Schulich School of Business: 6 Top Reasons to Study There

Choosing to study business abroad can be one of the most exciting phases of your life. However, it is necessary to ensure that you follow the right procedures. It is also important to stay updated about schools that can offer a diverse curriculum and life. The Schulich School of Business, a part of York University, is one such school. If lucky, you might have just found the place to give you the right push in the business world.

While we dive deeper into the benefits that the school has to offer, let’s also have a brief review of the Schulich School of Business – York University.

Schulich School of Business

What is the Schulich School of Business?

The Schulich School of Business is the business school of York University. The school offers programmes in business majors. It’s a well-acclaimed school with excellent reviews about its experienced faculty and environment. It’s the number 1 ranked business school in Canada. For instance, it is ranked the best by The Economist, Forbes, and Corporate Knights. Schulich ranked as the best in responsible business. It allows you to select the specific program that suits your career goals. It also provides you with a vast range of BBA/BBA, MBA specializations, and specialised master’s programs.  

Six reasons to study at Schulich School of Business - York University

Now let’s discuss the top six reasons to choose the Schulich School of Business to secure your career. Read on.

  1. Vast choices of programs
    It is the salient feature of the Schulich School of Business that it has a wide variety of programs to offer. If we go through their undergraduate programs, we get to see two significant courses BBA and IBBA. The Master of Business Administration offers programs of MBA / Juris doctor, MFA, MA, International MBA, Kellogg-Schulich, and Executive MBA. In Graduate diplomas, courses of post-MBA diplomas in Advanced management and intermediate accounting are there. The Schulich School of Business also provides the program of Doctor of Philosophy. Students can get themselves enrolled in their desired program.
  2. Flexibility
    Schulich has a unique approach to maximising flexibility. Instead of choosing between studying for an MBA and working, you can study the low maintenance program. It permits you to do both. The part-time program offers daytime and evening classes and concludes in three years. If you wish, you can also switch between full-time and low maintenance throughout the program.
  3. Exceptional faculty and research
    Schulich flaunts a lively and vibrant touch with the local area. It is famous for its greatness and accomplishments as an institution. The central goal is to prepare information and distil it for training. Besides that, the Faculty of Schulich is very innovative. These scholars globally based on areas of research expertise. Moreover, the faculty inspires its students. The graduates of this school go on to work in renowned multi-national countries.
  4. Healthy life at the campus
    At Schulich, you’ll expand your horizon by gaining from the global faculty and meeting industry pioneers from various sectors. And that’s just the beginning. The connections you construct will shape your prosperity at Schulich and beyond. Schulich offers a universe of freedom to develop your aptitudes and interests. You can also forge friendships as you take part in clubs, case contests, and meetings.
  5. Friendly services for the students
    It is rarely easy to settle with the immediate change from high school to university. So, a student might have to struggle to adapt to this change. However, the school provides friendly services that will help you go with the university’s flow. It also offers a large group of administrations to help you seek your objectives. Schulich claims to assist in making your progress a fruitful one. The scholastic and direction exercises assist you with associations and become a part of the Schulich group.
  6. Alumni association
    Alumni Association is a distinctive factor of this school. You can join this association as soon as you graduate, and it has many advantages. You can stay connected to a variety of sources and special deals. Moreover, some significant perks about joining this association are that you can get access to exclusive deals. You also get opportunities like custom framing and special discounts on HP devices through the HP affiliate program. This association supports education travel and that’s why it standout in Canada. 

Schulich School of Business is unarguably the best choice for the business. In the same way, we get to see efficient facilities that are willing to help the students in the best way possible. The healthy life on campus and friendly services further concrete the school’s reputation. Let’s go through the success stories of the graduates of this school. While Tyler McLay is in the top 35 real estate businessmen in Canada, Linda Cattelan is a renowned career development expert. 

Thus, the Schulich School of Business has birthed individuals who are flourishing in the world. Also, the employment rates for Schulich School of Business graduates are higher than its competitors. So, the Schulich School of Business is one of the best choices for students to enrol in a business major.

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