Life of International Students in France

Did you know that France is the most-visited country in the world? It is known for its culture and heritage, but the cuisine and wine cannot be ignored. The country offers one kind of experience which will alter the life of international students in France. It has a great interactive environment bringing students from all countries together. There are endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and education. If you want to learn with a diverse group of people and also have a menu full of exciting things, France is the country for you. 

The checklist of things you can do in France varies according to the college you enrol in and your place of stay. Besides various scholarships, there are various courses that are unique to those universities. There are multiple museums showing everything from history to modern and art to science that you can see. As a bonus to college students, most of them allow free entry. France has cinemas spread all around the country. Moreover, most universities in France offer students the chance to remain connected to the world with their wireless internet access provided without any additional cost

When talking about France, it is impossible to ignore the cultural and artistic influence it has on the world. Some of the great philosophers of the world made France their home. They saw something in the place that they could not find anywhere else. It also might come as a surprise to many that people like Hobbes, Rousseau, and Montesquieu chose France over any other country. Everything that we have mentioned above is only the beginning of the great things that you will find while studying in France.

  1. There is never a dull day in the lives of students in France
    Life should not be serious all of the time. As a part of the student lifestyle, universities schedule shows and have conferences, parties, and outdoor activities. The activities that are put together for fun vary for all the colleges. But you can be sure that there is someone in the administration working on filling the calendar with fun activities for all. Some of the best universities in France want their students to learn, but they also ensure that they have a great time in the process.
  2. Flexible study approach and environment

    When the time to attend classes arrives, students enjoy a broad range of timetables that are flexible to their needs. You can choose the dates and times of the course you want to attend. This approach makes things easier for those who plan to work without compromising their study and for those who want to experience a wide range of social affairs throughout the academic year. Nevertheless, take time out to study every day.

  3. Experience from the best universities in the world
    Schools across France believe in providing every student enrolled in their schools with the best education imaginable. With this, you must deliver your absolute best academically. The best way to learn and keep up with the benchmarks set out by the country is to study the material given in class. You can make learning fun in many ways, and doing this will make it feel like something that you want to do. There is a range of exams given during your study in France. They do not exist to scare or fail you; they are there to ensure that you learn from what the school teaches.
  4. France caters to the needs of every individual

    The standard of living in France is relatively high. It owes its significance to the high per-capita income of its inhabitants. But something that is certain is that it is an amazing, life-changing experience for international students. France caters to every taste – and that does not only mean cheese and wine enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a bustling metropolitan environment, peaceful mountains, or the comfy atmosphere on the Mediterranean shore, you will find a suitable destination for yourself. 

  5. Post-study work visa opportunity

    The life of International students in France changes due to the job opportunities they get. They are eligible for a post-study work visa which allows them to receive a temporary residency permit for a period of about 12 to 24 months. Although it is a nonrenewable temporary visa, it offers various opportunities to gain work experience. You can always apply for a work visa if you wish to continue to work in the country. However, it is advisable to take credible and specific information first. 

  6. An unforgettable adventure
    The changes in the Life of International Students in France will become an unforgettable experience. When in France, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. You will meet people who are multicultural, proud of their heritage, open-minded and are consistently looking forward to the future. You will have the chance to learn the French lifestyle and culture while living there. It is a great way to explore, and there is a lot that you can experience. However, it would be such a disgrace to depart and not have appreciated it all. While focusing on what you have come to do is necessary, this does not mean that there is no time to enjoy yourself.

More than 250,000 international students choose to study in France. It is a preferred study abroad destination. This is no wonder because France is among the world’s top study destinations. Owing to its rich cultural heritage, sightseeing, cuisine, and internationally acclaimed schools, France is considered among the best countries when it comes to sharing a new culture or lifestyle. No matter how much you hear it, it doesn’t get better than the Life of International Students in France. Nothing will beat a French university experience. You will also leave with essential knowledge of the programme backed by internationally-recognised certification. Each day will be full of something new and exciting.

If learning is something that excites you, KEDGE Business school will definitely inspire you to spend a year or few in France. It is a school of excellence that offers various outside-the-box courses that focus more on practical learning and experience. To answer your questions about France, GradRight brings to you a webinar, ‘Study in France: Say Oui to a World of Opportunities’  on 24th February 2022. The hosts of the session will be our co-founder Mr. Sasidhar Sista, M.S.Ed, University of Pennsylvania and Mr. Prayag Tripathi, South-East Asia Representative for Kedge University. It will talk about opportunities for studying in France, scholarships, post study visa information, and much more!

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