The US Government To Give Priority To Student Visa

US Student Visa

USA will provide preference to the US student visa(s). This is because the country estimates a heavy rush in the authorization application with the relaxation of travel restraints for vaccinated passengers.

In an official statement, “The appointments for the visa will be made available from November 1. Priority will be given to US student visas,” US Consul General to Kolkata, Melinda Pavek, said on the sidelines of an interactive session with the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

At the time of the statement, she further highlighted that the US has already issued 62,000 US student visas to Indians this year. And that with the US presidential proclamation of travel ban coming to an end on November 8, all types of visa applications will become eligible.

Earlier, the US had announced the lifting of travel curbs on India from November 8. These Covid-19 restrictions were first imposed at the beginning of 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic. 

The accounting period for a US visa for various purposes like work, business and studies are between September of a year to August the following year, officials said.

It was also noted that except for a brief period, US student visa and emergency visas were not closed.
From November 8, all types of visas will be given, and a heavy wave of visa applications is expected. And with the spring intake set to start, there could be a big surge in US Student Visa applications. 

Patton International senior official, Preeyam Bhudhia said Indo-US trade would expand by raising the travel limitations.

Bilateral trade between the two countries had already improved by 50 per cent till August. It is expected to reach the pre-COVID level of 2019 in the current year, ICC officials said.

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