A Complete Guide With List of UK Universities Accepting Backlogs

Do you think backlogs will stop you from proceeding further with your dream education in the UK?

Then, you have some good news. UK universities are pretty liberal about backlogs understanding that education is a process of constant improvement.

Does it mean backlogs are allowed in all universities in the UK? No, it is only allowed in some universities like Brunel and Swansea. Is it allowed for everyone? No, there are some criteria to meet and formalities to be done.

Before someone takes advantage of the vulnerability of your backlogs, understand that backlogs are allowed in the UK and read further to know the list of UK universities accepting backlogs.

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In this article, we cover:

  • What are backlogs?
  • What is a backlog certificate?
  • Is it possible to study at a UK university with backlogs?
  • List of UK universities accepting backlogs
  • How many backlogs are allowed in the UK?
  • How are backlogs counted in UK universities?
  • What are the factors that influence backlog acceptance in UK universities?
  • What are the eligibility criteria to study in UK universities accepting backlogs?
  • Detail the application process to study in UK universities accepting backlogs
  • Do backlogs affect UK visa processing?

What are backlogs?

Of course, when a student cannot clear an exam on the first attempt in a particular subject, that is called a backlog.

But sometimes, when you cannot attend an exam for some unavoidable reason, it might show on your marks card as ‘Absent’ or ‘Zero.’

So clarify with your institution what they mark against the subject column when you cannot attend an exam because a ‘zero’ will look like a backlog, not absenteeism.


What is a backlog certificate?

A backlog certificate is nothing but a certified document from your academic institution that has your backlog details.

When you apply for higher studies abroad, the respective university authority might ask you to submit a backlog certificate along with your educational transcripts. This will act as proof to authorize your academic records.

If you have no backlogs, you will not get a backlog certificate from your institution. But some universities abroad might ask for a “zero backlog” certificate to confirm that you have not failed in any subjects. So even if you have no backlogs, it’s worth clarifying the required documents.

But if you have backlogs, the authorized institution will provide you with a backlog certificate upon completion of your studies. It will have the details of active and inactive backlogs you have had.

The same institute you graduated from is responsible for giving you a backlog certificate. You can apply for a backlog certificate by completing and submitting an application form your institute provides.

Is it possible to study at a UK university with backlogs?

Yes, it is possible!

Backlogs are allowed in the UK, but not in all universities.

Most UK universities are a little more considerate and do not judge you based on your academic profile alone. So you don’t have to let down your aspirations if you have backlogs.

You can apply if you show that you will improve yourself going forward through your application procedures.

List of UK universities accepting backlogs

Based on the QS World Rankings 2022, we have listed down the universities where backlogs are allowed in the UK.

Name of the university

QS World Rankings 2022

Queen’s University Belfast


Brunel University


Swansea University


Coventry University

601 – 650

Kingston University

601 – 650

Middlesex University

701 – 750

University of Bradford

701 – 750

University of Greenwich

751 – 800

University of East London

801 – 1000

University of Lincoln

801 – 1000

List of UK Universities accepting backlogs

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How many backlogs are allowed in the UK?

“UK institutions easily accept students with 15 backlogs,” a report from Economic Times states. But, no, it doesn’t mean that all UK universities accept backlogs.

Some of the top UK universities prefer students without backlogs. But there are numerous universities that accept backlogs, and up to five backlogs are allowed in these UK universities.

But based on the preference of universities’ admission departments, more than five backlogs are accepted at some institutions. And more than 15 backlogs are not allowed in UK universities.

So it’s always better to check with your respective institution as the number of backlogs will differ for individual universities. Sometimes, the universities will consider the backlogs with your application as a whole.

How are backlogs counted in UK universities?

Universities employ two methods to count backlogs:

  • The number of failed subjects counts as the number of backlogs.
  • The number of attempts taken to clear failed subjects counts as the number of backlogs.

UK universities use the first method to count backlogs which is the number of failed subjects is simply the number of backlogs.

This method favors you, especially if you struggle with a particular subject because it doesn’t count the number of exams you have taken to pass that one subject.

For example, if you’ve taken three exams to pass a subject, guess what – it will be counted as just one backlog.

Though it sounds simple, ensure you don’t have any active backlogs, especially on subjects specific to your intended course.

What are the factors that influence backlog acceptance in UK universities?

1.IELTS score

Your IELTS score is a significant factor that affects your acceptance into a UK university. This is because your English language proficiency can influence your academic performance.

2.Backlog subjects

Is your backlog subject directly connected to the course you have chosen to study abroad? If so, the possibility of getting rejected at a university is, unfortunately, higher.

For example, if you have applied for a pharmacy course, and your backlog subject is chemistry, it might negatively influence your admission.

3.Time taken to clear the backlogs

Similarly, do you have repetitive backlogs, or have you taken multiple attempts to pass the same subject? Again, then, your chances of rejection are on the higher end.

Contrary to the above, the university will consider your application if you have just a single backlog.

4.Backlog status

Have you not cleared your backlogs yet?

If you have active backlogs in your backlog certificate, the chance of getting admission to a good reputable university is relatively low.

Therefore, make sure to present a backlog certificate with an inactive backlog status.

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What are the eligibility criteria to study in UK universities accepting backlogs?

To be considered to get admission to the UK university, you require the below-mentioned documents:

  1. Attested mark cards of X and XII
  2. Attested bachelor’s degree
  3. Backlog Certificate
  4. IELTS/GMAT/TOEFL score card
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Recommendation letter
  7. Proof to show the funds
  8. Updated resume

Detail the application process to study in UK universities accepting backlogs

Are you applying for an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree? Which university are you considering doing your degree in?

Get yourself clarity on these questions before starting your application process. Because based on the graduate course and the university, the application process varies.

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, admission happens through the Universities and Colleges Admission System, otherwise known as UCAS.

UCAS is responsible for accepting student applications from all across the world and forwarding them to the respective UK universities. And the best thing is you can maximum apply to 5 universities using a single form.

Contrary to the above, if you apply for a postgraduate degree course, you should use the application form from the respective university and directly send it to the institute.

To make yourself on the safer side, send the application as early as possible, even though there are no deadlines for application submission.

Do backlogs affect UK visa processing?

Usually, backlogs don’t influence UK visa processing or any country’s visa processing, for that matter.

But make sure you have the university’s acceptance letter that confirms your admission.

And if you encounter any questions regarding backlogs during your interview, be straightforward and honest with your answer.

Final thoughts on UK universities accepting backlogs

No, you don’t have to let backlogs define or stop you from achieving your dreams. Those are the days long gone.

At SelectRight, we have a list of UK universities accepting backlogs in this world of unlimited opportunities.

All you have to do is log in to your account and give your necessary details and requirements. Then, let our data do the work behalf of you.

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