Top 4 Places to Get Expert Guidance for Abroad Studies

Guidance for Abroad Studies

Researching your options is essential to choose Master’s programs which fit your expectations. But it can be very time-consuming. Particularly when guidance for abroad studies comes dime a dozen.

Fortunately, you can rely on multiple, legitimate organizations and credible people to help you choose Master’s programs and advise you throughout the process. These include:

Study Abroad Guidance from International Cultural Centres

Foreign nations set up International Cultural Centres in different countries to promote bilateral/cultural relations and international education opportunities in their home countries. Like conglomerates, most of these organizations have a global presence and a huge budget. However, they aren’t run with the aim of turning a profit. They genuinely wish to help students who are serious about studying abroad. For this, they conduct various events and workshops where in you can benefit from insightful guidance for abroad studies. Some examples include:

  • Alliance Francaise (France)
  • Max Mueller Bhavan/Goethe Zentrum (Germany)
  • British Council (United Kingdom)
  • The Japan Foundation (Japan)
  • United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF)
  • Confucius Institute (China)

International Education Fairs Offering Guidance for Abroad Studies

International Education Fairs are one of the best platforms to gather information on universities and studying abroad. Many international organisations collaborate with universities to organize fairs across the globe. At such fairs, you get a chance to interact directly with admissions officers and representatives from multiple universities and have all your questions answered thoroughly. In India, these fairs often stay for a month or longer. Examples include fairs conducted by the USIEF, Linden Educational Fairs, QS World Grad School Tour etc.


Study Abroad Advice from Online Discussion Forums

Online discussion forums on social media websites or dedicated apps are often filled with students of different age groups. That is to say, most participants are at different stages of their journey as a grad student or working professional. As a result, this makes such groups great sources of information, updates and helpful advice for aspiring Master’s students. Such groups are also great platforms to build connections and cultivate friendships with like-minded people. Examples include Reddit, Facebook Groups etc.

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Seniors and Alumni offering In-depth Guidance For Abroad Studies

Seniors and Alumni have first-hand learning experience of the program. As a result, they are often the best source of information on Universities and specific Master’s programs. Despite being highly credible sources of information, Cultural Centres and University representatives may sugarcoat the experience of studying in their country and/or university to promote their objectives (whether motivated by profit or not). However, you can rely on alumni to give you truly honest perspectives and genuine advice. You can get in touch with alumni through online networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Slack and Xing.


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