Top Student Exchange Programs for Indians

Top Student Exchange Programs for Indians

Foreign Exchange programs work on the basis of an agreement between two partner universities.

Student exchange programs allow you to pursue education abroad for a period of six months to one year while your credits are transferred to your home university

Some of the popular student exchange destinations for Indians are the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Singapore, and Japan.

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●       Benefits of a Student Exchange Program for Indian Students

●       How to Apply for Student Exchange Program?

●       How To Find Student Exchange Opportunities?

●       ISIC Card For International Students

●       Cost of Student Exchange Programs for Indian Students

●       Top 5 Student Exchange Programs for Indian Students

●       Frequently Asked Questions About Student Exchange

Benefits of a Student Exchange Program for Indian Students

A student exchange program is a pathway to innumerable experiences and opportunities.

Opting for a student exchange program for Indian students can help you:

  • Raise your global awareness.
  • Increases your practical knowledge in communication, aptitude, leadership and skill sets.
  • Helps students make global connections.
  • Student exchange programs are also a wonderful way to build your personality.
  • It is also bound to create extensive exposure to academics and general information alike.

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Applying For Student Exchange Programs: How to Apply for Student Exchange Program?

  • To become an exchange student, the primary step is to contact a student exchange agency.
  • You could also seek contact with the international relations department of your university.
  • You can apply for a student exchange program, be it for a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree.

To elaborate further on how to apply for exchange programs, let’s look at the process and the detailed application details you will have to fulfil.

To Apply For An International Exchange Program:

  1. Conduct your research on the country and university you aspire to study in.
  2. Visit an agency or international relations department at your college that can place you in a good exchange program.
  3. Check the duration of the program, course availability, qualifications and eligibility criteria of the university you wish to transfer to as an exchange student.
  4. Visit the websites of the exchange program and learn about the participating universities.
  5. Jot down the application dates, intakes and apply in time.

When you apply for the exchange program, you will have to produce the following details:

  • Details of the home institution and information on the person opting for the exchange person.
  • Details on the host institution.
  • Description of the exchange program and related details.
  • Certification of authenticity proving that the information provided is valid.

Interest in the student exchange program for Indian students should be exhibited by the student months in advance.

However, if you’re apprehensive about a student exchange program, you can talk to a SelectRight expert.

A professional can guide you in the best way possible on how to apply for a student exchange program.

Meanwhile, you will have to work towards scoring credits and merits, while additionally proving your value and candidature. Because there are a number of students who apply for an exchange program while a few are accepted.

How To Find Student Exchange Opportunities?

Scouring the internet to apply for a student exchange program for Indian students can get tiresome. To assist you with scoring the best student exchange program for Indian students, we have listed some of the best portals to help you find the right student exchange program: 1)  The DAAD: German Academic Exchange Service An acclaimed German higher education organization with the motto ‘Change By Exchange’ has helped over 100,000 foreign students by making their dream of studying abroad come true. 2) EF Student Exchange Program From an incredible list of year-long exchange programs to diplomas, this page has it all. You can choose programs by age, language, course and destination. So, with the EF Student Exchange program, Indian students can fulfil their studying-abroad dream. As an International student, you will constantly be tied to travel, this is why you must possess an internationally accepted student card. What’s that? A globally accepted student card like the ISIC card will be beneficial for you as an exchange student.

ISIC Card For International Exchange Students – An Essential

The ISIC card is the only card endorsed by UNESCO since 1968. Universities, academic institutions, student unions, national governments, financial institutions and ministries of education around the world recognize this card as proof of bonafide student status. Assuming you are going abroad as an international student, applying for the ISIC card will help you in the following ways:
  • Proof of student status globally.
  • Access to student discounts in over 130 countries.
  • Easily save money.
  • Easy access to student services and global facilities.
You can apply for the card online and take advantage of the student discounts available.

Cost of Student Exchange Programs for Indian Students

The cost of a student exchange program for Indian students varies on the agreement established between the partner universities. The cost also varies according to the duration of the course, type of program, and country of study. Some institutes and universities also offer scholarships as part of the student exchange program for Indian students to help them manage their travel expenses, accommodation and other utilities. Tip: Apply for GradRight Scholarships and easily achieve your study abroad dream. Assuming you now have a better picture of a student exchange program for Indian students abroad. With the above-listed portals, benefits and pathways, you would still need to learn how to apply for a student exchange program. Diving into just that, you can apply to any of the best student exchange opportunities across the world. But, a few top ones are listed below. In case you have questions about the ones mentioned below, a SelectRight guide can help you out.

Top 5 Student Exchange Programs for Indian Students

As mentioned above, a student exchange program for Indian students works on the basis of pre-existing agreements between two universities. Let us now look at the top 5 student exchange programs for Indian students.

1.  Japan Student Exchange Platform Program  

A number of universities in Japan and India have to give students the ultimate learning experience. The participating universities from India include various IITs, IIIT, Symbiosis International University, Birla Institute of Technology & Science,  and Delhi University. Students with a zeal for topics like Human Resources, Energy and Sustainability, Engineering, and project-based learning can apply for this program. The participating universities from Japan are the six leading research universities. Which are:
  • The University of Tokyo
  • The University of Tokyo
  • Japan advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • Hokkaido University
  • Hiroshima University

2) Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Providing unique international education and a cultural exchange program, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program is implemented by the US – India Educational Foundation. This program is for graduates, young professionals and artists who wish to study in the USA from India and other countries. The duration of the program is for 6 months to a year. It is specified that the applicant must be an undergraduate or hold an equivalent degree. Participants are chosen based on academic merit and leadership potential. This program is an initiative by the US government and foreign governments to jointly contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns.

3) University of Chicago Exchange Program

Partnered with three Indian institutes – Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad,  and Tata Institute of Social Science, The Chicago Booth School of Business offers a short-term and full-term International Business Exchange Program (IBEP). This exchange program provides a unique opportunity for MBA students to expand their educational experience and learn Business from a foreign perspective. The program offers the development of international social welfare and experience in the field by taking part in experiential learning in other countries- India-US and vice-versa. Studying in both countries allows students to gauge a broader perspective on Business studies.

4) ISEP Student Exchange Program For Indian Students

With over 50  countries participating, ISEP is an independent non-profit educational community whose mission is to make study abroad accessible to anyone who wants it. This program has encouraged exchange programs in India and abroad by partnering with more than 300 institutions around the world. Exchange students are allowed to select from ten ISEP universities. Students continue to pay fees to their home institutions. The list of universities participating in this program from India includes Chitkara university, Lovely Professional University, Symbiosis International University and University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

5.   IIM Indore Student Exchange Program For Indian Students

Partnered with several European business universities such as Alba Graduate Business School, Greece, SDA Bocconi Italy, EDHEC France, ESIC Spain, Neoma Business School, France, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and many more, IIM Indore offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to business students to gain international exposure. As an exchange student, a student of IIM Indore must undertake a full-time study for one or two semesters at a foreign partner institute. The student exchange programs for Indian students listed above are some of the best to pursue if a student is interested in studying abroad. These programs offer students a tremendous amount of opportunity to build their confidence and self-esteem. These exchange programs also allow you to participate in international events, thus, providing you with full exposure. In addition to exploring the world, you learn amongst the best and build life-long friendships and connections. So, hurry and talk to SelectRight professionals about a student exchange program for Indian students that would be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Are student exchange programs free of cost?

The cost of student exchange programs varies depending on the university, course and agreement between the two universities. So, student exchange programs are not free but are relatively cheaper than pursuing a course abroad.

2) How to apply for student exchange program accommodation?

It is fairly common for exchange students to live with a host family during the course. However, there are a number of exchange students who opt for pre-arranged accommodations such as hostels, campus residences etc.

3) How long can I stay abroad as an exchange student?

Exchange programs are usually 6 months to one year. Extending the duration of your stay would need a visa extension by proving valid reasons.

4) How to apply to a student exchange program for Indian students?

The best way to apply for student exchange programs from India is by visiting the official websites of exchange program agencies/providers or contacting the international relations department, if available at your university.

5) How to apply for student exchange programs for Japan?

To apply for student exchange programs in Japan, you can visit the Japan-India Exchange Program Platform and discover details of the participating universities and their agreements. After you’ve conducted your research, approach the university in your home country for the same.