Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students: Tuition, Accommodation, and More

‘Study in Canada.’

Does that sound like a dream to you? Want to make it real with us?

But first, how much do you think is the cost of studying in Canada for Indian students?

More importantly, do you know what all expenses would your budget to study in Canada entail?

From covering expenses before starting your journey of studying in Canada to after moving to the country, this article has it all in the store for you.

So, hop onto the ride with us, and let’s crack the code of planning a budget for studying in Canada.

What’s Next?

Today, you will get to know –
● Cost of Studying In Canada For Indian Students: At A Glance
● Cost Of Studying In Canada For Indian Students Before Arrival
○ Language And Subject Tests
○ Application Process Fee
○ Certificat D’acceptation Du Québec
○ Canada Study Permit Fee
○ Tuition Fee
○ Medical Test And Flight Tickets
● Cost Of Studying In Canada For Indian Students After Arrival
○ Accommodation Cost To Study In Canada
○ Other Expenses
● FAQs On Cost Of Studying In Canada For Indian

Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students: At A Glance

Here’s an overview of your expenditure to study in Canada. The amount may vary depending upon various factors. So, you are advised only to use the following figures as references.

Expense Category


College Application Fee

C$ 50 – C$ 200

Tuition Fee for UG Courses

C$ 23,000 – C$ 60,000

Tuition Fee for PG Courses

C$ 20,000 – C$ 55,000

IELTS Test Fee

C$ 238

Accommodation (for 1 person)

C$ 774 – C$ 1,135+

Transportation (within the country)

C$ 80 – C$ 110/ Month

Transportation (to the country)

C$ 1,600 – C$ 3,400/ Per Flight

Canada Study Permit

C$ 150

Canada Work Permit

C$ 155

Cost of Studying in Canada For Indian Students Before Arrival

Before arrival. Yes.

If you have already started figuring out the cost of studying abroad, you must know that before you even step a foot in the country, there’s already a long list of things that you will have to spend money on.

But what all will you have to pay for? Let’s find out.

Language and Subject Tests Cost to Study in Canada

There are so many exams to study abroad for Indian students. Some of them are the English language proficiency tests, whereas some are subject-specific tests.


Fee Range

Language Tests


C$ 249+


C$ 238+


C$ 238+

Subject Tests


C$ 150 – C$ 205


C$ 345+


C$ 270 (LSAT writing fee, additional charges not included)


C$ 130+

NOTE: Depending on various factors, the fee may change. Please consult an expert before planning your budget to study in Canada.

Application Process Fee to Study in Canada

There’s no common figure for the application fees to study in Canadian colleges. It differs from university to university. It may range from C$ 45 to C$ 200, depending on the university you are applying to. At the time of the application, you will also have to provide your language and subject proficiency test scores along with proof of your academic and work experience.

Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ)

If you are planning to study at universities in Québec, you will have to produce a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ). This document is issued by the government of Québec permitting you to study in Canada. It is like a certificate of acceptance. The application fee for this document is C$ 114. You will also have to pay for sending the documents to Québec, which can vary from C$ 32 to C$ 35.

Canada Study Permit Fee

The application fee for a permit to study in Canada is C$ 150. If you are also giving your biometrics, which includes a photograph and fingerprints, it will cost you C$ 85.

Tuition Fee Cost to Study in Canada

Just like the application fee, the tuition fee cost of studying in Canada also varies for different colleges. Although we can’t give you an exact number that works for all universities, you can go through the degree-wise fee range below to use the figures as references. Bachelor’s Degree in Canada An undergraduate degree program in Canada can cost you anywhere from C$ 23,000 to C$ 60,000 or more. You can check out the latest fee range in the image below.
NOTE: ● The X-axis in the above graph represents tuition fees ● The Y-axis in the above graph represents different fields of study in Canada As you can see, Medicine courses are one of the most expensive programs, whereas Education and Liberal Arts courses are rather less expensive.

Master’s Degree in Canada

The tuition fees for postgraduate degree programs in Canada have increased by two times over the course of 16 years (from 2006 to 2022). Currently, the average tuition fee amount stands at C$ 20,000. Check the image below to compare the numbers from previous years.
Haven’t decided on a college yet? Don’t worry, SelectRight is here to help you. Try now! Medical Test and Flight Tickets Cost to Study in Canada If you’re a frequent flier, you know that the ticket prices change depending on when you’re booking them and which seats you prefer. The flight tickets from Delhi to Canada can range anywhere from C$ 1,328 (₹ 82,000) to C$ 3,239 (₹ 2,00,000). You can also check out the average ticket prices for flying from different cities in India below.

About your medical examination, it will include various medical tests. Depending on your application’s requirements, the fees will vary. The examination can include:

● Special tests, investigations with treatment, if needed
● Seeing a radiologist
● Consultation with different specialists

Cost of Studying in Canada For Indian Students After Arrival

Take a deep breath. After going through all the different steps and paying for them, you have finally entered Canada.

Now, let’s talk about how much you will be spending on different things.

Accommodation Cost While Studying in Canada

On average, you will have to pay at least C$ 800 for your accommodation to study in Canada.

University Housing

Many universities provide housing at subsidized rates. These properties are fully furnished and you may include a 3-time meal in your package as well.

For this, provided that you are living alone, you may have to pay anywhere from C$ 3,000 to C$ 7,500.

Private Housing

If you are someone who prefers more privacy and would like to live away from your college campus, you can opt for private housing.

For this, you will have to pay a security deposit along with advance rent for two months immediately. If you are financially prepared for these expenses, you can go ahead with the private housing option.

Depending upon the area and type of property, if you’re living alone, it can cost you from C$ 2,000 to C$ 8,500.

You can also go through the image below to know the city-wise cost.

Other Expenses to Study in Canada

Things like food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, health insurance, etc are the expenses that will make up a large percentage of your budget.

Check out the table below to find out the average cost for all these things and then plan your expenses accordingly.


1 L Gas

C$ 1.70

Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)

C$ 2

Monthly Pass

C$ 100


Vegetables and fruits (per week)

C$ 30

Bread/ Milk/ Rice/ Egg

C$ 2.5 – C$ 4

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant (one person)

C$ 18 to C$ 22


Dinner at an expensive restaurant (for two)

C$ 100

Theatre Tickets for Two

C$ 70 – C$ 153

Movie Tickets for Two

C$ 14 – C$ 30

Personal Care and Hygiene

Clothing (one piece of garment)

C$ 25 – C$ 130

Toiletries for 2 weeks

C$ 25

Gym or Fitness Club Membership

C$ 53


C$ 29

A 15-minute visit to a private doctor

C$ 166

Health Insurance

C$ 600 to C$ 900

FAQs on Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

Have more questions? Maybe these will help.
Q: How much does it cost to live in Canada for a month while studying?
Ans: Excluding your tuition fee, depending upon various factors, it can cost you C$ 1,200 to C$ 4,500, on average.

Q: Is the cost of studying in Canada for Indian students high?
Ans: That depends upon what your affordability range is. Canada has universities that charge you a tuition fee of C$ 1,500 and also the universities that charge you C$ 78,000. Some of the cheap universities in Canada include:
● McGill University
● McMaster University
● University of Brandon
● University of British Columbia
● Université de Saint-Boniface
● University of Montreal

Q: What is the cheapest UG course in Canada?
Ans: Subjects with a low tuition fee range include Education, Nursing, Performing Arts, etc. The average fee for UG courses in these subjects costs a little over CS 20,000.

Q: What is the house rent in Canada for international students?
Ans: Housing costs to study in Canada can range from C$ 850 to C$ 7,500.

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