India To Canada Direct Flights Have Resumed

Direct flights from India to Canada have resumed after almost 5 months. Canada first announced its ban on direct flights from India in April 2021 during the second wave of Covid-19. After multiple postponements, the latest being in August 2021, direct flights from India are officially back in business!

Air Canada, the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada, has restarted nonstop flights from India to Toronto with the Delhi Airport being the first port of call for them effective September 21, 2021, onwards with a new Covid testing protocol.

Air Canada’s Covid Test Requirements For Flights From India

As per Air Canada’s website, these are the new requirements from all the passengers travelling to Canada:

  • WHO-approved vaccinated passengers must undergo an RT-PCR or a rapid PCR test within 18 hours of boarding their flights from the Covid-19 Testing Centre and Lounge at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3.
  • The requirement of a negative RT-PCR report from a third country (transit country) has been dropped.

In addition to the new requirements, the following conditions still remain:

  • All travellers must be double vaccinated.
  • Only the following vaccines are recognised by Canada:
    1. Johnson
    2. Moderna
    3. Pfizer
    4. Covishield
  • All documents must be uploaded before departure on

With the ban on direct flights from India to Canada lifted, it comes as a sigh of relief (albeit new stringent testing requirements) as it now doesn’t require travellers to opt for indirect flight routes.

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