology at the undergrad level, and after passing out of the MDS program was able to secure a position as a Data Scientist at Teck Resources Ltd. And hundreds of other alumni, who used this MDS degree to transition into the field of data science and have since excelled in the field.  

2. Practical and industry-focused program

The MDS program is designed to give students an incredibly practical and diverse data science exposure to help them be fully industry-ready. Real-world data sets are integrated into all courses in the program. This gives give students practical experience across a range of domains. And focused one-credit courses allow you in-depth focus on a limited set of topics at one time. And their students can’t seem to stop raving about it… “The program exposed us to most of the big topics in computational linguistics such as sentiment analysis, text classification, or machine translation…I believe many companies would be ecstatic to find talent fresh out of university with these skills,” says Ravi Gill, who is now a Validation Engineer at Intel Corporation. Or as Niki Hajmoshir says, “What I like about this program is that we get more hands-on experience and work with data sets and corpora so when we go into the industry we won’t be lost because we know how to handle these things”.  

3. Real-world experience with industry partners:

Following that ideology, UBS also gives students the opportunities to learn outside the classroom by working to find solutions to real-world problems. They do this by connecting students to their extensive network of industry partners. These partners offer students the chance to get real-world experience in a variety of different roles and industries through their eight-week capstone project. This capstone project allows students to work in teams and apply their skills to solve a real-world project for the partner company. This helps them build industry contacts and become future-ready for their post-graduation lives.  

4. Phenomenal faculty:

All MDS courses are taught by a core faculty team who are dedicated to teaching MDS full-time. Thus they can provide focused one-to-one support to students throughout the program. Another alumni, Juan Roesel, attests to this. He says, “While several resources on the Internet can help people get the knowledge and skills needed to become a Data Scientist or NLP engineer, I think the structure of the MDS-CL program and the quality of the teaching staff take the learning experience to a higher level.”  

5. Smaller class sizes:

MDS is the University of British Columbia is focused on making the entire program the best possible environment for students to learn and excel. So the cohort size in the university is restricted to keep it an intimate class size. “The smaller cohort in the Okanagan makes it more personable and it makes me feel more connected to the program,” says Christian Hluchy, a graduate of the MDS program at UBC. But it goes much beyond just helping students feel more connected. It has been proven by numerous studies that students tend to learn faster and perform better in smaller classes. They get more attention, can interact better with their peers, participate more, and even receive better feedback to improve.

6. Diverse cohort group

In college, you don’t just learn from your professors. A lot of your learning and growth happens with your peers. And the MDS program at UBS gives you a ripe garden of learning with the diversity of their cohort group. You get to learn from classmates who come from a wide range of academic backgrounds and experiences. We’re talking about people who come from business, computer science, and behavioral neuroscience, to law and biology backgrounds.
Master of Data Science in canada

7. Post-graduation job opportunities:

And last, but not least, we come down to what happens after you graduate from this well-rounded program.
The University of British Columbia was ranked top #38 in the world, in terms of graduate employability ranking by QS
And the Master of Data Science program does justice to this reputation. They offer:

●    Individual Career Advising:

All students have access to the program’s dedicated career advisor. The advisor guides them on each stage of their job search or identifying future career prospects.

●    Career-Related Workshops:

The program hosts regular career workshops on topics like: job search and networking skills
  • LinkedIn profile writing
  • resume and cover letter writing
  • behavioral interview skills
  • technical interview skills practice, etc.

●    Employer Information Sessions:

The program has a good mix of both educational and recruitment-focused sessions that provide industry insights to the students, while also allowing them to interact and network with employers. Outside of the program structure, the university itself also offers a whole host of benefits to help you succeed in the field.  

8. World-class university

The University of British Columbia is among the top 50 best universities worldwide, according to the QS World University Ranking 2022. Not only is it one of the best places to study master’s in data science in Canada, but UBC is also among the top universities in Canada. In the QS 2022 report, it was ranked 3rd among the top universities in Canada, based on its academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, and a host of other factors.

9. Lots of international students and faculty

The University of British Columbia is also an incredibly friendly place to be for international students. It has a great international student ratio of 79, and an international faculty ratio of 89.1! About 30% of master’s students and 44% of Ph.D. students at the University of British Columbia are international students. So a diverse culture and supportive communities follow suit.

10. Extracurriculars and campus life

As one of the world’s leading universities, the University of British Columbia has an exceptional learning environment. But its campus is a thriving place to be for both graduate and undergrad students. UBC has over 300 student-run clubs and societies on-campus. You can find everything from an astronomy club to a beads and crafts club. Apart from that UBC recreation offers a variety of gym and sports facilities to keep you engaged and fit. You can find a community for tennis, soccer, rowing, swimming, dancing, bouldering, and more.  

11. Strong alumni support

The support of the UBC doesn’t end once you are done with your degree. The university has a strong local and global alumni network spanning more than 150 countries. Their alumni network offers you a range of services ranging from career resources, intellectual programming, and reunions, to network connections, mentoring opportunities, and more.  

12. Life in Vancouver

Outside the campus too, Vancouver is one of the largest metropolises in Canada. From snow-capped mountains to sun-soaked beaches, this city has something to offer in every season. It also has thriving art, theatre, and music scenes. Vancouver’s public transport system and cycling lanes make transport in the city very convenient even for newcomers. If you’re still not sure if MDS at the University of British Columbia is your perfect choice, or if you want a backup university to also consider for your master’s in data science in Canada… Then use a smart tool like SelectRight to ensure you find the perfect university for your specific needs. This tool allows you to instantly shortlist the best universities that meet your specific needs by matching 6 million data points across 10,000+ programs to give you transparent and unbiased recommendations on the best-matched programs. So you can skip days of scrolling through the internet or falling prey to scam consultancies, by relying on data instead. Until then, happy applying.

Here are the best MBA colleges in Canada

Here are the best MBA colleges in Canada

An MBA in Canada is supposed to propel your career as a senior-level manager. So studying Master’s at the best MBA university is your best shot.

The problem is, everyone likes to claim they’re the best. So how do you really know what’s the best MBA college in Canada?

Worry not because we have the exact resources you need, at SelectRight. You can also connect with alumni from various colleges. This will give you a first-hand perspective of the institution.

Your second option is to read this guide. (Or do both)

Best MBA Colleges in Canada

This table tells you the best MBA colleges in Canada for Indian students with fees, prospects, and eligibility.

CollegesTuition Fee in CAD (International)Employment RateMinimum Expected GMAT Score
University of Ottawa – Telfer School of Management

$64,000 for the intensive program

$68,000 for the professional program.


Overall minimum: 50th percentile

Verbal and Quantitative minimum: 45th percentile

Western University – Ivey Business School$123,50097%660
The University of Calgary – Haskayne School of Business$29,08786%550
University of British Columbia-Sauder School of Business$90,05692%


Verbal and Quantitative minimum: 50th percentile

The University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management$133,74089%550
York University – Schulich School of Business$112,25088%660
Simon Fraser University – Beedie School of Business$58,058

81% (Outside British Columbia)

100% (In British Columbia)

Queen’s University – Smith School of Business$104,10060098%

Top 8 MBA Universities in Canada

1. University of Ottawa – Telfer School of Management

About the Program
Telfer School of Management is in the top 1% of business schools in the world. It offers a hands-on learning experience. The college gives you the opportunity to work with leading organizations in Canada.

Telfer offers an intensive 1 year MBA program and a professional 2-year program.
Accepted Examinations
Telfer accepts either the GMAT or GRE examinations for applications to the English MBA program.

If you’re applying to the French program, you must attend the TAGE MAGE or TCT examinations.

You will also need to write IELTS, TOEFL, CanTEST, or PTE Academic to prove your English proficiency.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● MBA-JD – Law
● MBA-LL.L (in French)
● MEng + MBA [+]
● EMBA (Executive MBA) – The requirements for this course are slightly different
Selection Procedure
Candidates applying for an MBA at Telfer must have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience. It’s especially preferred if the experience is in a managerial post.

You must hold a Canadian bachelor’s degree or an equivalent of it. Your minimum average score should be 70%.

If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you may still apply for the course if you have at least 10 years of managerial work experience.

Finally, the students who have satisfied all these conditions may be called for a personal interview. This interview will your background and your future plans.

2. Western University – Ivey Business School

About the Program
Learning by doing is one of the main principles at Ivey Business School. This is a one-year MBA program. So you will be put into a fast-paced environment that teaches you how the business world really works.
Accepted Examination
Ivey accepts GMAT or GRE scores. But the school recommends that you attend GMAT if you’ll be specializing in Investment Banking or Management Consulting.

You will also need to write TOFEL or ILETS.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● E-MBA (Executive MBA) – The admission process is separate
● A-MBA (Accelerated MBA) – The admission process is separate
Selection Procedure
Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience by the time they apply to Ivey Business Scholl.

Submit your application with your academic records and two professional references.

There are 6 rounds of application for the MBA program. But international applications are recommended to apply by the 4th round. This gives you enough time to get your visa and passport in order.

 1. The University of Calgary – Haskayne School of Business

About the Program
The full-time MBA program at Haskayne School of Business gives you a good foundation of both practical and theoretical skills. The two-year program is split into 5 semesters.
Accepted Examination
You can apply for an MBA at this school with either a GMAT or GRE score. Your minimum GMAT score should be 550. And your GRE score should be equivalent to that.

You will also need to pass the IELTS, with a minimum score of 7. You can also write the TOEFL exam with a minimum score of 97.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● Daytime MBA – 2-year program
○ Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
○ Entrepreneurship and Innovation
○ Finance
○ Global Energy Management and Sustainable Development
○ Marketing
○ Management Analytics
○ Project Management
○ Real Estate Studies
● Evening MBA – 3-year program
● Accelerated MBA
● Executive MBA
Selection Procedure
You will need at least 2 years of full-time work experience to apply to Haskayne. On top of this, your GPA should be at least 3.0/4.0 in the final two years of a four-year undergraduate program.

The final level of the selection process is a personal interview. The interview will test your communication skills, your background, and future goals. You can register for a practice interview if you get through to the final round.

About the Program
The full-time MBA program at UBC gives you wonderful opportunities to work, study, and travel. The alumni network at Sauder puts you in touch with industry leaders who you can work with as mentors.
Accepted Examination
You will need to take either the GMAT or GRE exam to apply to UBC Sauder. Only the scores of the last 5 years are accepted.

On top of that, you will also need to take the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or CAEL exams for your English proficiency.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● MBA – 16-month program
○ Technology & Analytics Leadership
○ Finance
○ Product & Service Management
○ Innovation & Entrepreneurship
○ Custom
● Professional MBA – Part-time, taught in Shanghai
● International MBA – 2-year program

Selection Procedure
You will need a minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience before you apply to UBC. Students with 3-5 years of experience are given a competitive edge.

Along with your application, submit your UG academic records, and at least 2 letters of reference. Your GMAT and GRE scores should be emailed directly to the university from the examining board.

GRE: 0965 (UBC) or 4201 (Department)

You will need to submit an essay and attend an interview during the selection process. The purpose of this is to ensure that you have managerial potential.

About the Program
The Rotman School of Management has multiple MBA formats personalized to a student’s needs. The program is meant to challenge you. It will put your creative and critical-thinking skills to the test.
Accepted Examination
You must write the GMAT or GRE exams before the application deadline. The scores should be sent directly to the University’s management.

GRE: 0853

Students from India and Pakistan need not write an English proficiency test if they’ve graduated from an English-language university.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● Full-Time MBA – 2-year program
○ Brand Management
○ Business Design
○ Consulting
○ Financial Reporting and Analysis
○ Funds Management
○ General Management
○ Global Management
○ Health Sector Management
○ Innovation & Entrepreneurship
○ Investment Banking
○ Leadership and Change Management
○ Management Analysis
○ Process and Supply Chain Management
○ Real Estate
○ Risk Management and Financial Engineering
○ Social Impact & Sustainability
● Evening MBA – 32-month program
● Morning MBA – 32-month program
● Executive MBA – One-year program
● Global Executive MBA – 18-month program
Selection Procedure
Unless you’re applying to a Joint or Combined degree, you will need minimum 2-years of work experience.

You’ll need to write an essay talking about your extra-curricular activities like sports and volunteering.

The final round is a personal interview that’s by invitation.

About the Program
The MBA program at Schulich offers 17 areas of specialization. You will be exposed to real-world learning where you work with live clients on their projects. The school has flexible study options where you can choose which campus you attend classes in.
Accepted Examination
You must take either the GMAT or GRE exam before applying at Schulich.

You should also provide your IELTS (7.0 minimum) or TOEFL (100 in IBT).
Formats & Specializations Offered
● MBA – Full-time and part-time options
● Executive MBA
● MBA in India (1st year in Hyderabad, 2nd year in Toronto)
Selection Procedure
If you’ve studied a 4-year undergrad course, then you will need minimum 2 years of work experience when you apply to this program. If you’ve completed a 3-year undergrad course, your application will be considered if you have at least 3 years of work experience.

You will also need 2 professional references. The college expects that you submit 5 essays in 3 different formats.

● 2 written
● 1 timed and written
● 2 video

About the Program
The full-time program at Beedie School of Business sets you up to start your own business venture. The courses are specialized to impart knowledge and skills that professionals need.

Accepted Examination
You can apply to this program if you have a minimum score of 550 on the GMAT exam. You can also apply if you’ve scored 155 in each section of the GRE exam.

For your English proficiency, you can write TOEFL, IELTS, CAEL, or PTE exams. You can also write the Cambridge English Qualifications.
Formats & Specializations Offered
○ Full-time in Downtown Vancouver
○ Part-time in Surrey
● MBA Management of Technology
● Executive MBA
Selection Procedure
All applicants should have 2 years of full-time work experience. You should also submit 2 professional reference letters.

You should also write an essay talking about yourself, your experiences, and the extra-curricular activities you’ve engaged in.

There’s also a video recorded round where you should verbally answer 3 questions and write the response for one.

About the Program
The full-time MBA program at Smith takes a personalized approach to your needs. It is a career-focused program that prepares students to be working professionals.

It is recognized as a top global program by organizations including Financial Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek.
Accepted Examination
You will need to write either the GMAT or GRE exam. You can start applying at Smith School of Business before writing the management exam.

You should also write either the IELTS or TOEFL exam to prove your English proficiency.
Formats & Specializations Offered
● MBA – Full-time
● Executive MBA
● Executive MBA Americas
● Accelerated MBA
Selection Procedure
Most candidates need 2 years of work experience for applying to Smith. But if you have exceptional scores, your application will be considered even without 2 years of work experience.

You need to submit two professional reference letters. There is also a video questionnaire round. You’ll be asked three questions. You should verbally answer two questions and write one answer.

Make this the starting point for your research. The SelectRight can further guide you through the application process and even examine your reference letters for you. This will give you the best chance at a successful admission.

MS in USA for Indian Students – Salaries, Courses, Universities

MS in USA for Indian Students - Salaries, Courses, Universities

The Master of Science (MS) is a 2-year graduate degree designed to advance student’s knowledge of science-related fields. It’s typically focused on subjects such as administration, business, mathematics, medicine and natural sciences.  


For decades, students from all over India have been aspiring to get an MS in USA. For good reasons too. Here’s why getting a master’s degree in the USA is a wise move: 

Top reasons why Indian students should pursue MS in USA

1. MS programs in USA are globally acclaimed and highly ranked

STEM courses in USA are globally recognized and renowned for their academic brilliance. Eight of the top ten universities in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2022 belong to USA.
The following Universities have the highest ranked STEM courses in USA: ● Columbia Institute of Technology ● Harvard University ● Stanford University ● Massachusetts Institute of Technology ● Princeton University ● University of California, Berkeley ● Yale University ● The University of Chicago When it comes to the most popular Master’s courses in USA, courses in Business are the clear winner. According to Statista, the number of Master’s degrees earned in USA in the academic year 2019/20 was 197,422. Here are the ten most in demand Master’s degrees in USA: ● Business ● Education ● Health ● Computer and information sciences ● Public Administration and social services ● Engineering ● Psychology ● Social sciences and history ● Biological and biomedical sciences ● Visual and performing arts Universities in USA are at the forefront of research and innovation. Their master’s programs are designed to advance the students’ knowledge in a practical manner. A study in USA equips you with job-oriented skills necessary for building a career in the world’s most sought industries. One of the best ways to find the ideal, most promising MS program in USA is SelectRight. Overseas education consultants will always recommend programs from universities they do business with. Their recommendations may not be the ideal fit for you. SelectRight, on the other hand, gives you the best, unbiased recommendations based solely on your financial situation and academic goals.

2. MS programs in USA offer greater academic flexibility than other countries

When you study in USA, you have the luxury of selecting a major before the second year of education starts. This gives you the time and freedom to explore different subjects and your areas of interest.

Master’s programs in USA also allow you to study special courses that prepare you for your chosen career field. You can take specialized courses such as Master of Science in Supply Chain Management and Master of Science in Nonprofit Management. This gives you more in-depth knowledge of your preferred industry compared to a standard management degree.  

3. MS programs in USA offer excellent support for international students 

One of the biggest reasons we recommend MS in USA for Indian students is the support and facilities available. Educational institutions in USA lay great emphasis on helping foreign students adjust to a new culture and environment.  

Most American institutes have webinars, orientation programs and training designed for this very purpose. Students from non-English speaking countries can enroll in special language workshops designed for their specific needs.  

4. MS programs in USA help in an individual’s overall growth 

Universities in USA promote cultural exchange among students from different backgrounds. They also have close-knit student communities where everyone is encouraged to participate in varied events. This creates memorable life experiences and offers real world learning opportunities.  

The vibrant college life helps students explore new interests, make new connections and grow into well-rounded individuals.  


5. MS programs in USA allow students to earn while they study 

One of the biggest benefits of doing MS in USA is that students can support themselves through their own earnings. Indian students pursuing Master’s in USA are awarded a F1 visa. This allows them to work for up to 20 hours a week on-campus during a semester.

During their holidays, the students can work even longer—for up to 40 hours (about 1 and a half days) a week.  

Typical students’ jobs include work at the campus cafeteria, library etc. Note that as a student, you aren’t allowed to work off-campus without the US Immigration Services’ permission.  

6. MS programs in USA promise diverse, high-paying job opportunities 

A Master’s degree from USA leads to diverse, lucrative careers in major industries around the globe. The practical, job-oriented curriculum helps the students land responsible jobs in their niche industries. 

Most universities offering MS in USA for Indian students have experiential training and internship programs for the students. These programs help the students get acquainted with the actual job environments. This makes them better equipped for transitioning from a student’s life to that of a full-time professional.  

Another benefit of these internship programs is that employers favor students that have hands-on experience in their respective field. 

7. MS programs in USA promise a high ROI  

Studying in USA isn’t cheap. A large number of Indian students take study loans for pursuing overseas education. A master’s degree in USA offers better Return on Investment (ROI)—your study loan—than MS from most other countries.  

According to, the average base salaries for most professionals are higher in USA compared to other popular study destinations such as UK and Canada. Let’s compare the base salary of a business manager in these 3 countries: 


Average base salary 

Salary in INR  


$63,764 per year 


Rs 4876383.78 



£36159 per year 

Rs 3550478.18 



C$67,659 per year 


Rs 4070619.16 


A higher base salary means students can pay off their study loans in a shorter time span. It often also translates into greater job security and opportunities for the students.  
According to Statista, the following are the top 3 MS programs based on their respective mid-career median salaries: 

1. Finance 
1. Biomedical engineering 
1. Computer Science 

The mid-career median pay for a Master’s in Finance is $125,208 or Rs 95, 75,344.40 per year. The salary for biomedical professionals is $117,243 or Rs 89, 66,217.05 per year. Students pursuing Masters in Computer Science in USA can look forward to a mid-career median pay of $115,730 or Rs 88, 50,509.62 per year.  

You can simplify your search for the most promising MS programs in USA by using SelectRight. SelectRight draws from approximately 6 million data points from across 10,000 plus MBA, CS, and STEM programs. You get unbiased recommendations that match your exact academic goals, all in a manner of minutes.   

What are the career choices for Master’s degree holders from USA?

MS in USA opens the doors for senior-level positions in leading organizations in different industries. Your MS degree equips you with the knowledge and experience required to succeed in both executive and managerial roles.  

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there’s a stark difference between the median annual salaries of bachelor’s and master’s degree holders.  

● A bachelor’s degree in USA draws a median annual salary of $67,860 or Rs 51, 89,627.43.
● An MS degree, on the other hand, means a median annual salary of $80,340 or Rs 61, 44,041.67.

Leading industries such as health care management, finance and data analytics all pay handsomely to MS degree holders from USA.  7

What are the requirements for doing MS in USA? 

Students who’re interested in pursuing a Master’s program from USA require a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree can have different subject areas than the MS program they’re interested in. This means that students can both further their education in previously studied subjects and switch to new subjects.  

Here are the eligibility criteria for MS in USA: 

● 3-4 years’ of bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Students require an average GPA (grade point average) score of 3.0 (a percentage of 65-70 percent and above)
● GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score of 290 or more 
● IELTS minimum requirement—6.5 or more 
● 2-3 letters of recommendations (the exact number depends upon the university) 
● A Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

In addition to these requirements, proof of social or leadership roles undertaken by the student can also support his/her application. Published research papers, internships and research projects can also strengthen a student’s chances of acceptance.  

How to find the ideal MS program for you? 

How do you select the best master’s program in USA? Getting a MS degree from USA involves investing a substantial amount of money. Just as important, your academic and professional futures rest on the decision. That’s why we suggest you exercise extreme care when making the choice.

Here are the most crucial factors to consider when searching for the right program: 

1. The university’s accreditation 

Check for the university’s accreditation. It should have been accredited by the US Department of Education. Students enrolling in a non-accredited university are ineligible for US federal financial aid.

Enrolling in an accredited university can also mean easy transfer of credits. Note that the final call on acceptance of credits doesn’t directly rely on a university’s accreditation status. Most accredited universities, however, have some existing agreements to ease the transfer of credits from your former university.  

Certain state licensing examinations in USA only accept students from accredited institutes. In addition, most recruiters favor students who have earned a degree from an accredited institute.  

The best way to verify a university’s accreditation is to look up the US Department of Education’s database. You can find out if a university’s accredited simply by entering its name and clicking the “search” button. 

2. The program’s curriculum 

Pay close attention to the coursework that you will be undertaking. Check whether the curriculum includes the kind of training or in-depth learning that’s required for your career goals.  

If you’re looking for specialization, a program with a broader focus may not be the ideal fit for you. Similarly, programs that are too niche-related may limit your career prospects. Carefully compare what a program offers and what your future plans require before making a decision. 

3. The program’s schedule 

You can study MS in USA in a number of ways. These include face-to-face classes, hybrid classes that include both in-person and online learning, and complete online learning.  

Online MS programs are further divided into two categories. Synchronous online classes are held at a fixed time. Asynchronous classes, on the other hand, don’t have to be attended at a fixed hour. There is, however, a definite time frame in which the students are required to complete the lesson work.  

Considering these factors will help you discover the ideal study program for MS in USA. Another excellent search resource for Indian students looking to study abroad is SelectRight.

Whether you’re preparing for the tests, exploring universities, or exploring funding options, SelectRight gives you personalized recommendations you can trust. That means no getting swindled by admissions agents looking to line their pockets with your parents’ hard-earned money.  

At SelectRight, you can also seek guidance from the alumni and current students of your preferred university. Our experts will guide you through every stage of planning and application, including your application, statement of purpose, and study loan. So, what’s the wait, click through to SelectRight and start your academic journey in USA right away.