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Campus Events at Leading MS in Information Systems Universities in the USA: A Preview of What's to Come!

Campus Events at Leading MS in Information Systems Universities in the USA: A Preview of What’s to Come!

Campus Events at Leading MS in Information Systems Universities in the USA: A Preview of What's to Come!

A US university offers an unrivaled platform to launch your career in Information Systems.

But what exactly will life be like?

This guide offers you a sneak peek.

Campus Events at Leading MS in Information Systems Universities in the USA: A Preview of What's to Come!

Why This Matters 

Taking part in campus events at USA universities is a must-do for any student. 

They provide a platform for cultural exchange, foster a sense of belonging, and expose you to diverse perspectives.

Each event presents an opportunity to develop as a human and a professional and you should take an active part. 

Quick Summary

Here’s what you will read about. 

  1. Welcome Week/Orientation
  2. Guest Lectures and Speaker Series 
  3. Hackathons and Tech Competitions  
  4. Career Fairs and Networking Events  
  5. Workshops and Training Sessions
  6. Academic Conferences and Symposia  
  7. Cultural Celebrations and Festivals

A Guide to Campus Events at Top US Universities

Here are some common types of campus events that you will attend while pursuing MS in Information Systems.

1. Welcome Week/Orientation:

  • What they are: These events are organized at the beginning of the academic year. They help new students get acquainted with the campus, fellow students, and university resources.
  • How they help: Welcome Week provides a smooth transition into university life. It fosters a sense of belonging. Students learn important information – from where the pharmacy is located to the nearest rec room.
  • Tips to help you: Attend as many orientation events as possible. Actively engage in activities, ask questions, and connect with other new students.

2. Guest Lectures and Speaker Series:

  • What they are: Lectures by renowned scholars, industry experts, and influential speakers are very popular in the US. It gives young minds a chance to participate in panel discussions on technology, and related topics.
  • How they help: These events expose students to cutting-edge research, industry insights, and real-world perspectives. This is crucial to build curiosity and foster critical thinking skills.
  • Tips to help you: Keep an eye on the university’s event calendar, attend lectures of interest. Take copious notes, and participate in Q&A sessions to make the most of these learning opportunities.
Guest Lectures and Speaker Series

Global food security conference at UMD


3. Hackathons (also known as Codefests):

  • What they are: Hackathons are basically coding competitions. Students collaborate intensively on programming or technology projects within a limited timeframe. They look good on CV because you proved you can perform under pressure.
  • How they help: Hackathons and tech competitions offer hands-on experience, and encourage teamwork. Proven ability to work with others is a major plus when seeking jobs. They also provide networking opportunities with industry professionals.
  • Tips to help you: Form or join a team, brainstorm ideas in advance, brush up on relevant skills. Be prepared to work under tremendous pressure to make the most of these events.
Hackathons (also known as Codefests)

UMD students emerge victorious in the ESSA Challenge hackathons 


4. Career Fairs and Networking Events:

  • What they are: Events where students can interact with potential employers, and explore job opportunities. You get an opportunity to network with HR professionals, and learn about internships or career paths. For example, at University of Maryland, College Park, there are a wide range of such events displayed on the website, well in advance. 
  • How they help: Career fairs and networking events facilitate connections, and provide insights into industry trends. If you are good at conversing, they may lead to internships, job offers, and mentorship.
  • Tips to help you: Dress professionally, bring copies of your resume, and research attending companies beforehand. Apart from these, prepare an elevator pitch, and follow up with contacts after the event.
Career fair at UMD

Career fair at UMD


5. Workshops and Training Sessions:

  • What they are: Practical sessions or seminars that offer instruction and hands-on training on specific topics. Information systems consist of real-world applications of using IT and workshops offer a peek into how the theory gets applied.
  • How they help: Workshops and training sessions enhance technical proficiency, and build practical skills. You get to expand your grasp in specialized areas, and improve employability.
  • Tips to help you: Register for workshops aligned with your interests or career goals. Actively participate, take notes, and ask questions about real life applications.
App development workshop at UMD

App development workshop at UMD


6. Academic Conferences and Symposia:

  • What they are: Conferences and seminars are where researchers, academics, and industry experts gather to present their work, and share ideas. It is useful since you learn about advancements in information systems and related fields.
  • How they help: Academic conferences foster intellectual growth, and provide exposure to current research. You also understand how your final dissertation should be framed.
  • Tips to help you: Attend sessions aligned with your interests, engage in discussions, and network with professionals in your field.
Professional Development Conference at UMD

Professional Development Conference at UMD


7. Cultural Celebrations and Festivals:

  • What they are: Events that showcase different cultures, traditions, and cuisines. They often include performances, art exhibitions, food fairs, and interactive activities.
  • How they help: Cultural celebrations promote diversity, and intercultural understanding.  They create a sense of inclusivity and bonding.
  • Tips to help you: Attend cultural events outside your own background, and immerse yourself in the experience. Widen your horizons, eat new cuisines and learn from students in other streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I do if I feel uncertain about social norms when interacting at campus events?

A: Feeling uncertain about social norms at campus events is common, especially for international students. To navigate these situations:

  • Observe and adapt: Pay attention to how others interact and behave at the event. Observe their body language, conversation styles, and etiquette, and adjust your behavior accordingly.
  • Ask for guidance: Seek advice from student services, international student offices, or mentors who can provide insights into social norms and cultural expectations.
  • Engage in conversations: Don’t hesitate to initiate conversations and ask questions. Most people are understanding and welcoming, and they will appreciate your effort to connect and learn.
  • Attend orientation or cultural integration events: Universities often organize orientation programs or cultural integration events designed to help students understand social norms and interact effectively. Take advantage of these opportunities.

Q2: How can I cope with understanding English spoken in different accents during campus events?

A: Understanding English spoken in various accents can be challenging, but there are strategies to improve comprehension:

  • Practice listening: Engage in regular listening exercises, such as watching movies, TV shows, or podcasts with different accents to train your ear.
  • Seek support: If available, take advantage of language support services offered by your university. They may provide workshops to improve listening skills.
  • Ask for clarification: Don’t hesitate to ask speakers to repeat or rephrase information if you have trouble understanding. Most presenters are willing to ensure everyone comprehends the content.
  • Utilize visual cues: Pay attention to facial expressions, body language, and presentation materials to enhance comprehension. Visual cues can help fill in any gaps in understanding.

Q3: I feel anxious about speaking up in front of a large crowd. What strategies can I employ to overcome this nervousness at campus events?

A: Public speaking anxiety is common, and there are effective strategies to manage it:

  • Prepare and practice: Thoroughly prepare for any speaking opportunities by practicing your presentation or speech. Rehearsing will boost your confidence.
  • Start small: Begin by participating in smaller group discussions or workshops where the audience is more intimate. Gradually work your way up to larger crowds.
  • Focus on the message: Instead of fixating on your nervousness, shift your attention to what you want to share. Remember that the audience is interested in your content and not you.
  • Use calming techniques: Practice deep breathing exercises to help calm your nerves before speaking. Search for “The Wim Hof Technique” on YouTube.

Next, Do This

Embark on an exciting journey of innovation and opportunity with an MS in Information Systems in the USA. Gain cutting-edge knowledge, refine your technical skills, and unlock endless possibilities in the dynamic world of technology and business

Take the leap and unlock a world of endless possibilities with an MS degree from the USA.

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Campus Events at Top MS in Data Science Universities in the USA: What to Expect?

Campus Events at Top MS in Data Science Universities in the USA: What to Expect?

Campus Events at Top MS in Data Science Universities in the USA: What to Expect?

Did you know that the demand for data scientists in the USA has grown by over 650% since 2012?

The campus events at the MS in Data Science universities can impact your learning experience and career growth. 

Campus Events at Top MS in Data Science Universities in the USA: What to Expect?

In this article, we list down the campus events at some of the best MS in Data Science universities in the USA. It also speaks about how these campus events will benefit your career growth.

Before reading ahead, take a quick look at the campus events that can help you pursue a career in Data Science:

  1. HackNJIT
  2. Data Alliance Symposium
  3. NJIT Career Fairs
  5. Women in Data Science(WiDS) Conference
  6. College of Staten Island Graduate Conference


MS in Data Science Campus Events:


MS in Data Science Campus Events


HackNJIT is a 24-hour event at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. It’s organized by the ACM student chapter and Ying Wu College of Computing. Every year, 400-500 students come to attend HackNJIT.

This event is a contest where students from top Data Science Universities in the USA compete to do the best project. They can use open-source tools and third-party APIs, giving proper credit.

The focus of this event is on teamwork. Students from different fields join together to make excellent solutions for real problems. In teams of up to 4, students work on a “hack” project for 24 hours and submit it to judges!

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • Students can show their projects to possible employers at the event. This helps them make connections for internships or jobs later on. 
  • The event pushes students to use their data science knowledge in real situations, giving them helpful experience.
  • By working together, students learn and grow as they share ideas and learn from their teammates.


2. Data Alliance Symposium

Data Alliance Symposium


Data Alliance Symposium is held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. About 200 experts come to share ideas and discuss the future of their field. The event aims to connect students and professionals, encouraging teamwork and new ideas.

The symposium is one of the best MS in Data Science campus events, covering the newest innovations and research in Big Data. Attendees discuss how artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning are essential in our lives today. 

Besides guest speakers, there will be data science workshops and panel discussions. It involves deep conversations about hot topics and new challenges in the field.

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • The event has excellent networking chances. You can meet professionals, researchers, and other students. This helps you make friends that can help you grow in college and work.
  • Data Science Workshops let you talk about your research with experts. You can get advice and find chances to work together or get internships or jobs.


3. NJIT Career Fairs

NJIT Career Fairs


New Jersey Institute of Technology holds Career Fairs in Fall and Spring. Over 230 employers and 2,500 students from top Data Science Universities in the USA come for full-time jobs, co-ops, and internships.

The main goal is to connect students with employers. It helps them find jobs and internships that match their interests.

Students can talk to people from top data science companies. They can discuss their skills, experiences, and dreams. By interacting with them, students learn about the job market and what employers want.

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • Going to career fairs in both semesters is helpful. If you’re not ready or working on your resume during the Fall, you can get the exposure and try again in the spring.
  • At MS in Data Science networking events like this, students like you can find jobs and internships at top-notch companies. 

For example, Ying Wu College of Computing(NJIT) students got jobs with Bank of America at a recent fall event.





GOATHACKS is a yearly event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). It’s about teamwork and solving problems across different disciplines, including data science.

Students must make teams of 1 to 5 members with different skill sets. They will have to complete a short video, up to 4 minutes, showing their project.

Judges check each project based on the project’s design, creativity, how it helps society, user experience, and video demonstration.

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • MS in Data Science networking events like this gather students from many fields to work on exciting projects. It helps them solve real-world problems together, developing an interdisciplinary approach.
  • You can utilize the data science skills in real-life situations, learning about data analysis, machine learning, and AI.
  • Working in teams helps you learn and grow your skills as you share ideas and learn from others.


5. Women in Data Science(WiDS) Conference

Women in Data Science(WiDS) Conference


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) hosts a part of the WiDS, the largest analytics conference in the world. WiDS Central Massachusetts is the organizer of the event.

WiDS aims to inspire and teach data scientists, regardless of background or gender, and help women in the field.

This one-day event lets you learn about the latest data science research in diverse domains. It also helps you see its applications at different levels.

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • It provides a great chance to interact and connect with speakers, industry professionals, and attendees.
  • The panel discussion with experts helps students make the right career choices in their early career stages.
  • Seeing established individuals in leading positions will help you stay motivated in your studies and career.


6. College of Staten Island Graduate Conference

College of Staten Island Graduate Conference


The Graduate Data Science Conference is a top chance for students to collaborate across disciplines. It gives them the chance to present papers, network, and partake in discussions. 

As a College of Staten Island (CSI) student, it will be an excellent opportunity for you to share your research and scholarship with a bigger audience during this event.

They can showcase their work through posters and presentations, proving the high quality of CSI’s programs. These panel discussions will help you stay updated on the latest data science and analytics studies.

Benefits of attending the MS in Data Science campus events:

  • You can network with researchers, professionals, and fellow students from different backgrounds. It will help you exchange ideas and develop valuable relationships for your career. 
  • It is an opportunity to celebrate academic excellence.
  • It helps you build academic relationships with faculty through one-on-one mentorship meetings.

Are you looking for campus events?

In conclusion, campus events at top MS in Data Science universities in the USA are very crucial. They play an important role in shaping the academic and professional growth of Indian students.

At #SelectRight, we help you choose the best university for MS in Data Science with career-benefitting campus events. So start exploring now and embark on a journey toward a successful data science career in the USA.

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