How to Find Affordable MS in CS Programs in US?

Studying in the USA is always the ultimate dream for most Indian master’s students. The increasing costs of tuition, combined with the sudden increase in the number of programs being offered have made it arduous for students to find cheap and valuable programs in MS in Computer Science in USA.

To make it easier for you to compare all your options, our team at GradRight has painstakingly gathered data from multiple reputed sources and put together a comprehensive list of MS in CS programs and their related costs. In this blog, we’ve put together 26 of the cheapest MS in Computer Science in USA. Here you’ll find information on program name, university, location and total cost so you can study in the USA without breaking the bank.

While program cost should be a major factor when you consider attending a university for your MS in Computer Science in USA, you should not ignore other metrics such as Return on Investment, Employability, Average Salary and a range of personal preferences like Research Activity, Ease of Settling.  You can access our comprehensive list of MS programs and get personalized recommendations on SelectRight. Wanna know how it works? Check out this blog here.

(This data in this article was compiled from various reliable sources. However, if you find any errors or want to share some important updates, please leave a message in the comments section below)

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