University of Calgary - GradRight Webinar:Quick Highlights

The University of Calgary and GradRight have come together to co-host a webinar for aspiring study abroad students who wish to pursue their higher education in Canada. The webinar took place on the 7th of December at 20:00 IST. Sasidhar Sista, co-founder of GradRight, Diana Kim, Marketing & Recruitment Advisor for the FGS and Himanshu Kachave, Student Ambassador, UCalgary were the panelists for this UCalgary – GradRight webinar.

GradRight - University of Calgary Webinar

Here are the quick highlights of the webinar:

What does GradRight do?

  • Maximize return on education for students and ensure they find the most authentic information in their journey.
  • A twin-platform model that assists students in determining the right university and the best funding options.
  • Our latest platform, SelectRight, a university selection platform, listens to students, their preferences and recommends the right university as well as connects them with alumni.

How does UCalgary and Calgary stand out?

  • UCalgary ranks among the top 10 research universities in Canada and is comparatively, one of the affordable options.
  • Calgary city is one of the most liveable cities in NA, with a lower cost of living compared to Toronto and Vancouver while the state of Alberta offers one of the highest minimum wages in Canada, a high labour productivity and lower taxes.

On-Campus Experience

Dynamic and lively campus with:

  • An Olympic stadium
  • Taylor Institute Library (one of the largest university libraries in Canada)
  • Recreational activities
  • Sign language club
  • Indian students community

Popular programs

  • Engineering and business programs are very popular.
  • UCalgary is also famous for PhD and Masters in Education.

Application process

  • Online application with an application fee of 145$ for intl students post which you get a unique id and can log in to apply for awards.
  • Transcripts to be uploaded but required to mail them in sealed doc, but if in contact with school registrar, they can direct the email it to the admissions office which is a faster route.
  • English proficiency test for non-English students is mandatory.
  • For thesis-based some programs, students need to get the supervisor approval in prior.

Part-time work opportunities

  • Part-time work available on-campus through book stores, cafes, restaurants etc.
  • For off-campus work, there are many seasonal part time jobs where students can upto 20 hours a week with a minimum 15$ wage in Alberta (one of the highest compared to other provinces).
  • Metro line directly through school and hence easy to commute from university to city and vice versa.

Fee Structure

  • Students can pay each semester or month on month with flexible payment options.
  • For Masters students, the fees would be on and about 30,000 CAD.
  • For PhD, most programs are funded.

SOP Tips:

  • For a thesis-based program, look into the supervisor and reference their work.
  • For all programs, mention the relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer experience, research experience, and cover important aspects like what drove you to choose this particular program.
  • Don’t make the essay too long; a 1-page essay is good enough.
  • Be precise and authentic.

The Right Time To Apply

  • Applications open in October for the upcoming Fall intake with a general deadline of February
  • For thesis-based programs, the applications are open throughout the year.

For further questions and/or clarifications, feel free to reach out to us via email or Instagram and we’d be happy to help!

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