Why Your First Impression With Admission Counselors Matters

With the fall season just right around the corner, it is apparent that admission counselors from the best universities in the world will set out to scour the country to find the best students to attend their universities. 

After going through a journey of tremendous struggle while applying for college applications, it is that time of year when you will have to interact and interview with admission counselors to secure a place at your dream university.
Having a good academic background and extracurriculars look impressive on the college application. 

However, how you interact with the admission counselors is of supreme importance. It is essential because it is the first glance at your candidature to decide if you are the best choice for their university.

Why Your First Impression With Admission Counselors Matters

1. It decides if the admission counselors see a promising candidate.

  • You can have the best grades and still not get in.
    Do you know why? It is because the first impression you had on the admission counselors was of a student who did not do the primary research they were required to do. 
  • Use the available resources and make informed decisions about what you want to ask.
  • It is advisable to do thorough research on entry requirements and course modules. 
  • Do not hesitate in asking questions that are genuinely required for you to have a better understanding of the university and the programme you have applied for.

Tip: Go to the college website and find your programme page. It contains the information that the applicant must be aware of knowing.

2. The kind of conversations you have, tell a lot about you.

  • Admission counselors look out to have the opportunity to know you better and not judge you.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of because it is likely that they are already impressed by your essays and want a chance to know you personally before they make a decision. 
  • It is your chance to show that you are different from the other applicants.
  • Tell them what inspires you to study the course and how it will advance your career goals.
  • Open up about your career aspirations, friends, family, achievements and even downfalls.

Tip: You can think of how you will bring diversity to the class and let them know about your past endeavors.

3. They can make or break the opportunity.

  • You might not have many opportunities to meet with admission counselors.
  • So it is beneficial to make the most of the ones you have. 
  • It may be your only chance to showcase yourself as a potential student among the pool of many others. 
  • If you are a knowledgeable candidate, you will dress appropriately for video interactions and introduce yourself in the best way possible. 
  • There is a concept known as the primacy effect.
  • It suggests that when someone experiences things in a sequence, they remember that first thing better. 
  • If you do not make the first impression accurately, they might get the wrong idea in their head, which will stay for the rest of your application process.

Tip: Focus on how you converse with the admission counselors.

4. You are more than your academics.

  • Colleges look for a student who has more than just a great academic record. 
  • The admission counselors are likely to be well aware of your scores and grades; they want to see a person who is more than just their academic achievements.
  •  If you go on and on about how you scored well in a certain subject, they might not be interested in what you have to say. 
  • Go out of your academic realm and explore yourself.
  • Tell them about how an experience encouraged you to pursue a goal, how someone you once saw had such an impact on your life that it changed the way you saw the world, and why should they consider you instead of the others. 

Tip: Instead of getting involved in a conversation about dozens of activities, choose to dive in deep and make a lasting impact.

5. A chance to demonstrate your active interest.

  • Do not let the application become just another checkmark on your list. 
  • If you start with something mentioned on the website’s page, such as “Why choose this university?” it is likely that your chance for a good first impression is lost. 
  • The counselors want to know about your interest in the university, something that is unique to you and not a generalized sense of involvement. 

Tip:  Research well about the university and the programme offered and delve deeper to find the answer to why this particular college

6. It will simply decide how your application will proceed.

  • If you fail to make your case with that first impression, your application may be regarded generically. 
  • You do not want to fall into the category of uninformed applicants, you want to be seen as special. 
  • Indulge in a conversation with the admission counselors.
    You are there to make your case stronger and better, not only to impress them. 
  • Do first impressions matter?
  • Should you keep trying to impress them throughout?

Tip: Focus more on how the university will benefit from a student like you and how the university will help you advance your aspirations as a student. 

First impressions with admission counselors really do last, and sometimes they can have life-changing impacts. Candidate etiquettes are a real thing when it comes to such interactions. If you are well informed and knowledgeable, you will likely ace them. But one can never be too careful, right?

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