GradRight and Prodigy Finance Support Rohit's Higher Education

Despite growing up in a middle-income level household, Rohit always hoped to pursue his higher education abroad in one of the world’s top universities in the United States. However, he was bound to accept a job right after his Engineering in the IT sector and wait for the right opportunity since his father had lost his job and he could not even pledge collateral. 

He did the best he could – maintained an incredible balance between his work and studies, did well in his GRE, and was also accepted by three universities in the United States. Yet, there was one thing that brought him down while pursuing his dream to study abroad – the inefficiency of the Indian education loan market.

Here, GradRight came into the picture. By helping Rohit secure his education loan from Prodigy Finance at a 9% interest rate, GradRight fueled his ambitions and helped him realize his dreams. As one of the few student-centered and tech-powered lenders, Prodigy Finance approved Rohit’s loan in a matter of a few days. Further, Rohit was offered a scholarship of USD 5000.

Rohit’s story and the efforts made by GradRight and Prodigy Finance offer hope to students who find the current financial system too cumbersome. With such developments in the education, finance, and technology spheres, the dreams of students from modest backgrounds to gain access to international exposure and a world-class curriculum through a study abroad opportunity do not seem too far-fetched. 

Watch this video where Rohit expresses his immense happiness on receiving this opportunity from Prodigy Finance.

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