Day in the life of an MS in Mechanical Engineering student: 10 highlights

Day in the life of an MS in Mechanical Engineering student: 10 highlights

Day in the life of an MS in Mechanical Engineering student: 10 highlights

Your life as an MS in Mechanical Engineering student will be eventful, to say the least. Are you prepared for the thrills?

Day in the life of an MS in Mechanical Engineering student: 10 highlights


In this article, we’ll explore university life for accounting students at two amazing schools: 

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU)

We selected these institutions because they boast outstanding accounting programs and offer students a perfect blend of education, support, networking, and enjoyable campus life. 

By using WPI and SFU as examples, we hope to give you a taste of what you might discover at similar universities. 

What we will cover:

  1. Your morning routine as a student at WPI or SFU
  2. Classes you would get to attend
  3. Information about research projects
  4. Opportunities for collaboration with peers
  5. Career fairs
  6. Extracurricular activities
  7. Getting guidance from faculty
  8. On-campus resources
  9. Sources of entertainment
  10. Places to visit near college

Now, let’s jump into the exciting details!

1. Breakfast on Campus

Start with breakfast at any of the on-campus cafes. These include Morgan Dining Hall at WPI and Renaissance Cafe at SFU.

You can then review any upcoming assignments or deadlines, do some reading before your classes begin, or meet with your professors to clear doubts before classes begin.


2. Coursework

You’ll find a range of courses at WPI – Applied Mathematics, Engineering Design, and Materials Science, among many others.

Similarly, SFU’s MS in Mechanical Engineering program offers core courses in areas such as Mechanics of Materials, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics.


3. Research

Part of your coursework will include conducting research. And both WPI and SFU offer numerous research opportunities for MS in Mechanical Engineering students. 

At WPI, you can take part in research projects through the Robotics Engineering Program or the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center.

Similarly, at SFU, students can participate in research through the university’s research labs, such as the Mechatronics and Control Lab.

4. Group Projects 

Your day as an MS in mechanical engineering student will involve being part of group projects.

At both WPI and SFU, you’ll have many opportunities for collaboration with other students. Being part of student clubs and student groups is a good way to develop a sense of belonging.

Some of these groups are:

  1. The Women in Engineering Group: To support women at all levels in Engineering Science.
  2. Engineers Without Borders: To support engineers to use their skills to assist communities around the world.

5. Career Fairs

Your career is already off to a great start once you’re a student at WPI/SFU. 

To further improve your chances of getting mechanical engineering jobs, you can attend career fairs conducted by these universities.

WPI’s Career Development Center hosts several career fairs each year, including one specifically for graduate students. These fairs help students meet with employers and discuss job and internship opportunities.

Similarly, SFU’s Career and Volunteer Services hosts many workshops and events to connect students with prospective employers.

Through these career fairs, you’ll also get to work with professionals who’ll help you develop a resume, write a career statement, and improve presentation skills before applying to mechanical engineering jobs.

6. Extracurricular Activities

WPI offers a variety of recreational and athletic opportunities, including intramural sports, fitness classes, and varsity sports. As an MS in Mechanical Engineering student, you can take a break from your studies and get involved in these activities at the end of the day.

SFU too allows students to be part of recreational activities by joining the Badminton Club, Fencing Club, and Volleyball Club, among many others.

Extracurricular Activities


7. Faculty Support

Your day as a Mechanical Engineering student at WPI and SFU, will involve meeting with your professors to get additional help with coursework. 

Get to know the staff at both WPI and SFU from the mechanical engineering department.


8. On-Campus Resources

Examples include:

WPI’s Writing Center to help students improve their written, oral, and visual communication, Health Services to offer medical and health services to students, including primary care and mental health support, and the Center for Accessible Learning to implement disability-related services.


9. Entertainment

At the end of a long day as an MS in Mechanical Engineering student, you can attend Open Mic Night conducted by SFU or the Improv Club.


10. Surrounding Areas

Your day as an MS in Mechanical Engineering student doesn’t end here! For a change of environment, you can head outside and find the Worcester Center Galleria and Auburn Mall while studying at WPI.

Similarly, surrounding areas of SFU include Metropolis at Metrotown and Coquitlam Town Centre.

Now that we’ve covered the highlights, here’s an overview of your life as an MS in Mechanical Engineering student at WPI and SFU.


Life at Worcester Polytechnic Institute:

You have more cafe options at The Goat’s Head in Founders Hall. Here, you’ll find Starbucks, Pho U, and Paper Lantern – all great restaurants to help unwind after a long day.

Your morning lectures will include a mix of lectures, discussions, group work, and hands-on activities. You’ll get to work on real-world engineering problems in teams, mentored by industry professionals and faculty members.

Some on-campus attractions include: 

  1. The Quadrangle: This historic central green space is surrounded by stunning architecture and serves as a hub for social events, performances, and outdoor activities.
  2. George C. Gordon Library: WPI’s state-of-the-art facility offers a range of resources, including books, journals, online databases, and study spaces.
  3. Rubin Campus Center: This center contains a food court, bookstore, mail facilities, game room, meeting rooms, and spaces for social functions.

Life at Simon Fraser University

Some more cafe options at SFU are Mackenzie Cafe, Tim Hortons, and Subway.

As an MS in Mechanical Engineering student at SFU, you can expect to learn from experienced professors who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research and industry collaborations.

  1. The Burnaby Campus: SFU’s Burnaby campus is located on the slopes of Burnaby Mountain and offers stunning views of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains. It features a range of amenities, including libraries, study spaces, cafeterias, and outdoor recreational areas.
  2. The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology: This museum features a collection of artifacts and exhibits that explore the cultural heritage and history of British Columbia and beyond.
  3. The Diamond Alumni Centre: This modern facility is a hub for social and networking events, meetings, and conferences. It features meeting rooms with panoramic views of the Indian Arm and the North Shore mountains.

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