6 Reasons to Study in France at KEDGE Business School

Do you wish to study business management but not the traditional way? Well, KEDGE Business School might be the right place to do it. The school offers diverse programmes ranging from Corporate Finance to Digital Marketing and Wine Management to International Business. More than that, it has been triple-accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. It has four campuses in France, spread over Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, and Tuolan. When choosing to study in France, it is impossible to ignore KEDGE.

1.  KEDGE Business School ranks among the best
KEDGE Business School continues to appear in French and international rankings. It stands out for its management and specialised training courses for students and professionals alike. KEDGE is among the top 1% of Business Schools worldwide. On top of that, KEDGE ranked 41st in the QS World University Ranking for Masters in Management. And 30th for Masters in Marketing. That surely does sound like a great university, doesn’t it?

2.  Programmes offered at KEDGE Business School
KEDGE offers a wide range of programmes for its students. They are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate, exchange, and short-term levels. At the undergraduate level, it has a comprehensive International BBA Programme. The short term courses are offered at all four campuses in the summer.

Courses at the postgraduate level cover the areas of Arts & Creative Industries Management, Corporate Finance, Business Transformation for Sustainability, Wine & Hospitality Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Sport – International sport & event management, International Purchasing & Innovation Management, Data Analytics for Business, and more.

Studying at KEDGE Business School will allow you the freedom to choose more than a management programme. You can also specialise in the course of your interest.

3.  The school offers financial benefits

Have you always wanted to study in France but are anxious about the cost of living and tuition fees? As an international student, you can expect to incur expenses of only around EUR 8,000 yearly. That makes studying in France much cheaper than in other countries. Studying a programme in France is a good decision for your finances. The tuitions fees are considerably lower than those in certain other countries.

At KEDGE, international courses fees vary from €8,500 to €19,900 depending upon the level and the course selected. International students at KEDGE Business School can also benefit from numerous scholarship and subsidies prospects to help offset tuition fees and housing costs. Rest assured, you will be covered by universal health care at no charge. Moreover, France provides numerous affordable activities for international students allowing them to experience their education there.

4.  Find Europe at your doorstep
Another advantage of the KEDGE Business School campuses in France is their locations. The Bordeaux campus allows easy access to the world’s best vineyards of Saint-Emilion and the beaches of the Atlantic coast. On the Mediterranean coast, the Marseille campus will allow you to enjoy the peace France has to offer. Visit the lavender fields in Provence or travel to the French Riviera’s must-see spots. In the heart of France, the Paris Campus needs no introduction.

5.  It will boost your employability
Gaining international experience is another step on the ladder to starting a professional career. A French degree holds value to employers from all around the world. KEDGE ensures a world-class education. You will gain the interpersonal skills of adaptability, intercultural understanding, and self-reliance. With campuses across France, it will offer an excellent networking potential. Additionally, in the post-study work stream, several work visas are available yearly for international students to stay and work in France.

6.  Requirements for GRE, GMAT, and IELTS
Yes, you read that right! At KEDGE, you are not required to submit scores on GRE and GMAT for courses other than Master in Management Grande Ecole. If the medium of education at your school and university was English, you have a choice to waive the IELTS condition. It also makes the admission process easier and your chances of getting in higher.

With excellent learning infrastructure, unique leisure options, and numerous opportunities for multi-cultural interaction, KEDGE Business School is among the best universities to study in France. Whether you are a school student looking for a business degree, an undergraduate seeking admission into higher education, KEDGE will provide you with a space within its curriculum. Moreover, you do not want to miss the exquisite culinary experience central to France.

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