How to Find the Best Universities for Master's Abroad?

One of the most crucial stages of planning an MS abroad is research. You should collect as much information as you possibly can about all the programs you’re considering. This can help you make an effective shortlist of universities for your MS abroad.

Research your MS abroad options is generally a very tedious task. But thanks to online university ranking and comparison tools, you can save a lot of time on research. There is, however, one downside to using these platforms; an overwhelming majority of them don’t account for personal preferences and aren’t able to rank chances effectively. 

SelectRight, a data-driven university selection platform, helps students identify the perfect university for a Master’s according to their preferences. Moreover, it also provides personalized suggestions on university programs. The tool can be accessed here.

Using SelectRight, students can customize their search using multiple factors as filters. The platform also displays data on each institution in a list, including program cost and importantly, personalized metrics.

Let’ try it for Arizona State University…

Alongside comprehensive institutional stats and information, the platform also allows students to generate multiple scenarios. These scenarios help students determine how change in scores can affect their admission prospects. As a result, they discover what their areas of focus should be, to improve chances of a top admit.

Furthermore, students can add programs to their list…

….and also get recommendations based on their stats.

The database and platform is constantly updated with newer programs and details, to make it even easier for students to choose programs based on their preferences. 

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