How’s life at University of Arizona?

At the University of Arizona, you are not just a student, you are a Wildcat. Every student who enrolls becomes a Wildcat.. From that moment onwards you will be connected with every past and further batch with the shared spirit of being a Wildcat for life.  
Quality higher education, diverse programs, and classroom learning are parts of life at the university. You can also become a part of communities, and clubs based on shared ethnicities or interests.  
To learn what being a Wildcat could mean for you, keep reading. We will cover different aspects of being a student at the university:

  • Residential life at University of Arizona
  • Clubs and activities at University of Arizona
  • Traditions at University of Arizona
  • Amenities at University of Arizona
  • Health and wellness at University of Arizona
  • Life in Tucson
  • University of Arizona ranking
  • University of arizona acceptance rate and getting in with the help of SelectRight
  • University of arizona cost

1. Living in University of Arizona

A big part of joining a university is living in a new environment. For international students, it means interacting with new cultures and embarking on new adventures everyday.

This experience is best enjoyed when you live in the university. University of Arizona houses 23 dorms and dozens of fraternity and sorority houses.

Making yourself feel at home and finding new friends in a new place can be hard. To make your social life easier, you can join dorms that have living-learning communities, where you can live with Wildcats who share similar interests – from academics and culture, to hobbies and support networks.

These are some living learning communities at University of Arizona.

But that’s not all. The University of Arizona has four housing districts located near your classes, dining, and places to meet up and hang out. You can pick the district that most suits your lifestyle and budget.

And if you want to save money on housing, you can also apply to be an RA.

If living in a dorm isn’t your preference, you can explore the age-old tradition of rushing for your favorite fraternities and sororities.

27 of 54 fraternities and sororities have housing at The University of Arizona. So, you can experience life on campus while also making life-long sisters and brothers.

2.Take part in new experiences at University of Arizona

University of Arizona is home to 400+ of student clubs and organizations. You can take part in your existing hobbies, find new ones and even become a part of career-oriented and professional groups.

There are 6 types of clubs and organizations in the University of Arizona.

  1. STEM-Focused Clubs like Engineers Without Borders and The Microbiology Club
  2. Athletes & Adventurers clubs like Arizona Cycling and Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
  3. Professional Development clubs  like American Marketing Association and Pre-Pharmacy Club
  4. Special Interest Clubs like Arizona Esports and Gaming, Comedy Corner and Wildcat Formula Racing
  5. Health & Wellness clubs like Meditation Cats and Veggie Cats
  6. Creative Clubs like Arizona Swing Cats, Art ClayWorks and University Filmmakers Organization.

Needless to say, with these clubs, you can make new friends and pursue your passion. But, you can also add these experiences to your resume to show future organizations that you are a well-rounded candidate with diverse interests.

If you feel alienated in university and are looking for a community, University of Arizona also has dozens of cultural and resource centers to help you meet people from similar backgrounds.

Here are the centers.

3.Spirits and traditions and University of Arizona

A university is nothing without its timeless traditions. These traditions don’t just connect you with the present student body but the past and future students who have been and will be a part of University of Arizona.

Two integral elements are ZonaZoo and the rallying cry of “Bear Down!”.

ZonaZoo is the largest student section in the Pac-12. The football game brings out thousands of Wildcats for everything from tailgating on the mall to exciting halftime shows by the Pride of Arizona to touchdowns

You can also follow the Pep Band’s dance moves and participate in the timeless cheer.

In 1926, the student body president and quarterback, suffered serious injuries in a car accident in 1926. “Tell them… tell the team to bear down,” were his last instructions to his coach. Today, this short, two-word phrase serves as a rallying cry for the University of Arizona.

Today these two things bring together 10,000+ members. Get your own mech and participate in the team spirit.

4.What University of Arizona has to offer

Let’s see what University of Arizona offers apart from clubs and housing to make your life easier.

  • As a student, you get access to weekly pet therapy with dogs from Pet Partners and the Humane Society.
  • The university also has CATalyst Studio in which you can make use of a podcasting studio, VR green screen, 3D printers and sewing machines.
  • Use the campus closet and find gently used or new clothing at cheap rates to save money on buying new clothes.
  • If you have a green thumb, you will love the rooftop greenhouse that grows fresh produce for the Campus Pantry.
  • Kick back and relax with your friends at Arizona Esports Area. Make use of billboards, board games, foosball, air hockey, gaming consoles and more.
  • The university also has a library borrow technology program that lets you borrow laptops, tablets, accessories, cameras and media gear.
  • If you are worried about life after Arizona, you can submit your cover letter or resume to Student Engagement & Career Development to get the job you want.

5.Maintain your wellness

University of Arizona is dedicated to providing you the best mental and physical health care required.

You can speak with a counselor at Counseling and Psych Services. Visit Campus Health to get your flu shot. With the help of a nutritionist, you can choose a healthy diet on a budget.

6.Find your home in University of Arizona, Tucson

Life is great at University of Arizona, but what about once you step out into Tucson?

Tucson is Arizona’s second-largest city with the University of Arizona at the center.

You will have access to great food as Tucson is the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in North America; recognized for its history of culinary distinctiveness. Explore

Tucson is also home to many attractions to help you understand the town’s culture like the San Xavier Del Bac Mission and the open-air Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Tucson also houses more than 1 million people. You have ample opportunity to meet new people and feel at home.

But that’s not all. 40% of University of Arizona’s most recent graduating class decided to stay inTucson for work or school after completing their four years here.

Diverse industries, including aviation, space, defense, healthcare, and a burgeoning start-up scene make it a great town for those looking to enter the job market.

University of Arizona ranking

The ranking is as follows: No. 105 overall and tied for No. 48 among public universities. The university ranks No. 11 among all colleges and universities that are designated as Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

University of Arizona acceptance rate and how to get in?

The ranking is really high which vouches for its academic excellence. And it guarantees a great student life experience as well.

If you want to get in, you have to prove that you are a suitable candidate. The University of Arizona acceptance rate is 85%.

However, the University of Arizona’s acceptance rate will vary with each program depending on the applications. To know relevant acceptance rates, go to SelectRight. The platform will calculate relative admission chances. By combing through the past admission data of candidates with profiles similar to yours. SelectRight calculates how likely you are to get your application approved.
University of Arizona cost

The cost for tuition is $32,760 at the Undergraduate level and $26,640 at the Graduate level.

If you want to calculate the total University of Arizona cost. Go to SelectRight. The platform will calculate the entire amount that you will be required to pay for your program. This includes tuition fees, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenditures.

If you are looking to go beyond academics, to grow as a person, build networks and make life-long connections, University of Arizona is a great choice. With the top rankings, quality education is guaranteed. And everything that surrounds life at the university, guarantees a great life as well.

If you haven’t applied yet, all the best for your application. If you have any further questions or need any help with your applications, create an account on SelectRight and get help from industry experts.

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