Have you completed your bachelor’s degree?

Now thinking of getting a master’s degree in the US?

Worried about the financial barriers in your educational journey?

How does a scholarship or fellowship sound to you?

We know you’re saying: ‘Yes, I want this, and it better be good.’

Well, then you have come to the right place.

With the rising cost of education and the value of the rupee reaching a record low against the US dollar, the dream of studying in the US is becoming more expensive by the day.

But a bright student like you shouldn’t have to worry about the finances. At least not with the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship, also known as, Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship.

On this page, these are the things we’ll be discussing to take you one step closer to your dream:
● What is the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24?
● What Does the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship Amount Cover?
● Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24 Important Dates
● Who is Eligible for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24?
● Eligible Fields of Study for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24
● Application Process for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24
● Documents Required for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship
● FAQs


What is the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24?

Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowships are organized by the United States – India Educational Foundation (USIEF). Indian students who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree from the US and show exceptional leadership qualities.

What Does the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship Amount Cover?

Here’s what all the Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship provides you with to make your study abroad journey easier –

● J-1 visa support
● A round-trip air travel fare for economy class from your home city to the host institution in the US
● Funding for your tuition and other educational expense
● Funding for your living costs in the US and related expense
● Coverage for your medical bills during sickness and accidents (in accordance with US govt criteria)


● The USIEF funding may not necessarily cover all the costs.
● You may need other resources to supplement grant benefits.
● The Fulbright Nehru Scholarship also does not provide any financial support for the dependents.

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Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24 Important Dates

The event-wise timeline and placement process schedule for Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship can be found below:


Dates (Tentative)

Application deadline

16th May 2022

Application review

End of June 2022

USIEF informs about the review outcome

End of July 2022

National interviews of short-listed candidates

End Aug 2022

USIEF notifies principal and alt nominees to take tests (like GRE and TOEFL)

Early Sept 2022

USIEF forwards recommended candidates’ applications to the US for approval

Oct 2022

USIEF notifies finalists

Mar/ April 2023

Pre-departure orientation

May/ June 2023

Pre-academic training in the US

July/ Aug 2023

Program begins

Aug/ Sept 2023

Who is Eligible for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24?

Here are the criteria you must fulfill to avail the Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship.

Nationality Required for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship:

Must be an Indian student.

Educational Qualifications Required for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship:

● You must have completed an undergraduate degree that is equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree.
● The degree must be issued by a recognized Indian university.
● You are required to score at least 55 percent marks in your bachelor’s degree.
● If you don’t hold a 4-year-long undergraduate degree, you must have at least completed your master’s degree or a full-time PG diploma.
● If you have another degree from a US university, you will not be considered eligible.

Work Experience Required for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship:

● You must hold at least 3 years of professional experience working at a full-time paid job.
● Your working field should be relevant to your prospective field of study.
● If you are applying for the FNMasters Employer’s Endorsement Form, you will have to obtain your employer’s endorsement from the concerned authority.
● Your employer must clearly indicate that during the fellowship period, you will be granted a leave.
● You can get the FNMasters Employer’s Endorsement Form from the official website of USIEF.

Other Requirements for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship:

● You must be proficient in the English language.
● You must demonstrate exceptional community service and leadership skills.
● You must be a responsible citizen of India.
● You must contribute to a fair picture of Indian civilization and culture.
● You must be able to promote friendship and understanding between the people of the US and India.
● You must have achieved great levels in your professional and academic journey.
● You must be in good health.
● You must not be holding or applying for a green card/ PR in the US.


Eligible Fields of Study for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24

The Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship is applicable to only those who are going to opt for any of the following fields of study –

Fields of Study

Description/ Topics Included

Arts & Culture Management (including Museum Studies and Heritage Conservation)

All aspects of art and culture management studies are included. For eg. arts administration, management of not-for-profit and profit art institutions, heritage conservation, etc.

NOTE: The fellowship doesn’t include graduate degrees in applied or fine art/ design/ art history. It only applies to the management of the arts.


Production of resources in society, demand and allocation of resources, effects of govt policy, economic trends, international economics, development economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, agricultural economics, labor economics, public finance, etc.

Environmental Studies/ Science

The study of environmental complexities, natural resource management, environmental toxicology, environmental law, pollution prevention, environmental policy analysis, etc.

Higher Education Administration

Policy planning and management, academic affairs, student affairs, learning assessment, enrollment management, financial management, curriculum design, internationalization of higher education, alumni and community relations, quality assurance, use of technology in higher education, etc.

International Affairs

Foreign policy, international security & strategic issues, conflict resolution, international economic policy, energy, and environmental policy, human rights, refugee and migration issues, gender policy, etc.

International Legal Studies

Business law, employment and labor law, commercial and trade law, global health law, environmental law, intellectual property rights, and law, securities and financial regulations, international organizations, litigation law, tax law, etc.

Journalism & Mass Communication

Convergent media, print media, broadcast, and new media, media management, communications research and strategy, broadcast journalism (including radio, television, and internet), print journalism, online journalism, etc.

Public administration

Study related to the govt sector (federal, state, local) or organizations that serve the public. Other subspecialties include non-profit management, policy analysis, international development, public finance, public sector management, healthcare management, urban development, etc

Public Health

Biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, health law, health policy, bioethics, and human rights, international health, public health delivery systems, reproductive health, maternal and child health, etc.

Urban and Regional Planning

Transportation policy, sustainable infrastructure, planning and improvements, water and sanitation, equitability, land use, urban resilience, community visioning, waste management, etc.

Women’s/ Gender Studies

Feminism, development, history, health, law sexuality, policy, etc.

Application Process for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24

The step-wise application process for Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship is mentioned below:

● Carefully go through the FNMaster’s Applicant Instructions before beginning the application form filling.
● Click here to go to the application portal.
● If you’re a first-time user, create an account. If not, log into the portal using valid credentials.
● After logging into the portal, start filling out the form.
● Once done, refer to the FNMaster’s applicant checklist (that can be found here) prior to submitting your application.
● To complete your application, upload the required documents.

Documents Required for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24 Application

These are the must-have documents to apply for the Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowships.

● CV (should not be more than two pages long)
● Letter of Recommendation (at least 3 references required)
● Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose describing how you have managed to achieve your current goals.
● English language test score
● Study plan/ research objectives
● Passport
● Scanned copies of your transcripts and degrees/ diploma certificates
● Documents proving employer’s endorsement, if applicable
● Admission or invitation letter from the prospective school

We know that it all might seem a bit overwhelming, initially. But, once you have carefully gone through this information, slowly stepping into the process will become easier.

Otherwise, you always have us to provide you with the right funding options for your dream university.

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Still, have questions? These FAQs will help.

Q1: What is the application deadline for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship 2023-24?

Ans: The last date to apply for the Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship is 16th May 2022.

Q2: Can I get the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship for an MBA in the USA?

Ans: There are certain fields of study which come under the eligibility requirements for the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship. A Master’s in Business Administration is not one of them. However, other management degrees for which you can get the scholarship include Financial Management, Art & Culture Management, etc.

Q3: What is the award amount for the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship?

Ans: The award amount for Fulbright Nehru Scholarship is not fixed. It varies from student to student.

Q4: What can I do to get the Fulbright Nehru Scholarship?

Ans: You will first have to meet the eligibility criteria for the Fulbright Nehru Master’s Fellowship. Then, you will have to apply online and upload documents. Then you will receive regular updates from the organizing authority. Finally, if you pass all levels, you will be granted the scholarship.

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