MS in Computer Science: 5 Reasons Why The USA is The Better Choice & 5 Reasons Why is Canada is!

Computer science is a rich field with tons of potential for development. If you have chosen to study an MS in Computer Science in 2022, you have made the right choice for your career. To help you choose the right destination, here are some of the pros and cons of studying it in America and Canada. 

MS in Computer Science in USA

5 pros of doing your MS in Computer Science in USA

Doing a master’s in the USA is a dream for many students, and it is easy to see why. The USA is a land of opportunity. It provides career development opportunities to everyone. According to statistics, there were around nine hundred thousand international students in the USA in 2021. 

  1. Many scholarship opportunities
    According to data, more than 600 universities in the USA offer scholarships worth $20,000 for international students. It will provide massive financial support to students hoping to move to the US to study.
  2. Plenty of internship programs
    Internship programs are a great way to cover your expenses when studying abroad. You can become an intern at your university to cover expenses. This will help you pay for expenditures. It will also help you gain experience through the program.
  3. Exposure to technology and knowledge 
    Another benefit of a master’s in Computer Science in the US is exposure to advanced technologies. You will learn a lot during your stay in the US. Also, The USA is well known for having significant advancements in technologies. It will allow your interaction with those technologies.
  4. The USA has some of the best universities in the world 
    One of the top reasons students go to the US to study is that some of the world’s best universities are there for MS in Computer Science. These universities are widely known for their quality education. Some of them are MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University, and the University of Chicago.
  5. You can earn better in the US
    As an Indian student, working in the country will help you get paid better. According to statistics, Indian workers in the US earn more than American workers on average. So an MS in Computer Science in USA will payoff. 

5 cons of doing your MS in Computer Science in USA

  1. High costs of living
    Compared to other countries, the USA has high costs of living. Living in the USA can be very expensive. The expenditures on food, clothing, travel and other expenses are higher. It can also be challenging for students who come from middle-class families to manage.
  2. Cost of education
    The cost of education in the US is high. And MS in Computer Science in USA is no exception. So, if you do not get any scholarships or assistantships, it will be hard for you to pay for your tuition. If you do not have enough financial stability, you may have to take loans to pay for your education abroad.


  3. Uncertainty about the job guarantee
    There is no assurance of obtaining a job post studies. Multiple factors such as academic performance and personality determine your job guarantee. Also, communication skills, emotional quotient, and experiences play an integral role.
  4. Diverse weather conditions
    The climate in the country is diverse. It requires international students to research it. As everyone’s immunity may not fit. The possibility is also that one may not adapt to the adverse cold and weather.
  5. States have different curriculums
    Every state of the US follows different a curriculum. It creates students of varying standards of education.

5 pros of doing your MS in CS from Canada

Canada is another high-demand country for students. There were 530,540 international students in Canada in 2020.

  1. Canada provides some great university options
    Just like the USA, there are some great choices for universities for MS in CS from Canada. These include the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of Alberta.
  2. Best scholarship programs 
    Canada provides international students with many scholarship opportunities. Canada provides an array of scholarship programs for students from South Asia.
  3. A safe studying environment 
    Canada is the sixth safest country in the world. Are you looking for a peaceful country with opportunities for growth and learning? Canada is the right place to do your MS in CS.
  4. Part-time job opportunities 
    Like the USA, Canada provides students opportunities to earn while studying. You can take up part-time jobs while pursuing your MS in CS from Canada. The only conditions are that you need a valid study permit, and your program should be longer than six months.
  5. The international workforce is in high demand 
    Another benefit of going to Canada for your master’s in Computer Science is that you will be in great demand. Canada encourages international students to come to Canada to study. Similarly, they need a young workforce to run the economy. 

5 Cons of Doing Your MS in CS from Canada

  1. Tuition fees  
    While studying in Canada is generally less expensive. But, it also comes with high tuition fees that could be difficult to pay for some. However, many scholarship programs can make it affordable.
  2. Cost of living 
    Most of the places in Canada are affordable. However, some cities will be expensive to live in, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Burnaby.
  3. Climate 
    The climate of Canada can be quite unforgiving for those who are not prepared for it. As an Indian student, you might feel it difficult to live there during winters. The temperatures can be as low as -25 degrees celsius.
  4. An expensive lifestyle
    The cost of education is relatively affordable in Canada. But the cost of living is somewhat the opposite. Food, rent, and clothing are costly, especially in the larger cities. Managing expenses while studying can be troubling for some students.
  5. Rental Housing
    Other costs such as rental housing can become overwhelming for students. Especially those living in expensive cities. 

MS in Computer Science in USA or MS in CS from Canada? Both the USA and Canada are fascinating choices for students who want to have a promising career in computer science. However, when applying to a university, consider the cons and whether you can deal with them. 

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