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Why MBA in USA for Indian Students?

Why MBA in USA for Indian Students?


Is that the answer you have been getting from everyone around you? No doubt IIMs are one of the best B-schools in India. 

Who is to contest their state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, extensive curriculum, and placement packages? That’s enough to make your eyes go glittery.

But here’s an interesting number for you. IIM-A, one of the top B-schools in India has an acceptance rate of 0.25%

With all the quota seats and this low acceptance rate, what options do you have at your hands?

Here’s a question to answer your question. 

Did you know that the USA is the only country in the world with over 51 out of 100 globally accredited B-Schools? 

And that the average acceptance rate at the top colleges for MBA in USA is ~ 15%?

Did you get your answer? Yes, “study MBA in USA” is your answer. You know that already, of course. 

But, we know that your mind must be overpowered with a lot of questions about the decision to study in US right now. 

In that case, fret not, because we are here to help you with all of your queries. 

Read on. 

Why MBA in USA for Indian Students?

You decided to get into the top B-School in the US. 

But, then? You get surrounded with doubts about whether or not it is worth making this huge financial decision. 

These reasons will help you figure out why MBA in USA for Indian students is a good option. 

1. Top-ranking B-Schools

What are the first five things you check about a school before finalizing it?

Is ‘ranking’ one of those five things? If yes, great. If not, still great, because an institute is awarded a ranking based on its overall performance. 

So, directly or indirectly, the ranking does become an important factor in choosing a school.

But why are we talking about ranking here? Here’s why. 

If you check the QS World University Rankings 2022 for Global MBA, you would see that about 40% of the listed B-schools are from the US. Stanford Graduate School of Business takes the first position with 94.2 overall scores, followed by Harvard B-School and Penn, Wharton.

QS Global MBA Rankings: Global 2022 | Top Universities

But, the QS ranking is not the only testament to the excellence of these schools. As per the latest THE World University Rankings 2022: Business and Economics, US universities have scored the top spots. 

World University Rankings 2022 by subject: business and economics | Times Higher Education (THE)

2. Comprehensive Financial Aid

This goes without saying that the cost of studying in the US can poke a hole in your pockets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sew it back through financial aid. 

The US has over 500 MBA universities with 270+ of them being publicly-funded. More than 340 of these B-schools offer full and partial funding options or scholarships for international students making it affordable. 

On top of that, with your great GMAT scores, you can bag scholarships that would make your dream of completing an MBA in the US a reality. And if you can’t find scholarships you are eligible for, our board of advisors is always there to help you. Write to us at and we’ll find the right person to speak with you. 

Want to know more about the scholarships and how to get them? Check out the following links:

3. High ROI/ Salary

What is even the advantage of investing lakhs or even crores in education if you are going to spend half of your career paying it back as a loan?

  • Will I be able to pay back my student loans? 
  • Will my salary package after my MBA be worth the financial investment in the course? 
  • Am I making a financial mistake or a great investment?

Having all these questions is natural. So, let’s answer them for you.

report by Statistica on ROI for top B-Schools in the US shows the numbers after 5 years of graduation. And you are going to love the numbers. The top schools can have an ROI as high as $90,000. 

• Best U.S. business schools in 2015, by ROI | Statista

About employment? Over 80% of the graduates from all universities get employed in three months.


And salary? With a high-ranking school, don’t even think below $100,000. Top schools like Stanford GSB and Wharton can bag you an initial package of $145K to $153K+.




  • Good ROI ✅
  • Employment ✅
  • A handsome package ✅
  • A bright future ✅
  • A financial mistake ❌

4. Career Growth and Global Market Awareness

We keep hearing about how the global market is continuously changing and the need to keep up with it is of utmost importance for professional excellence. 

You completed your bachelor’s and decided to opt for an MBA.

Or maybe you are looking to advance in your career so you left your job to go for the course. 

Whatever be the case, studying and working in one of the leading economies of the world with a global brand presence in the job market definitely has its own advantages. And that too, massive.

Understanding of the global economy, US industries, international brands, and networking with industry stalwarts. Now if all of this would not help you with your career growth then what will, right?

And that is not it. 

Through extensive curricula, you will be exposed to a wide range of experiential learning, training programs, interaction with global leaders, and internships. In short, you will be served a dish called success – hot, and in a fancy bowl. 

5. Professional Networking and Increased Job Opportunities

Getting an MBA from the US puts you in close contact with over 126k MBA aspirants graduating every year in the country. Graduates with different work experience, different perspectives on the global economy, and expertise in different fields of business. 

With this, not only will you be able to expand your professional network but will also have increased chances of working with global brands. 

HQs of about 500 multinational corporations are located in the USA or its vicinity. As long as you have what it takes to get into these corporations, you can never run out of top global recruiters. 

More Reasons to Choose the US for an MBA?

  • A long list of schools to choose from. 
  • A name in the society (because graduating from one of the top universities in the world isn’t something everyone can do).
  • Over 50 specializations to choose from. 
  • The opportunity to choose among Full-time, Part-time, Executive, and Online MBA. 
  • Flexible academic environment. 

Did all of these points make you want to look for a B-school in the US now? Then this is the best time for you to select the right university for yourself.

Let’s face it, you can’t handle the data: 1000s of universities, so many cities, so many specializations, so many opportunities. Which one suits you the best? 

AI is your servant when you select your university using SelectRight. 

With SelectRight, you can find the best university for yourself and launch a new phase of your life to study MBA in USA.

How to use SelectRight to choose from the top universities in the world?

How to use SelectRight to choose from the top universities in the world?

SelectRight helps you find your best university. 

We have helped countless Indian students get into top universities in the world while saving them a lot of their time and money.

Our team will remove any and all roadblocks in your path to your next university.

What roadblocks?

Challenges While Selecting A University To Study Abroad

If you are an Indian student that wants to study abroad, there are probably a million questions flying through your head. The majority of those questions can be grouped into the following categories.

`1. Selecting The Field Of Study

When you want to do your masters abroad, selecting the right field of study is crucial. 

Here are some of the many questions that might pop into your head while you choose a field of study for your Masters.

  1. What is the scope?
  2. What career opportunities I will be looking forward to?
  3. Can I get an internship fast?

And the list goes on.

It determines your earning potential and the quality of life you will have post-graduation. This factors into how quickly you can repay your loan.

The course you choose for your Masters is specific. This means, there will be a narrow range of opportunities you can qualify for. The level of competition in a field depends on what you choose to study. 

The main reason it is difficult is that there are simply too many options. 

There are multiple colleges and multiple fields of study to choose from in each. Choosing the incorrect one might not give your career a maximum boost. Or worse, you might regret it.

2. Eligibility Criteria Of Multiple Universities

You must be planning to apply to a few universities to make sure you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

However, different universities or colleges have different requirements for applicants. For instance, some universities require language proficiency tests, while others are focussed on statements of purpose.

Being on top of all of that is quite cumbersome as you will be constantly under stress. Not to mention, going through the “eligibility criteria” section of those websites will take a lot of time.

Keeping all of those criteria in mind as you apply to multiple colleges will stress you out. You will constantly be thinking of a certain document that you need to submit to a certain university only to get disqualified.

Not to mention, you might also be thinking about your finances, accommodation, etc.

3. Financial Challenges And Loans

Most Indian students studying abroad take loans. Financial assistance for tuition, accommodation, and travel is not uncommon.

This adds a couple of months of hard work to every student’s application process.

Selecting a college, finding out their fee, and reaching out to banks is no joke. It takes hours of research, then weeks of waiting as the bank processes your profile. If you are looking for a collateral loan, you will also have to spend time collecting the documents.

The challenge here is that the majority of your time in this phase will be wasted. Because the majority of banks you will be applying to will give you loans with high interests that you will find difficult to accept.

Many students go to forums and ask questions about the problems they face and the doubts they have. Unfortunately, very few of them get good, reliable answers.

This brings us to the final problem that foreign-bound Indian students face.

4. Lack Of Unbiased Guidance

Last but not least.

The only people who can give you proper insights from studying abroad are those who went through that. Students and experts who are aware of the current global academic scenarios are the best sources of knowledge.

A lot of websites, blogs, and videos on the internet are sponsored by agencies and private universities. Essentially they are marketing content that will paint a picture in front of your eyes and sell that to you.

Now, the good news.

All of the above problems are solved with SelectRight.

We have highlighted five ways in which we can help you get into one of the top universities in the world.

Let’s start by looking at how easily you can choose a university.

Choose the right university - with SelectRight

1. From confusion to decision in 3 steps, with SelectRight

You don’t need to spend weeks choosing a university that is perfect for you. With SelectRight, it is as easy as A-B-C.

Choose the right university - with SelectRight​

Answer a few simple questions on SELECT and we will send you college recommendations right to your inbox.

You don’t have to:

  • Spend your valuable time looking for dozens of colleges.
  • Watch many sponsored videos or read biased articles.
  • Spend weeks or months deciding which colleges you will be applying to.

Choosing a new college should be seamless and exciting. However, going through multiple forums, bulletins, and videos takes it all away.

At SelectRight, we will do all the hard work for you so that you can relax.

We also provide a great opportunity for you to connect with others who have been in your shoes.

2. Connect with alumni and students

You can directly ask any questions you might have about studying abroad to students and alumni who already were in your position.

They will tell you about the real experience at the college of your choice so that you can make an informed decision. You only do your Masters once, so make sure that you are completely aware of the risks and rewards.

SelectRight connects you to a global network of students who went to college and are willing to help newcomers with their journey.

We will also connect you with experts who will help you with your process.

3. Expert guidance on your application

Suppose you are qualified for five different colleges. You have talked with students and alumni of each of those colleges. The problem is that all of those seem like good options and now you’re confused.

This is where our experts come in.

Our seasoned experts will analyze your profile and will let you know which college is the best for you.


They will ask you about your dreams and aspirations, understand your financial situation, and give you their opinion. This will help you to choose the best from the top universities in the world.

Another challenge Indian students face while studying abroad is finances.

4. Low interest, no-collateral student loans

One of the biggest roadblocks is the finances while you are looking for colleges to study abroad. There are many students who start their college research by putting the tuition fees at the top of their priority list.

And they do it for good reason.

The amount of the loan will define the level of sacrifice your family has to make in their daily lives. No student will want to study abroad if their family has to struggle to make their ends meet.

On top of that, if the loan amount or its interest rate is huge, there will be a lot of pressure as they study abroad.

We already explained how difficult it is to secure a loan that fits your budget.

Not anymore.

With FundRight, you can save at least 2-5% of interest on your study loan.

We will have moneylenders bidding for you.

You get to choose who gets to fund you.

Since the loans we provide are non-collateral loans, you will have less paperwork to do.

Just fill up your profile, submit documents (once), and select the moneylender perfect for you.

You are five steps away from securing your funds.

Get your education loan for studying abroad approved in five simple steps.

While applying for colleges, you might have a few questions that might pop up in your head as you continue further with the application process. We have a solution for that as well.

5. Exclusive virtual events for students

On our Discord server, we host weekly events that involve students, alumni, and our in-house experts. There we answer all the queries of potential students as they gear up to join one of the top universities in the world.

This is a direct opportunity to listen to others who are in your shoes and looking forward to doing their Masters abroad. You can ask any personal questions you might have and get the answers for it. It is a great place for you to network and meet like-minded individuals.

That’s A Wrap

In short, SelectRight is the one-stop solution for Indian students who want to study abroad at top universities in the world.

From helping you select the college or university that is right for you to the right student loan that will get you there, we can help you with all.

Not only that, but we will also help you save a lot of time and money in your process.

Plus, a network of students, alumni, and experts who have your best interests at heart.

Submit your profile and we will get you started.

Why Masters’s in Canada for Indian students is a great option

Why Indian Students Should Study Masters in Canada?

Canada has become one of the most chosen destinations for Indian students to Canada.

From January to September 2021, 1,15,000 Indian students went to Canada to study for their masters.

That is a number that continues to grow as we speak.

In this article, we have shed some light on the benefits of doing Masters in Canada for Indian students and the steps to get there.

Let’s start taking a look at the four major advantages that Canada-bound Indian students can enjoy.

1. Tuition Fees For MS in Canada are Affordable

The first thing an Indian student thinks about before thinking of studying abroad is calculating the fees.

As most (if not all) students take loans to study in Canada or the US, affordability is central to all decisions.

The average tuition fees per year while doing MS in Canada is around ₹11 lakhs. In the US it is ₹15 lakhs. The difference is huge especially if you are from a middle-class family to complete your studies.

Keep in mind that it is the average figure and varies from college to college.

SelectRight will help you find the college that costs you the lowest.


Searching for the right college that is not hard on your budget can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Going through multiple blog posts and videos to find the right college to do your masters in Canada is tiring and frustrating.

On top of that, many of those posts and videos are sponsored by colleges that will not tell you the whole story.

SelectRight will give you a list of colleges to choose from based on your budget. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and we will show you the institutes that fit all your criteria.

2. Higher Acceptance Ratio of International Students

The best universities in Canada have an acceptance rate of 30%.

No, we are not joking.

The University of British Columbia is regarded as one of the best universities in the world and it has an acceptance rate of over 50%. There are many other colleges and universities in Canada where the acceptance rate is even higher.

That means you won’t have to spend a lot by applying to a lot of colleges. Meritorious students just need to pick a college and send their applications.

SelectRight helps Indian students select the right university/college for MS in Canada.

With many great options available, it can be challenging to find a college that is perfect for you. Going through multiple websites can be tiring. But you can skip all of that once you create your account on SelectRight and let us know your preferences.

We will show you a list of colleges you can choose from.

If the cost of the study is too high, we will help you secure a low-interest loan with no collateral.

3. Cost Of Living In Canada

Another great plus of doing your Masters in Canada is living in an affordable country. Compared to the US, the cost of living in Canada is quite low. For instance, the monthly cost of living in New York is around ₹1.04 lakhs but it is ₹77,000 for Toronto. Both figures are without rent.

You can save a lot of money if you choose to study in Canada this way too. For a short duration, this amount might not matter much, but over two years you would have saved ₹6 lakhs.

It can be difficult to estimate how much savings you can look forward to in house rent because it depends on many factors. However, you can consider that rent in Canada is lower too.

4. Work Visa and Permanent Residency after Masters in Canada for Indian Students

In the age of globalization, every country is a potential home. It is not uncommon for many Indian students to settle abroad after getting a good job. As the US is making its immigration policies stringent, Canada is now the next best destination.

Canada has also made it easy for its businesses and organizations to hire foreigners permanently and has an ever-increasing “demand list”. The demand list has the professions for which work visa or permanent residency could be given.

There are a lot of benefits of getting permanent residency in Canada.

  1. It will be easier for you to get Canadian citizenship.
  2. You can invite your family from India and have them stay with you.
  3. Moving to a different province and buying property is a viable option.
  4. You can start your own business in Canada if you want to.
  5. There are a lot of social benefits, like free education and universal healthcare.
  6. You will be closer to the USA and can drive there if you want to.

Now that you have known about the benefits of studying in Canada, let’s take a look at how you can find the perfect college for you.

How To Choose A College In Canada For MS for Indians?

Focus on the following criteria to land the perfect college to do your masters in Canada.

Popular Specializations

Based on job opportunities, salaries, and interest in the subject you should choose your specialization. Here are the most sought-after fields in Canadian universities and colleges by Indian students and the average salaries in those fields.

Field of study and salary in canada

Available Scholarships for Indian Students

Scholarships are a lifesaver if your finances are limited. Luckily, Canadian universities and colleges offer a lot of scholarships. Here are the top five scholarships that you can apply for if you plan to study in Canada.

  1. Ontario Graduate Scholarship: The applicants should have been offered a degree from the University of Toronto. The scholarship amount ranges from CAD 10k-30k.
  2. JN Tata Endowment Scholarship: This scholarship has been helping Indian students since 1892 and has helped over 5400 students. The scholarship amount is in the range of CAD 2k-19k.
  3. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship: The scholarship is given on the basis of a 50% grant and 50% loan basis. It is extremely competitive to get and only meritorious students get through. The amount depends on factors like college and the cost of study.
  4. Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship: It is awarded to meritorious students studying in Quebec. It is a government-based fund and the amount can be as high as CAD 25k.
  5. Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship: The amount of the scholarship is CAD 5000 and is relatively easy to get. It is allocated annually and is only given to the incoming students of the University of British Columbia.

The fact is looking for a scholarship that you qualify for is difficult.

You have to watch multiple videos, read many blog articles, and write countless emails to college boards to know if you are eligible. Even after all that, there is no guarantee if you will get it for studying Masters in Canada.

That’s right. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions so that we know what you are looking for. After analyzing your profile, we will send you the list of colleges where you get the highest scholarships.

Through our help, you can save yourself lots of time and know with certainty how much financial help you can get.

Now let’s take a look at the steps to get admission to a Canadian university.

How To Get Admission To A Canadian University For Masters?

There are three simple steps.

  1. Make sure that you are eligible
  2. Gather the relevant documents
  3. Select colleges and apply

The steps, although simple, is quite tedious and lengthy and will take a lot of time. Furthermore, there is a high chance of errors because you have to focus on multiple things like loans, scholarships, etc.

SelectRight makes your application process to study Masters in Canada as easy as A-B-C.

Hoe SelectRight works

All you need to do is create your account and we will do the rest. Just let us know your details and we will filter out the best options for you.

Applying to different colleges and taking a look at their “eligibility criteria” can be cumbersome. Then you have to think of the finances. Finally, you have to start sending out applications. By the end, all the excitement to join your new college would have faded.

Let us help you. We will do all the hard work while you relax and plan your future.

Here are the outlines of the steps in the application procedures.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have a GPA of equal to or above 3.0 or equivalent during your undergrad studies.
  • Good scores in qualifying tests like GRE. Although it depends on your university and field of choice.
  • High scores in language proficiency tests.

Note: Please take a look at the college’s own eligibility criteria to avoid any complicacies further down the road.

Documents Required

Academic Documents (these documents are mandatory for every applicant):

  • Undergrad college certificate
  • Marksheet of all semesters
  • Certificates of language proficiency tests
  • Scorecards of qualifying tests
  • Resume
  • Work experience certificates (if you have work experience)

Profile Documents (these documents might not be mandatory but enhance your profile):

  • Statement of purpose
  • Recommendation letters
  • Portfolio (your previous work, e.g. designs, articles)
  • Extra-curricular activities recognition letters or certificates (if any)

Financial Documents (in case you are applying for a scholarship or a loan):

  • Bank statements
  • Tax details
  • Clearance letters from banks regarding standing loans
  • Property details (for collateral loans)

Top Colleges To Do Masters In Canada For Indian Students

That’s A Wrap

If you made it so far, congratulations.

You are one step closer to studying Masters in Canada.

We have helped countless students get into their dream colleges in Canada to get into their dream universities and colleges. Not only that, but we also helped them secure the highest scholarships.

We can help you too.

Create a profile and we will send you a list of colleges and universities that would be best for you.


What are you waiting for?

Steps to Find the Best Education Fairs in India

Steps to Find the Best Education Fairs in India

Beginning your journey to study abroad can be a daunting experience. From finalizing a major to university to a country, the decision can bring a lot of confusion. 

  • Will this subject major work for me?
  • Does this school have better infrastructure than the other one?
  • Should I go for this country or that?

These are some questions that might never leave your mind until you have actually started school. You can’t stop these thoughts from occurring. But you can, for sure, feed answers to your curiosity.

“How”, you asked?

Through the best education fairs in India.

Yes, education fairs are the most effective and efficient ways for you to get answers to all of your questions. Explore away. 

Why Attend Education Fairs in India?

Before you go ahead to find the best education fairs in India, let’s figure out why you should attend one. 

To put it the easiest way, 

  • Want to gather information on universities? Education Fairs.
  • Looking for a chance to interact directly with university representatives or admissions officers? Education Fairs.
  • Want to decide after comparing multiple universities at the same place/ time? Education Fairs.

Want all of this, while staying at home? SelectRight.

Basically, by finding the best education fairs in India, you can:

  • Meet university reps face-to-face to get the answers you wouldn’t have from someone else;
  • Get tips for your application and selection process;
  • Assess your scholarships for study abroad;
  • Get to contact with the alumni;
  • Avail priority processing through reps with authority;
  • Discover new programs that you weren’t aware of at the same university. 

How to Find the Best Education Fairs in India?

Now that you have understood the importance of education fairs and how they help you with the right funding for your journey, let’s figure out where you can find these fairs from. And more importantly, how you can attend them. 

Let’s go through the following questions to clear your doubts.

What Are Some Great Education Fairs in India to Attend?

If researching is like breathing, Google is our oxygen. Lucky to be born in the age of the internet because anything you are looking for is on the internet. 

A simple Google search and you will have a long list of international education fairs. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Education Fairs in India

Many organizations dedicated to higher education conduct these fairs in collaboration with the educational authorities of a country or any university. Some of the education fairs in India you can try are:

  • Begin Edu Fairs,
  • Global Education Fair (conducted every year),
  • India Edu Hub – Higher Education Fair, etc.

What are the Steps to Find Best Education Fairs in India?

Finding or registering for an education fair is fair-ly simple. You can use the following steps to complete successful registrations.

STEP 1: Research

We have already discussed the research part, which includes a simple internet search. Once you have the entire search results, start looking for organizations conducting fairs that are yet to happen or are near you.

STEP 2: Use Filters to Narrow Your Search

Many organizations conduct multiple fairs, if not every month, every year. When you come across the educational fair schedule web pages of those organizations, you will have the option to apply filters. This narrows down your preferences. For instance, you can mention your specific city or state, date, country, graduation level, subject major, etc. 

Best Education Fairs in India

For this particular example, you can apply your city, month, and destination country filter, whereas, some would provide you with a full schedule. After checking that, you will be able to pick one out and register for that fair. 

STEP 3: Register

Once you have finalized an event that you wish to participate in, it is time for you to register before all the seats are filled. For that, you will be able to find a button directing you toward the registration page. The button could say anything from “More info” to “Apply Now”. 

The registration form might require you to enter general information like your name, contact information, course of interest, destination country, etc. 

Registration for education fairs

Are Registrations for Education Fairs Paid or Free?

Usually, registrations for education fairs are FREE.

However, depending upon the type of fair, you may have to pay some amount to take full advantage of the fair. 

But, generally, the registrations don’t cost a dime to those interested in attending an education fair. So, add another advantage to the long list of “pros for education fairs” – no-more paying for education counseling to study abroad.

How Can I Make the Most Out of the Best Education Fairs in India?

Depending on the size of the turnout, you may or may not get a lot of face-time with the university representatives. You, with a bag full of questions and doubts, will not be able to manage enough time to quench your thirst for answers. 

What you can do is prepare a few things in advance. What are those things? Check below:

  • If not a degree, at least finalize a field of study.
  • Find out the eligibility criteria like subject and job experience requirements.
  • Find out if universities in the country of your interest offer courses in English.
  • Prepare a list of questionnaires in advance so that you are not wasting time wondering what to ask. 
  • Do not forget to ask them about the applications and what kind of students would your prospective college accept. This will help you create a persona through your application, LOR or SOP. 

Do Not hesitate to attend an education fair. Once you register for an educational event, you have signed up for clearing all of your doubts. The best education fairs in India will either help you decide which college to go to or which not. In either case, it is only making your decision easier. 


Good luck.

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Overseas Education

5 Best Ways to Leverage An Alumni Network for Your Abroad Education

5 Best Ways to Leverage an Alumni Network For Your Abroad Education

According to the latest “Higher Education Abroad” report published by the consulting firm RedSeer, the number of students who opt for overseas education is set to grow from 770,000 in 2019 to roughly 1.8 million by 2024.

Overseas education is an investment that promises to yield incredible returns till long after our classroom days are over. Among these benefits, the value of a robust alumni network is unfathomable and should be leveraged efficiently. So, this blog will discuss some tips to help you gain insights from those seniors who have received premium abroad education.

1.Helps gain vital information on overseas education

  1. Many of us belong to a school alumni network. Yet, we are seldom active in it due to professional and personal commitments. So, now is the time to brush off the dust and connect with this network to help you realize your dream of studying abroad.

    If you have been out of the loop for some time, it is a great idea to initiate reconnecting with your school. Since some of your seniors might have pursued their studies abroad. Your school would be able to provide you with valuable information about the country you plan on visiting. So, information like visa requirements and employment opportunities will be available to you.

  2. Helps with funding

    Funding overseas education at the beginning of a career can be difficult for many. Thus, many people don’t have any other choice but to take on large amounts of debt. However, they will be repaying for years to come.

    So, your alumni network can offer fantastic advice on scholarships, grants, and other opportunities. It will be easier for you to secure the best funding options. If you wish to avail of an education loan at the best interest rates and 0 collateral, choose FundRight. It is India’s first education loan bidding platform and provides you with an opportunity to connect with more than a dozen lenders.

    You can know more about the types of scholarships available for international students here.

  3. Makes you better prepared for overseas education
    Preparing to move for studies abroad can be overwhelming in itself, let alone preparing for exams and assignments. So, an alumni network from your dream university would know what it takes to crack the admission process.

    Yet, you must remember to maintain your individuality while connecting with your alumni network. To find a university that suits your profiles and interests the best, choose Select Right. The Recommendation Engine utilizes more than 6 million data points across 8000+ programs to curate a list of universities that would fit your aspirations the best.

    Now, if you ace your exams and land at your dream university, you would need someone. Someone to help you adjust to the new surroundings and get accustomed to the prevailing culture of the place. Here, an alumni network becomes indispensable.


  4. Learn through insightful personal experiences
    Whether it is your first time moving out or not, the distance between you and your loved ones is bound to make you feel homesick. Moreover, there can be a host of other issues that might pop up and hamper your academics. The alumni network would have gone through the same phase,. They would ensure that they empathize with you and help you sail through. You can also connect your parents with your seniors to help them feel more relaxed.


  5. Alumni events can help you nurture meaningful relationships
    To ensure that you make the most out of your abroad education, it is crucial to stay connected with your alumni network by attending alumni events. As you will connect with like-minded individuals who share the same interests through these functions. Successful alumni can even help you get a foot in the door of a prospective employer.

But what if you don’t know anyone who has gone to your dream university? Well, GradRight is by your side! Through our mentorship program, you can connect to the college alumni or current students from your university and ask away all of your queries about overseas education!

If you want to pitch in your ideas on fostering an active alumni network, share your heartfelt experiences of connecting with college alumni for abroad education, or avail of our mentorship program, feel free to reach out! We would love to hear from you.

Life of International Students in France

Life of International Students in France

Life of International Students in France

Did you know that France is the most-visited country in the world? It is known for its culture and heritage, but the cuisine and wine cannot be ignored. The country offers one kind of experience which will alter the life of international students in France. It has a great interactive environment bringing students from all countries together. There are endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and education. If you want to learn with a diverse group of people and also have a menu full of exciting things, France is the country for you. 

The checklist of things you can do in France varies according to the college you enrol in and your place of stay. Besides various scholarships, there are various courses that are unique to those universities. There are multiple museums showing everything from history to modern and art to science that you can see. As a bonus to college students, most of them allow free entry. France has cinemas spread all around the country. Moreover, most universities in France offer students the chance to remain connected to the world with their wireless internet access provided without any additional cost

When talking about France, it is impossible to ignore the cultural and artistic influence it has on the world. Some of the great philosophers of the world made France their home. They saw something in the place that they could not find anywhere else. It also might come as a surprise to many that people like Hobbes, Rousseau, and Montesquieu chose France over any other country. Everything that we have mentioned above is only the beginning of the great things that you will find while studying in France.

  1. There is never a dull day in the lives of students in France
    Life should not be serious all of the time. As a part of the student lifestyle, universities schedule shows and have conferences, parties, and outdoor activities. The activities that are put together for fun vary for all the colleges. But you can be sure that there is someone in the administration working on filling the calendar with fun activities for all. Some of the best universities in France want their students to learn, but they also ensure that they have a great time in the process.
  2. Flexible study approach and environment

    When the time to attend classes arrives, students enjoy a broad range of timetables that are flexible to their needs. You can choose the dates and times of the course you want to attend. This approach makes things easier for those who plan to work without compromising their study and for those who want to experience a wide range of social affairs throughout the academic year. Nevertheless, take time out to study every day.

  3. Experience from the best universities in the world
    Schools across France believe in providing every student enrolled in their schools with the best education imaginable. With this, you must deliver your absolute best academically. The best way to learn and keep up with the benchmarks set out by the country is to study the material given in class. You can make learning fun in many ways, and doing this will make it feel like something that you want to do. There is a range of exams given during your study in France. They do not exist to scare or fail you; they are there to ensure that you learn from what the school teaches.
  4. France caters to the needs of every individual

    The standard of living in France is relatively high. It owes its significance to the high per-capita income of its inhabitants. But something that is certain is that it is an amazing, life-changing experience for international students. France caters to every taste – and that does not only mean cheese and wine enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a bustling metropolitan environment, peaceful mountains, or the comfy atmosphere on the Mediterranean shore, you will find a suitable destination for yourself. 

  5. Post-study work visa opportunity

    The life of International students in France changes due to the job opportunities they get. They are eligible for a post-study work visa which allows them to receive a temporary residency permit for a period of about 12 to 24 months. Although it is a nonrenewable temporary visa, it offers various opportunities to gain work experience. You can always apply for a work visa if you wish to continue to work in the country. However, it is advisable to take credible and specific information first. 

  6. An unforgettable adventure
    The changes in the Life of International Students in France will become an unforgettable experience. When in France, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. You will meet people who are multicultural, proud of their heritage, open-minded and are consistently looking forward to the future. You will have the chance to learn the French lifestyle and culture while living there. It is a great way to explore, and there is a lot that you can experience. However, it would be such a disgrace to depart and not have appreciated it all. While focusing on what you have come to do is necessary, this does not mean that there is no time to enjoy yourself.

More than 250,000 international students choose to study in France. It is a preferred study abroad destination. This is no wonder because France is among the world’s top study destinations. Owing to its rich cultural heritage, sightseeing, cuisine, and internationally acclaimed schools, France is considered among the best countries when it comes to sharing a new culture or lifestyle. No matter how much you hear it, it doesn’t get better than the Life of International Students in France. Nothing will beat a French university experience. You will also leave with essential knowledge of the programme backed by internationally-recognised certification. Each day will be full of something new and exciting.

If learning is something that excites you, KEDGE Business school will definitely inspire you to spend a year or few in France. It is a school of excellence that offers various outside-the-box courses that focus more on practical learning and experience. To answer your questions about France, GradRight brings to you a webinar, ‘Study in France: Say Oui to a World of Opportunities’  on 24th February 2022. The hosts of the session will be our co-founder Mr. Sasidhar Sista, M.S.Ed, University of Pennsylvania and Mr. Prayag Tripathi, South-East Asia Representative for Kedge University. It will talk about opportunities for studying in France, scholarships, post study visa information, and much more!

Admission Counselors

Why Your First Impression With Admission Counselors Matters

Why Your First Impression With Admission Counselors Matters

With the fall season just right around the corner, it is apparent that admission counselors from the best universities in the world will set out to scour the country to find the best students to attend their universities. 

After going through a journey of tremendous struggle while applying for college applications, it is that time of year when you will have to interact and interview with admission counselors to secure a place at your dream university.
Having a good academic background and extracurriculars look impressive on the college application. 

However, how you interact with the admission counselors is of supreme importance. It is essential because it is the first glance at your candidature to decide if you are the best choice for their university.

Why Your First Impression With Admission Counselors Matters

1. It decides if the admission counselors see a promising candidate.

  • You can have the best grades and still not get in.
    Do you know why? It is because the first impression you had on the admission counselors was of a student who did not do the primary research they were required to do. 
  • Use the available resources and make informed decisions about what you want to ask.
  • It is advisable to do thorough research on entry requirements and course modules. 
  • Do not hesitate in asking questions that are genuinely required for you to have a better understanding of the university and the programme you have applied for.

Tip: Go to the college website and find your programme page. It contains the information that the applicant must be aware of knowing.

2. The kind of conversations you have, tell a lot about you.

  • Admission counselors look out to have the opportunity to know you better and not judge you.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of because it is likely that they are already impressed by your essays and want a chance to know you personally before they make a decision. 
  • It is your chance to show that you are different from the other applicants.
  • Tell them what inspires you to study the course and how it will advance your career goals.
  • Open up about your career aspirations, friends, family, achievements and even downfalls.

Tip: You can think of how you will bring diversity to the class and let them know about your past endeavors.

3. They can make or break the opportunity.

  • You might not have many opportunities to meet with admission counselors.
  • So it is beneficial to make the most of the ones you have. 
  • It may be your only chance to showcase yourself as a potential student among the pool of many others. 
  • If you are a knowledgeable candidate, you will dress appropriately for video interactions and introduce yourself in the best way possible. 
  • There is a concept known as the primacy effect.
  • It suggests that when someone experiences things in a sequence, they remember that first thing better. 
  • If you do not make the first impression accurately, they might get the wrong idea in their head, which will stay for the rest of your application process.

Tip: Focus on how you converse with the admission counselors.

4. You are more than your academics.

  • Colleges look for a student who has more than just a great academic record. 
  • The admission counselors are likely to be well aware of your scores and grades; they want to see a person who is more than just their academic achievements.
  •  If you go on and on about how you scored well in a certain subject, they might not be interested in what you have to say. 
  • Go out of your academic realm and explore yourself.
  • Tell them about how an experience encouraged you to pursue a goal, how someone you once saw had such an impact on your life that it changed the way you saw the world, and why should they consider you instead of the others. 

Tip: Instead of getting involved in a conversation about dozens of activities, choose to dive in deep and make a lasting impact.

5. A chance to demonstrate your active interest.

  • Do not let the application become just another checkmark on your list. 
  • If you start with something mentioned on the website’s page, such as “Why choose this university?” it is likely that your chance for a good first impression is lost. 
  • The counselors want to know about your interest in the university, something that is unique to you and not a generalized sense of involvement. 

Tip:  Research well about the university and the programme offered and delve deeper to find the answer to why this particular college

6. It will simply decide how your application will proceed.

  • If you fail to make your case with that first impression, your application may be regarded generically. 
  • You do not want to fall into the category of uninformed applicants, you want to be seen as special. 
  • Indulge in a conversation with the admission counselors.
    You are there to make your case stronger and better, not only to impress them. 
  • Do first impressions matter?
  • Should you keep trying to impress them throughout?

Tip: Focus more on how the university will benefit from a student like you and how the university will help you advance your aspirations as a student. 

First impressions with admission counselors really do last, and sometimes they can have life-changing impacts. Candidate etiquettes are a real thing when it comes to such interactions. If you are well informed and knowledgeable, you will likely ace them. But one can never be too careful, right?

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Accelerating Disruption in Higher Education

Accelerating Disruption in Higher Education

A global career and international exposure can help the youth that lies even beyond the frontiers of the metro cities to climb up the ladder. Pursuing higher education abroad nurtures the credentials required to help these talented minds succeed.

Yet, the domain is plagued by asymmetric dissemination of information. The existing academic counselors, coaching centers, financiers, and visa consultants provide fragments of information at best. Often, the profits of advisors become more important than the future of the students. 

The Advent of GradRight

GradRight has utilized the ripe opportunity for disruption by building a platform to bring together universities, students, and bankers under a single roof. 

SelectRight is a free and intuitive platform that helps students effortlessly arrive at the right university to pursue their study abroad ambitions. The Recommendation Engine utilizes more than 6 million data points across 8000+ programs to shortlist universities for students. As India’s first education loan-bidding platform, FundRight offers the best loans customized to each student through more than a dozen lenders. Students can then choose what works best for them in real-time.

The co-founders – Mr. Aman Singh and Mr. Sasidhar Sista – aim to put their extensive experience in higher education to build a platform that optimizes outcomes for all the stakeholders involved. GradRight has indeed taken a fruitful step towards soothing the anxiety around college choices and financing decisions. 

convince parents to study abroad

Convince Parents To Study Abroad: Here Are 7 Tips To Lay The Groundwork

How To Convince Your Parents To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many Indian students. And every year, the number of students applying and going abroad is continuing to rise. With students finding more and better opportunities abroad, it adds for one more reason as to why studying abroad is a great option. However, this doesn’t imply it is easy to convince parents to study abroad in all cases.

Studying abroad is a costly affair and hence, affordability becomes one of the top reasons why parents think twice about this. In fact, a recent Instagram survey on our official handle revealed more than 70% of students citing financial situation as the number 1 blocker for them.

Additionally, parents are sceptical about finding the right resources that can help their child(ren) in their higher education journey. Added to that is the pandemic situation and thus, safety becomes a huge question in the minds of the parents.

But, worry not because we will help you address all these problems in this blog so you can convince your parents to study abroad.


Your parents’ decision is not in your control but can you win them over? 
Definitely possible.

Here’s how you can lay the groundwork:

1. Let Research Be Your Best Friend

  • When you introduce the idea of studying abroad, there will definitely be some questions popping up. 
  • Think beyond the normal. 
  • Make a list of all the different questions that you could think of that you think your parents would raise. And stay prepared with all the answers. 
  • You might not know answers to a few like, “How do you think we’re going to fund your education?” Instead of saying, “we’ll figure it out”, rather provide an option like, “I could take an education loan” for example or even “I will work hard for a scholarship that covers my tuition fees entirely.”
  • Show seriousness through strong research and provide all possible solutions to problems you might face.

What will this do?

  • It will show your parents you are serious about studying abroad because you have taken ownership, have gotten your research done and presented them with a well laid out plan.
  • Although it’s not a perfect one it’s much better than “I want to study abroad and I need your support.”

2. Educate Your Parents

  • To convince your parents to study abroad, you’d need to give them reasons to help and support your decision to study abroad. 
  • And for that, you’d have to show the difference in education for the same program in your home country and the place you’re wanting to go to.
  • Avoid generic cliche phrases such as, “I will get better networking opportunities and/or I will get a better job”, although they’re not wrong. 
  • Educate them (if possible, with data) about career and academic benefits through country and program comparisons.

If you’re finding difficulty getting the right pool of data together, here’s where our SelectRight platform can help you.

SelectRight can help you shortlist, select and apply to the right program and university based on your profile, and with each recommendation, you can get to see important details about the program like cost of education, return on investment, focus on learning, the overall brand outlook among other factors.

Try out our SelectRight platform right now. It’s free of cost!

3. Budget Your Plan

  • This is an extension to the first point on how you can show more seriousness. 
  • But this needs to be a separate discussion because financial pressures/affordability is the most common problem for many Indian students wanting to study abroad.
  • What you need to do is again a comparison; Calculate a budget and highlight the different layers involved ranging from tuition fees to currency conversions:
    Country – Tuition Fees – Living Expenses – Travel Costs – Application Fees – Currency Conversion – Visa Interview and so on.
  • Facts and figures, although overwhelming, display your immense interest and connects all the dots.


Seeing this, your parents might immediately turn away, but don’t push. Although they say no, they will give it a thought and you can move on to your next move.

4. Have Your Parents Talk To Relevant People


  • The best people would be your college professors with whom you share a great rapport.
  • Also, other students in your network, probably your friends or your seniors from college who are currently studying in your preferred university or country would be a great choice. 
  • Let them share their experience with your parents and share their understanding of the space, clarify doubts and even offer advice to make your process smooth and easy.


Word of mouth helps not only in marketing but even while trying to convince your parents to study abroad!

5. Assure Your Parents Of Your Safety

  • Your parents will probably be concerned about your safety.
  • Show them you’re taking their worries seriously by researching emergency numbers, insurances, etc. 
  • If possible, remind them of all the measures the school takes (for example, airport transfers or guided tours) to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  • You could even ask the students you’re going to connect with your parents to, to talk about how safe it is there for Indian students and even talk about the huge Indian community there. (Indians are everywhere)

6. Include Your Parents In The Decision-Making Process

  • Before taking a discussion, make it a point to discuss with your parents.
  • This way, parents feel they’re involved and it makes them happy too as they get to see how you are going with your application process, interviews, your preparations etc and offer timely inputs. 


However, don’t get overly dependent on your parents to make decisions because as much as you need their inputs you need to show them you can live on your own and make independent and wise decisions.

7. Stay In Touch

Assure and reassure your parents you’ll stay in touch with them! That’s the least you could do!

How Can GradRight Help?

The tagline of GradRight is

Right Education at the Right Cost.

And that’s exactly how we can help you.

  • As mentioned already, our SelectRight platform can help you shortlist, select and apply to the right program and in turn, the right university based on your preferences.
  • The platform also helps you be a part of an exclusive study abroad Discord community.
  • Additionally, SelectRight helps you get mentor assistance from students and alums of your chosen university; individuals who have already been through your journey.
  • But, that’s not all, affordability and financial pressures are some of the top reasons why students don’t end up fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad.
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  • FundRight gives you the best and the cheapest personalized education loan offers from a variety of financial institutions (again, based on your preferences), you can compare, contrast and choose from.
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USC Viterbi School Of Engineering| Non-CS STEM Programs

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

Founded in 1905, the USC Viterbi School of  Engineering is named after Andrew Viterbi who cofounded Qualcomm Inc. and invented the Viterbi Algorithm.

The school, located in Los Angeles, a global centre for arts, technology and international business in the heart of the Pacific Rim, is a hub for entrepreneurship that connects students from 64 countries.

With technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the heart of USC Viterbi School of Engineering, it is on a mission to:

  • Educate engineers on strategies to invent, develop, integrate, and sustain technologies that address significant needs
  • Launch ventures with meaningful social and economic impact
  • Promote an ethical and inclusive technology innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

In this Covid affected world, it is vital for individuals from the growing Indian economy to look to courses that are inter-disciplinary, industry-focused, with a wide variety of applications to adapt to any change and can make a difference in the lives of upcoming generations as well.

USC Viterbi - General FAQs

What are the application deadlines?

The Spring 2021 deadline is January 15, 2022.

Is GRE required?

As of September 7, 2021, the GRE exam is not required.

What impact does work experience have on the application?

  • Except for our MS in Systems Architecting & Engineering, work experience is not required for admission and is not an application criterion. Also, work experience cannot substitute for academic coursework in case of Non-CS Stem Programs.
  • However, work experience information can be included as part of the résumé/CV.

Can I apply to more than one program?

  • You may apply for a maximum of three graduate programs across the entire university in a given admission cycle. Only one set of transcripts and test scores need to be submitted regardless of the number of programs selected.
  • The USC Viterbi School Of Engineering allows applicants to apply for two graduate engineering programs with a single application fee of $90. We provide this benefit primarily for students who are interested in applying for both a Master’s and a Doctoral Program, but it can be used for applying to any two Viterbi graduate programs.
  • To apply for an additional program, a unique SECOND PROGRAM APPLICATION FEE WAIVER code must be provided by the USC Graduate Admissions office and must be entered into the online application.

For more information about Non-CS STEM Programs, you may visit the official USC Viterbi’s FAQ website.

High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs

Health Care Data Science

  • Data science for addressing healthcare needs is an increasingly important area for creating novel devices, advancing biomedical research, and developing innovative processes that require integrative approaches linking data systems, analytics, business processes and decision support. 
  • The Master of Science in Health Care Data Science is a cross-disciplinary joint degree program offered by the Keck School of Medicine and the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Engineering Management

  • The MS in Engineering Management program (MSEMT) at USC Viterbi School Of Engineering is designed for students to prepare them for management responsibilities. As an MSEMT student, you will learn how to lead technology projects as well as manage teams, engineering functions, and companies.
  • More than just theory, the MSEMT program offers real-world examples provided by instructors who have years of relevant industry experience.
  • This is also a suitable program to help prospective technical entrepreneurs understand the enterprise creation process.

Product Development Engineering

  • The MS in Product Development Engineering is an interdisciplinary degree program jointly offered by the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and the Daniel J. Epstein Industrial and Systems Engineering Departments.
  • The ever-increasing demands for product functions, coupled with low cost, high quality, and short lead-time requirements have made product development a very complex and inter-disciplinary activity. There exists a great human resource need in the areas of new product developments.

Civil Engineering- Advanced Design and Construction Technology

  • USC Viterbi School Of Engineering offers a new program in Advanced Design & Construction Technology which is a multi-disciplinary program that aims to develop professionals to think holistically about design and engineering of sustainable cities, infrastructure, buildings, and systems of the future.
  • ADCT graduates will pave the way in design, engineering, construction, management and leadership roles in the built environment.

Health Systems Management Engineering

The MS in Health Systems Management Engineering prepares students for careers in the healthcare industry. This degree is for students with a background in sciences, engineering, or applied social science. 

They will be expected to be agents of change and providers of training themselves. The degree leads to increasing technical or management responsibilities in health care organizations, particularly hospitals, and consulting.

The MS in Health Systems Management Engineering prepares students to tackle important issues within the healthcare industry by increasing their knowledge and skills in:

  • Healthcare information systems
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Hospital efficiency improvement

Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • As an MSISE student, you will be broadly educated in all aspects of technical enterprises.
  • The MSISE program is excellent preparation for industrial engineering program graduates who want to acquire substantial depth concerning industrial engineering methods and the theory of the firm.

Cyber Security Engineering

  • The Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering degree focuses on the fundamentals of developing, engineering and operating secure information systems. 
  • The curriculum fosters an understanding on how to develop a security policy and how policy drives technology decisions. 
  • Students will be well versed in the challenges and problems of secure operating systems, secure applications, secure networking, use of cryptography, and key management.

Energy and Sustainability

  • The USC Viterbi School of Engineering sponsors the Green Technologies degree program without exclusive ties to any particular department. 
  • This allows students to form plans of study that accommodate diverse engineering perspectives in support of unique and challenging career opportunities. 
  • Students also benefit from numerous green and sustainable projects throughout the Los Angeles region.

Environmental Engineering

  • The Environmental Engineering Program has grown to include water and wastewater engineering, air pollution control, water quality control, solid and hazardous waste management, energy, and the environment. 
  • Students are trained for positions as consulting engineers, environmental affairs engineers for large companies, or officials in state or federal agencies. 
  • Several industries and corporations stress over corporate social responsibility and meeting sustainability and environmental protection goals in the coming years. 
  • This program can enable you to gain skills that are rare in the market for which the demand will be rising.

Financial Engineering

  • This multidisciplinary education program involves the Viterbi School of Engineering, the Marshall School of Business and the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Department of Economics). 
  • Financial engineering uses tools from finance and economics, engineering, applied mathematics, and statistics to address problems such as dynamic investment strategies, risk management, etc. 
  • Graduates with these skills are of interest to investment and commercial banks, trading companies, hedge funds, insurance companies etc.

Public Policy Data Science

The MS in Public Policy and Data Science builds unique proficiencies with an emphasis on public policy and teaches you to leverage data science to:

  • Increase transparency and accountability.
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of services.
  • Enhance security and address matters of defense and intelligence.
  • Oversee emergency management.
  • Influence policy and the policy-making process broadly.

Environmental Data Science

The curriculum is designed to prepare individuals to develop and use sophisticated analytical and computer-based methods to assess and protect the Earth’s natural resources.
The USC Masters of Science in Environmental Data Science would provide students with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Work at the intersection of interdisciplinary fields of environmental science and data science.
  • Leverage data to form and frame relevant questions in environmental management and sustainability, identify patterns, and make actionable insights.
  • Understand the use of emerging technologies in data science and their application.
  • Efficiently integrate data science approaches and systems to analyze real-world environmental data.

Civil Engineering

The MS in Civil Engineering (General Option) offers a broad education covering several specialty areas of Civil Engineering.

Analytics (Industrial & Systems Engineering)

  • MS Analytics is designed for students with interest in deepening their background in data science, statistics, and math. 
  • In the program the students learn the skills needed to succeed as data analysts and data scientists including the abilities to summarize and present complex data, to apply machine learning methods to predict the result of different complex scenarios and to convert the data into actionable insights. 

Emerging STEM Programs & Post-Covid Innovations

  • The post-pandemic will call for individuals who are bold, innovative, and independent thinkers to meet the demand of the rapidly evolving economy. 
  • The pandemic has affected the world on a global scale.
    A delayed shipment of a turbine generator in Singapore will affect the prices of commodities in Australia.
  • Multiple industries are coming together to solve challenging problems in the Covid affected world and employers are actively seeking individuals with a mixed yet unique skillset to perform certain niche functions.
  • Developing new products (Product Development Engineering) is the essence of human intelligence in general, and engineering professions in particular. The growth of our economy has been largely determined by the engineer’s performance and effectiveness in new product developments.

How Can GradRight Help?

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering: A Definitive Guide To High Potential Non-CS STEM Programs​
  • GradRight is hosting a free interactive-much webinar with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering where we discuss and answer your questions about emerging courses that have a high potential to make a difference and inspire change in the post-Covid world.
  • Additionally, the university will announce scholarships exclusive to these courses in the webinar as an added bonus.
  • Also, our financial partner, IDFC First Bank, will be present and he is going to help you understand education loans, eligibility and requirements for non-collateral/unsecured loans and answer your questions regarding funding your higher education.

The webinar takes place on the 4th of January at 6:30 PM IST.

Click on the “Register Now” button below to get started!

USC Viterbi School Of Engineering| Non-CS STEM Programs