Student Loan To Study In Italy 2022: Top Banks, Interest-rate Comparison

Why would you plan on studying in Italy?

For some good old cheese and pizza. Valid reason.

But, along with the popular wine, cheese, and pizzas, Italy comes as a grounded overachiever in academia.

With some of the world’s oldest universities like the University of Bologna and Naples dating back to the eleventh century, Italy has been valuing education since the middle ages and the renaissance era.

Other than the touristy marvels, luxury automobiles, and fashion brands, Italy is also the go-to study destination for students of architecture, art, history, fashion, and more.

Universities in Italy offer over 500 English-taught courses.

Over 5000 Indian students chose to study in Italy in 2021.

International students can work part-time and earn up to 140 Euros a week. This means you can earn about 560 Euros a month.

So, if you too are interested in Italy for more than just a pizza, this blog will tell you how to successfully get to Italy by securing a student loan.

To secure a student loan, you must first be acquainted with the expenses you will foresee when you study in Italy. Therefore, let’s address the cost of studying in Italy and student loans for Italy, after.

Cost of Studying in Italy: Comprehensive Guide of Expenses in Italy for an Indian Student

This section will list the various expenses you will incur before and after you move to Italy.


1. Top Universities in Italy: Fees

If you plan to study in Italy, here are some of the top universities you can enroll in. To study a graduate and postgraduate course, the fee ranges from Rs. 63,870 to Rs. 35 Lakhs per year. Some of the top universities and fee ranges are:
University Fee Range (INR) Fee Range (EURO)
University of Bologna 2.2 – 35 Lakh/ year 2,710 – 43,118 Euro/year
Sapienza University of Rome 2.38 – 2.47 Lakh/ year 2,931- 3,042 Euro/year
University of Padova 2.2 – 2.14 Lakh/ year 2,710 – 2,636 Euro/year
University of Rome Tor Vergata 84.49K – 4.22 Lakh/ year 1,040- 5,198 Euro/year
IULM University 7 – 12.17 Lakh/ year 8,623- 14,992 Euro/year
Rome Business School 12.67 – 15.21 Lakh/ year 15,608- 18,737 Euro/year
University of Sienna 63.87K – 2.11 Lakh/ year 786 – 2,599 Euro/year
Humanitas University 6.76 – 17.03 Lakh/ year 8,327 – 20,979 Euro/year
University of Naples 2.53 – 10.5 Lakh/ year 3,116 – 12,934 Euro/year
SDA Bocconi School of Management 23.66 – 65.48 Lakh/ year 29,146 – 80,664 Euro/year
DOMUS Academy 10.5 – 23.10 Lakh/ year 12,934 -28,4556 Euro/year
Politecnico Di Milano 6.2 – 35 Lakh/year 7,637 – 43,116 Euro/year
Note: The Italian government and universities offer attractive scholarships worth 10,000 Euros/year for international students.

2. Student Visa and Health Insurance

After you receive your letter of acceptance from an Italian university, you will have to apply for a student visa or a ‘D National Visa’ to study in Italy.
Visa Type Cost Duration
D visa 116 Euro (Rs 9358) Longer than 90 days
C visa 80 Euro (Rs 6,454) For studies that last under 90 days
Along with a student visa, international students also require health insurance to study in Italy. One of the options you have is welcome association Italy, health insurance that costs about 120 Euros/year. Study in Italy

3. Flight Charges

Flight fares to Italy from India vary depending on the season and the time of the year.

The academic period in Italy usually begins in September/October and ends around January/February.

Students need to keep about Rs. 93,000 – Rs. 1,09,000 aside as their flight costs.

But, if you book it well in advance, it might cost you about Rs 60,000 – Rs 80,000.

4. Accommodation Costs

International students studying in Italy have quite a few options for their accommodation.

Choosing to stay alone could hike up your expenses.

But, affordable options like sharing a common room or living in student halls will help you reduce your living cost in Italy.

The description below will give help you understand the expense range:

Accommodation Type

Cost (Euro)

Cost( INR)

Living alone

400 – 700 Euro/month

32,311 – 56,557 INR/month

Student Accommodation

250 – 300 Euro/month

20,199 – 24,238 INR/month

Sharing Rent

250 – 500 Euro/month

20,199 – 40,403 INR/month

Note: The accommodation cost varies depending on the cities you live in. Check out help guides to apply to Italian universities & accommodation abroad.

5. Transportation Costs

Italy has a well-planned public transport system.
You can move across the country easily with the help of buses, trains, metros, ferries, and trams.
With student passes like the ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), fares range from 22 euros/month (Rs 1784 INR) to 250 euros/year (Rs 20,277 INR) in cities like Milan.
On average your commute charges might come up to 1.5 Euros – 12 Euros (Rs. 121 – Rs. 968). You can also easily cycle or walk through the city areas of Italy.

6. Food Cost

The average daily cost of food per person ranges from 14 Euros to 36 Euros. (1,130 – 2906 INR).



Costs (INR)

1 Meal

16 Euro

1290 INR

Dozen eggs

3.5 Euro

282 INR

1L Milk

1.33 Euro

104 INR


8 -10 Euro

648 – 811 INR


6 – 10 Euro

486 – 811 INR


1.50 – 3.50 Euro/ glass

3- 10 Euro/ bottle

121 – 283 INR

243 – 811 INR

Fun Fact: If you decide on eating pizza or pasta every day for a month, you will need to put aside about 180 Euros/month to relish your food fun.

7. Utilities and Other Costs

The utilities and other costs include expenditure on gas, electricity, water, WiFi, waste tax, and any other unexpected expenses you might have to cater to.
For this, it’s best you keep about 277 – 300 Euros/month (22,386 INR) in reserve.
So, as an overall round off, you will need:


Costs (in INR)


63,870 – 35,00,000 / year


6,454 – 9,358 INR


60,000k – 90,000 INR


20,199 – 56,557 INR


1,784 INR/month – 20,277 INR/year


486+ INR/ day – 15,000+/ month

Utilities and other costs

22,386 INR/month

Student loans and banks help you make this investment easily.
To cater to affordable education loan for study abroad, take a look at some of the banks providing loans for your study in Italy.

Top Banks and Student Loans for Italy for Indian Students

To take a bank loan to study in Italy the eligibility criteria are as follows:
● The student must be admitted to a university.
● The loan applicant must be 18 years of age.
● The student needs to have an excellent academic record.
You can avail unsecured education loans or secured education loan for study abroad from public banks, private banks or non-bank finance lending companies.
Secured loans are loans that need collateral. The collateral can be a fixed deposit. Getting secured loans from Banks and NFCSs is easier since the interest rate is lower.
Whereas an unsecured loan is given without any collateral at a higher interest rate.
Here is a compiled list of Banks and NBFCS providing loans for Italy:



Processing Fee

Maximum Loan Amount

Interest Rate

Period of Loan

Axis Bank


At the discretion of the bank

RS. 20 Lakhs


15 Years

Bank of Baroda



RS. 80 Lakhs

UPTO 9.85% pa

15 Years

Canara Bank



As per eligibility

Up to ongoing one-year MCLR+1.50 %

15 Years

Federal Bank



RS. 2O Lakhs

Up to 10.05% pa

Course period and 5-7 Years



RS. 1000 OR 1% of loan

RS. 30 Lakhs

9.55% pa

15 Years Including moratorium



RS 10,000

RS 1.5 Crore

8.65% pa

15 Years

Punjab National Bank


1% of the loan amount, subject to a minimum amount of Rs.10,000

As per requirement as repayment capacity

RLR+BSP+2.00% onwards

15 Years




Upto RS. 2O Lakhs

(requires no collateral for up to 4 Lakhs)

6.75%- 8.65%

15 Years

The above list includes some of the best educational loans available to study in Italy.

By taking any of the listed loans with the help of FundRight, you get the best student deal possible to study abroad.

Carefully check the loan requirements, and criteria to apply for a loan suitable to your needs.

The average salary of a working professional in Italy ranges from 30,000 Euros and above.

Also, Italy is relatively cheaper as compared to other EU countries.

So, taking a student loan and paying it off after you find a job wouldn’t be a tough task.

Thus, take a loan, fulfill your dreams and take over the life you aspire to.

All the best!

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