From Degree to Dream Job: Stories of MS in Finance Alumni

From Degree to Dream Job: Stories of MS in Finance Alumni

From Degree to Dream Job: Stories of MS in Finance Alumni

MS in Finance alumni earn a lot. We aren’t the only ones saying that. Numbers support it.

MS in Finance Alumni


Why it matters?

When investing a substantial amount of money in a degree, mere figures aren’t enough to instill confidence in your decision. You need to see the faces and hear the names of those who have succeeded. You require undeniable proof that an MS in Finance will lead to a successful career.

And that’s precisely why we have found 5 MS in Finance alumni whose stories can fuel your ambition.

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If you still need some nudging, here are 5 MS in Finance alumni stories to inspire you:

  1. Vaishnavi Karwa, Brandeis International School of Business
  2. Anusha Srinivas, Zicklin School of Business
  3. Axel Adriel Peluso Nieto, Miami Herbert Business School
  4. Michelle Weinfeld, Robert H.Smith School of Business, the University of Maryland
  5. Carson Reeder, University of Central Florida

5 Inspiring MS in Finance Alumni Stories

1. Vaishnavi Karwa

Vaishnavi Karwa


College/University: Brandeis International School Of Business

Graduation Year: 2021

Current Position: Senior Financial Analyst, American Express

How MS in Finance at Brandeis Helped Her?

  • The program helped her focus on practical learning and industry applicability
  • It helped her build a solid professional network.
  • She learned how to set herself apart in an ever-changing job market.

Vaishnavi’s Words Of Wisdom For You:

Vaishnavi Karwa advises prospective MS in Finance students to:

  • Embrace daring opportunities, 
  • Stay up-to-date with technology, 
  • Continuously improve their interviewing skills,
  • Maintain a curious mindset, fearlessly ask questions, and 
  • Participate in extracurricular events to create lifelong memories.

Connect with Vaishnavi on LinkedIn.

2. Anusha Srinivas

Anusha Srinivas


College/University: Zicklin School of Business, Baruch University.

Graduation Year: 2022

Current Position: Finance Manager at American Express

How MS in Finance at Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business Helped Her?

  • Strengthened financial modeling skills
  • Enhanced knowledge in valuations and equity research
  • Developed skills in corporate finance and accounting

What You Can Learn From Anusha

Taking a cue from Anusha’s success story, MS in Finance aspirants should:

  • Be open to learning and working with people from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Develop strengths in financial modeling, valuations, and equity research. 
  • Keep exploring new areas in corporate finance and accounting.

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3. Axel Adriel Peluso Nieto


College/University: The University of Miami Herbert Business School

Graduation Year: 2020

Current Position: Economist & Finance Professional at Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.

How MS in Finance at Miami Herbert Business School Helped Him?

  • The MS in Finance program at Miami Herbert Business School provided Axel with a flexible study plan that allowed him to tailor his education to his career goals.
  • The challenging curriculum of the program expanded his knowledge
  • The professors and academic advisors at Miami Herbert helped Axel throughout his graduate school experience.

Key Takeaways From Axel Adriel Peluso Nieto’s Journey

  • Keep challenging yourself to grow and learn each day.
  • Customize your education and pursue your career goals with a flexible study plan.
  • Seek out knowledgeable professors and academic advisors to help guide you through your educational journey.

Connect With Axel Adriel Peluso Nieto on LinkedIn

4. Michelle Weinfeld


College/University: Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland Graduation Year: 2020 Current Position: Financial Analyst at Dice

How MS in Finance at the University of Maryland Helped Her?

  • The course helped her acquire a strong foundation in finance and accounting
  • She developed skills in teamwork, management, forensic accounting, financial modeling, and financial analysis
  • Obtained a Master’s degree in Finance that aided in obtaining CPA and CFE licenses in New York State

Watch Michelle Weinfeld Talk About Her MS in Finance Experience

5. Carson Reeder


College/University: University of Central Florida

Graduation Year: 2023 (Carson is in the 1st batch of MS in FinTech @ the University of Central Florida)

How MS in FinTech at the University of Central Florida is Helping Him?

  • He is gaining expertise in using cutting-edge tools like GPT and OpenBB to solve complex financial problems.
  • He is learned how to combine AI capabilities with data-driven insights for informed financial decision-making.
  • Having founded UCF’s FinTech Innovators Club to educate and raise awareness about the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology, he is also learning networking and management.

Carson Reeder’s Goals And Future Plans:

Carson plans to continue exploring innovative solutions in the space of financial technology. He also aims to continue fostering learning and collaboration through his involvement in the FinTech Innovators Club.

Connect with Carson on LinkedIn

So there you have it, the inspiring stories of MS in Finance alumni who have turned their degrees into dream jobs.

Yes, an MS in Finance in the US can cost a pretty penny, but with the success stories we’ve seen, it’s clear that the investment is worth it. So don’t let a lack of funds stop you.

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Go ahead, take that leap of faith, invest in your education, and let these stories motivate you to achieve your own finance career success!

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