7 Reasons Why Canada is a Good Choice

Did you know that Canada welcomed 450,000 international students in 2021, setting an all-time high record? While the stature of the Canadian education system needs no introduction, there are many other factors that students consider when choosing the country as their preferred study abroad destination. Education in Canada is at par with the highest standards the world over.

But you might wonder why choosing Canada is better for your academic and professional career, right? Let us help you with that.

When deciding to study in Canada, you make that choice, not only because it is easier to get in. You are able to make that decision after a rigorous process of cost and benefit analysis. 

Now, we are talking. Cost and benefit are two of the most crucial things when planning a year or two of studying abroad. We will ensure that you find answers to some of your questions by the end of this article.

Let’s dive in and see what makes Canada a better choice than other countries. 

1. First things first, education in Canada offers academic excellence

Since higher education is a provincial responsibility, it ensures that the quality of education is consistently significantly high throughout Canada irrespective of the kind of institution – university or college. 

If you want to gain a master’s degree, decide from a wide range of colleges as per your eligibility. If you are looking for a shorter and more suitable route to acquire skills to become employable, choose from several specialised diplomas, advanced diplomas and postgraduate diplomas at Canadian colleges.

As far as educational streams are concerned, programs in various streams are available in Canadian Universities. Be it sports, engineering, accounting, IT, economics, healthcare, agriculture, management, renewable energies, mining, petroleum or any other stream, you will find a relevant program in Canada.

2. It is safe and peaceful

Canada continues to rank as one of the safest countries in the world. In 2018, the Global Peace Index listed Canada as the sixth most peaceful nation in the world.

As an international scholar, you’ll enjoy the same rights as any other Canadian. Quality of life also translates into the essentials of life like clean water, clean air, a sense of space, lower population/competition, etc. Other elements of life like access to good education infrastructure, world-class healthcare, etc.

3. A great emphasis on skill development

A world-class education is not only about what is taught in classrooms. It is also about how ready we are for the real world. Education in Canada offers a great system called co-operative work to manage just that. Co-op offers work prospects to students in their applicable sectors while studying. 

So, a medicine student gets a chance to work for a hospital during their study. It trains the students for the real world by familiarising them early with the work environment and instils discipline.

A standard co-op is for about four months in a year. So, if a student is enrolled in a 4-year degree program that offers co-op, they can acquire valuable Canadian work experience for 16 months during their studies. Imagine the competitive edge these students have over others when they look for permanent jobs after graduation! 

Co-op is a vital part of many programs in most universities and colleges.

4. Well, we all know about this one, earn while you learn

In addition to co-op, Canada allows students to work part-time for approximately 20 hours per week on campus or outside. You can apply for a 3-year post-study work permit based on the program duration. For details, please visit the IRCC website.

5. It boasts of its cultural diversity

Canada has a warm and welcoming culture. Individuals from other countries have been relocating to Canada for a long time. It offers Canada an edge in terms of cultural diversity. 

Canada and its people embrace that diversity and acknowledge that as their strength. Students experience festivals of all ethnic groups throughout the year. They are not restricted to the ethnic group, but the entire country celebrates! From Christmas to Diwali and from Chinese New Year to Holi, the nation accommodates everyone.

6. Obviously, it is affordable

Compared to universities in other popular study destinations, the education in Canada is relatively cheaper. And when evaluating the return on investment, keeping in mind the part-time and full-time work opportunities, it is quite a viable choice for Indian students.

Eligible students can also apply for different scholarships to cut down on educational expenses. 

7. Lastly, the immigration opportunities offered are fantastic

International students spend a long time in Canada, and they are an excellent fit to become prospective citizens. There is plenty of time to understand and embrace Canadian culture while studying. You can also have three years to comprehend the work culture in Canada and what it takes to be successful after completing your studies. Post that, if you wish to live in Canada permanently, IRCC provides a platform to do so. Refer to more details available here.

According to the public data shared by IRCC, Canada approved entry to about 360,000 students from around the world in 2018. About 30% more than in 2017, there were about 100,000 Indian students. It re-emphasises that Indian students are choosing Canada for their higher education, and the interest in Canada is growing substantially every year. 

The best time to choose Canada for any student considering studying abroad is NOW!

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